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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Capone Bege is on whom side..?

Capone Bege..
One of the supernova..
The worst generation..
What is Capone Bege's plan in this WCI arc..?
Which side did he choose to be (Big Mom or Vinsmoke)?

It is interesting when there are theories about Capone Bege during this WCI arc..
We seen he got married to Chiffon (Lola's twin sister) and also got a son..
Could it be he will be with Big Mom's crew because of that..?
Did he fear Big Mom's power so that he never betray her..?

We did seen a panel where Vito was addicted to Germa 66..
Could it be that Capone Bege also admire Germa 66 (Vinsmoke) so much like his crew member..?
Are this is a good fact that he will tag along with Vinsmoke in order to fight Big Mom..?
What is the motive for Capone to shoot Pekoms and threw him away..?
Did he choose to do that because he knew that Big Mom will be on his side..?

Or there's a bigger plot for Capone in future chapters especially on Pudding's wedding day..?
Or he planning some move by himself..?
Or he been asked to do it by someone else..?

Should or not Jinbei join in as the next nakama..?

A fishman..
Being the Captain of Sun Pirates..
Also ex-warlord..
Such a strong character..
Could he fit in the SH crew members as the next male nakama..?

Many theorist out there mentioned that Jinbei will ruin the monster trio if he join in..
There is a theory that speculated that Jinbei will die in this WCI arc..
Anyone can predict anything..
But should or not Jinbei join the SH crew members..?

Monday, 27 February 2017

Next Female Nakama : Should the timing for next female nakama will be in Reverie..?

This is so sensitive issue to be discuss..
There are so many theory out there pointing to each female characters to be name as the next female nakama for Strawhat (SH)..
Who could it be..?
Could we got the next female nakama at the end of Whole Cake Island (WCI) arc..?
If we could get another female nakama at the end of WCI.. Could it be Carrot, Pudding or another character?

OnePiece Manga Chapter 857: Could Kaido will makes his appearance in Big Mom's territory?

What if..
What if Kaido do makes his appearance in Whole Cake Island..?
Yes.. I know you guys will think that World Government (WG) would not allow that happen since Shanks meets WhiteBeard also makes them (WG) worried..

Remember that..
Kaido is not there in Wano Ku Ni..
And these are the reasons why I said that what if Kaido attend Pudding's wedding day as unexpected guest on the list :
i) There's a panel when Sanji arrived at Zou along with Nami, Brook, Chopper, Momonosuke & Ceaser Clown where Kaido's army searching for him (Kaido) in Wano..
ii) Kaido jumped from Sky Island and meets Captain Kidd, Killer, Captain Basil Hawkin & also Scratchmen Apoo..
iii) Urounge the monk also meets Kaido at the same Sky Island..

Saturday, 25 February 2017

OnePiece Similarity between Thriller Bark & Whole Cake Island

Now, I would like to talk on Similarity between Thriller Bark (TB) arc & Whole Cake Island (WCI) arc.. Although other Theorist mentioned that WCI also got similar plots as Enies Lobby & Water 7 too..  Although there are few hint of WCI in Alabasta Saga especially in Little Garen arc..

So what is the similarities between those 2 arcs..?
- Gekko Moriah is the leader in TB arc who got Shadow DF ability and he's a warlord under World Government (WG).. While Big Mom is the yonko and the leader in WCI arc who got Soul DF ability. - Gekko creates ZOMBIES by using his DF ability (by putting shadow that been cut from other people into corpse) while Big Mom creates HOMIES with her DF ability (by putting the soul that she got from other people into object or animal)..
-  The mirror effect in TB arc where Brook can't be seen in the mirror while in WCI arc, there's a mirror world create by Brulee's DF ability..
- Perona's dressing and pink hair kinda similar to Big Mom. Perona hold umbrella and Big Mom hold umbrella too.. Perona's lips also look alike Big Mom.. Does Perona got link with Big Mom..?
- Absalom's face kinda look like Pedro.. (I think there might backstory on Lola because of this.. I doubt Lola follow Pedro from WCI but lost track because Zou is a moving island.. Why Lola fall for Absalom maybe dua to her feeling toward Pedro..)
- A lion with man's face in TB arc while there's a manticore in Big Mom's books..
- Wedding theme in TB arc where Absalom kidnap Nami and Sanji want to save her from Absalom while in WCI arc, Sanji got into arranged wedding.. (perhaps Absalom & Bami wears tuxedo & wedding dress..)
- And so on..

OP Manga Chapter 857: Wedding Day OR a chapter before Wedding Day

What will happen NEXT on OP Manga Chapter 857..?

Question 1: Is that chapter lead to the Wedding Day between Sanji & Pudding..? Or it still one chapter left before that special day..?

For me, I think there will be one more episode before that arranged Wedding Day.. Why? Because there are few things that we need to know about which are: