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Friday, 31 March 2017

Review on Chapter 861 : Consummate Actor

The chapter 861 released yesterday..
With the title of : Consummate Actor..
In my spoiler post yesterday the title is Actress..
I thought that it refers to Pudding..
But now..
The title of Consummate Actor means referring to male character..
Let us look what is exactly the meaning of consummate..
i) make (a marriage or relationship) complete by having sexual intercourse.
ii) showing a high degree of skill and flair; complete or perfect.
What Oda trying to tell us with this title..?
Could Sanji will fall over Pudding even though he knew that Pudding want to kill him..?
Or Sanji will make Pudding believe that he fall completely to her..? Just like what they plan for until they kill Big Mom..?

Let us dig more information about this chapter..

Thursday, 30 March 2017

SPOILER for Chapter 861 : Actress

The spoiler for Chapter 861 is out..
Let dig more information on this topic..
This is not mine..
I just want to share this spoiler and commenting on this topic..

The title: Actress (I don't think it will that title..)
- But this title maybe lead to Pudding.. She such an actress.. Right..? What kind of act will she be in this Tea Party..? 

Chapter 861 : Plots for Tea party

What will Oda plans for Chapter 861..?
The Yonkou Assassination Plan will begin..?
Or Oda just want to reveal all the guest first so that everybody will participate in this Tea Party..?
What kind of entrance will Luffy make in that plan..?

Let us think what is the possible plots that will be happen in Chapter 861..

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Templar & Assassins' Creed in One Piece

Could it be that Oda also using this Templar & Assassin's Creed in One Piece..?
Why should I mentioned about that..?

Lately I watched Assassin's Creed..
It's about the fighting between those two entities..
Assassin's Creed protected the Apple of Eden..
And Templar want to get that in their hands..

Why could this related to One Piece..?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Marco, X-Drake & Bonnie : The next ally for Luffy..?

Who will become the next ally..?
Will someone in Worst Generation making ally with Luffy in future arc..?
Or someone as caliber as Yonkou Commander will be Luffy next ally..?

Let us predict on this topic..

Monday, 27 March 2017

Jinbei will die..?

Chapter 860 was done..
The Tea Party was going to take part in the next chapters..
Strawhat Pirates making allies with Firetank Pirates to escape WCI by head off Big Mom..

And then all theorist mention that Jinbei will die..
Could it really be happen since Oda never really did that since WhiteBeard & Ace in MarineFord arc..
Or Monet in PunkHazard arc was dead too..

Let dig more why theorist predict Jinbei' life will end in this arc..?

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Characters with 'P' Letter

Are Oda want us to believe that the next nakama that will join in got 'P' letter as the first letter in their name..?
If that the way that Oda make thing by giving hint..
What if we try to predict/speculate on this matter too..

Let us star with the character with 'P' letter..

Pedro, Pekoms & Peclo

Could there be a link to these THREE characters..?
I don't think Oda used the name Peclo without thinking of others..
This WCI is too pack with character with the letter 'P'..

Let dig more information about this..

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Chapter 860's Cover Page

What do you guys think of this cover page..?
Could it tell that Sir Crocodile was in WCI..?

Let discuss about this cover page with me..

Friday, 24 March 2017

Emperors of Underworld..

SIX Emperors of Underworld were revealed by Oda..
Are there more Emperors attend this Tea Party..?
Let us discuss about this matter..
Includes Organ Dealer Jigra that maybe one of the Emperors too..

You guys can read the post that I created before continue reading this:

Are all of that Emperors is the one that Oda foreshadowed as silhouette in previous chapter..?

Chapter 860 Review : The Party Begin at 10

At last..
Chapter 860 has been published..
The story line is mostly like the SPOILER but the characters' name quite different a bit..

So firstly..
The title: The Party Begins at 10
Means that Tea Party will begins at 10 am..

Lets make a review on this latest chapter..

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 36

Ep 36: Fahrenheight Island: Melody Fall

After the cold weather in Irgiant Islands, they now reach at the border between Irgiant District and Jawelle District. The spring island of Jawelle welcomes them with green nature and beautiful flower. They walked deep in that green wild habitant until they see the magnificent huge waterfall with great scenery. This is what Hiker Riyo mentioned earlier. The great Melody Fall. The sound of the water falling down gives excitement toward them all. Melody Fall located at Fahrenheight Island. The only city located in this island was known as Hertz City: The Sound of Paradise.

Ash and his friend have their little picnic here. All pokemon that they caught along the journey were playing happily near the waterfall. Mandarock was the happiest pokemon where the sound of that waterfall amazed it all the time. It learned to mimic sounds too. Taggoo play with the water and then dive into it. Other pokemon were panicked that Taggoo was never seen after that. Ash worried. He remembered his promise at PokeBargain. He dives into that water to search Taggoo. Taggoo was never seen after that. Ash felt down on his knee. He was such a bad trainer. He should take good care of all his pokemon.

Jesse and James arrived at Jawelle Island. They were on the secret mission along with Meowth. Their boss: Giovanni asked them to search for some important thing. Ash saw James and Meowth. He walked straight toward them. He asked Dieselbex and Pikachu to fight them. Ash thinks that James captured Taggoo. Yoshua and Nadine follow Ash. Ash told them that this Team Rocket’s grunt always messing with him. This is the first time Nadine heard of that Team Rocket.

James used 65Lukera (Fighting/Sound). He received it personally from his boss. Lukera and Meowth were now facing their opponents. Pikachu and Dieselbex stay focused. Lukera used Vital Punch toward Dieselbex. Dieselbex jumped to avoid it. Meowth want to scratch Pikachu but suddenly Pikachu shocked it with Ionic Charge. Jesse comes toward them all. She grinned and wants to show off her new pokemon. She used 66Yelloud (Ghost/Sound). Pikachu and Dieselbex got new opponent in that battle. Yelloud used Banshee Cry on Dieselbex. Dieselbex was confused. Pikachu used Ionic Charge on Yelloud but Lukera attacked it with Low Kick. Pikachu was hit. Yoshua want to use Mandarock but suddenly there was one pokemon participate in that battle. It 67Talgea (Fighting/Grass). It pounds Lukera away with Weed Glove. Nadine recorded the data of Talgea. It the final stage of Taggoo.

Ash was shocked. He wants to capture it but his pokeball was pushed away by Talgea. Jesse asked Yelloud to used Banshee Cry on Talgea. That thriller sound was not reach Talgea that was equipped with huge bubble. This is Talgea’s nature ability: Bubble Aura. Talgea used Weed Glove on Yelloud. Meowth want to scratch that bubble but been hit with Thundershock. Pikachu is now on the move. It used Ionic Charge on Yelloud. Lukera want to punch Pikachu with Vital Punch but Talgea used Sleeping Powder on Lukera. That Lukera fell on the floor and sleep. Jesse and James grabbed their Pokemon and want to flee but Talgea used Weed Punch to make them blast to the sky high.

Ash didn’t see Taggoo around Team Rocket. He keeps on diving back into that water to find his Taggoo. Talgea comes near Ash. It was his Taggoo. Talgea gets into one of Ash’s pokeball. Ash was surprised to notice that Talgea was evolved from Taggoo.  The different of Talgea’s colour makes Ash don’t think that Talgea was his Taggoo. Talgea got the red algae theme while Taggoo is green. The reason for this evolution is the time limits based on maturity that every Taggoo had on its journey from Temaseki Island to Jawelle Island and also the cold water of Melody Fall makes the seaweed tails grow longer and thicker. The colour changes are based on the depth of the water level.

Note:               (65) Lukera (Lutong+Kera) – Kera Pokemon – Lukera

                         (66) Yelloud (Yell+Loud) – Banshee Pokemon – Yelloud

                        (67) Talgea (Tag+Algae) – Algae Pokemon – Talgea evolved from Taggoo in certain area by dipping its all body into the deep cold water. The depth of water level makes Talgea got three different colours: Green, Yellow, Red.

They arrive somewhere near Melody Fall.. 
Ash & others mesmerized by the sweet melody of falling waters in near Melody Fall..
Ash meets Team Rocket (Jesse, James & Meowth) at Jawelle Island..
What will be their mission in Aeon Region..?
What will they face next..?

If you guys not yet read the previous episode, please click the link below:

Underworld Emperor is somehow Underworld Broker..?

I got this Picture from onepiece.wikia.com
You can find it by searching 'Underworld'

Oda provide us with the information on Underworld start at Shabaody Archipelago arc..
Auction House which provide slaves to Celestial Dragons..
The same house under Doflamingo's power..
He is known as Joker in the Underworld's community..

Could we see these characters (in the picture above) in WCI especially when latest chapter is out..?

Beside that..
We could clearly seen Pekoms & Tamago as the Underworld Broker..
Could it be true..?
If true, then Big Mom somehow was linked to Underworld too..
As she's one of the ruffians that leads Underworld..
Could her be that cruel or evil character..?

Big Mom versus Vinsmoke Jajji

I always think that Big Mom somehow will fighting against Vinsmoke Jajji..
Because they knew each other from Underworld..
And then they rival each other so that they would have great army..
But could we see this fighting action between them happen in near future..?

I got some twisted theory that I want to share with you guys..

Big Mom & the ruffians

According to the list of guests that already been mentioned in SPOILER..
Although it not been proved yet (because this week's chapter is not published yet)..
We could see that Big Mom working with the ruffians community or should we called it Underworld..?
Are those guys are from the Underworld..?
Or precisely are those guys Emperors in Underworld..?
Because of they legal activities (we should know it from their names.. right?)..

Let check back their names..

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sweet Commander's Bounty

Let discuss on the bounty of every Sweet Commanders (that revealed by Oda)
There are FOUR Sweet Commanders but in WCI arc we could only see THREE of them..
Because Snack was defeated by Urounge the Monk, one of Supernovas (worst generation)..
There is no clue on whether Snack is dead or still alive..

Let checked it quickly..
Then we decided who is the strongest of them all..

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 35

Ep 35: Meringue City’s Delights

After the long walks, they arrived at Meringue City. The sweet smell that coming from centre of Meringue City that called as Sweet Avenue makes them craved to taste all of it. Not far from that area, there was a man that waved his right hand at them. Yoshua smiled. He greets that man. He was Hiker Riyo. Yoshua met him at Irgiant Fjord. Yoshua asks him about his injured leg. He says that he’s okay with it. He used walking stick to walk.

Hiker Riyo asks them to follow him. Meringue City served the best sweet delights in Aeon Archipelago. He ordered biscuits, cookies, a few slices of cakes and smoothies. He treats them all with the best that served in Sweet Avenue. They enjoy the food. Yoshua asked him about what happen in Irgiant Fjord. He tell them that he fall into the big hole. He can’t reach for his sling bag. One thing that he had that time is Stoutland. He asked Stoutland to get help.

Spoiler for Chapter 860 : Opening of the Reception

These is SPOILER for Chapter 860 

Title: 10:00 Opening of the Reception
- What..? At 10:00 am the Reception started..?
- Can't wait to see the cover page.. What will Oda sketched for Chapter 860..?

Come on guys.. 
Let start this SPOILER one by one..

List of Oz Characters

Emerald City..
The Green City of Oz..
The Wizard of Oz is the one who lived in that green city...

I already mentioned about the FOUR main characters in my previous post..
You can checked it before you continue read this..

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Wano arc or Elbaf arc going to be the same BIG WAR as MarineFord arc..?

The war between Marine (under WG) and Yonkou WhiteBeard has been set up at MarineFord..
The main important thing about MarineFord arc is Portgas D Ace..
Beside knowing Ace is Roger's son..
The world also known Luffy as Ace's little brother..
Then the world also known Luffy as Dragon's son..

Along with WhiteBeard's big crews & Jinbe, Luffy head on to release Ace..
He want to save his brother, Ace..
But Ace then saving his life from Admiral Akainu..

New Manga that catch my eyes.. ^^

I found that..
There are tons of new manga been published..
And there are new manga that catch my eyes..

I gives TWO new manga that I found interesting..
Yet the story can't be compared to One Piece..
One Piece becomes my number 1 manga.. ^^

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 34

Ep 34: Strange Light

Ash and Yoshua accompany by Pikachu, Gizlow and Panthoz walked into that old building. The creepy and spooky feeling make them a little bit frightening. They are using the stair to go up into the upper level where the huge spotlight was restored. Yoshua remembered well the town people mentioned that the spotlight was damaged. There would be no light coming through this lighthouse. He wants to make sure that spotlight was broken or damage.

They feel the breezing air comes from no where. Pikachu moves faster in front of them while Gizlow sparks light from its body. Panthoz stay near Yoshua all the time. Suddenly the strange light appears in front of them. That light moved randomly and suddenly attacks Pikachu. Pikachu was hit.  Ash and Yoshua knew that that strange light is not merely a light. It must be that legendary pokemon. They heard town people chatting about it. Ash asks Pikachu to used Thundershock. Pikachu can’t hit that strange light. Gizlow used Aurora Wave as it tries its best to hit that strange light. That strange light possessed Gizlow and spoke to Ash and Yoshua. It tells that this old building is its territory. It will harm them if they don’t want to leave. Yoshua asks that strange light about the light that his friend see on that stormy night. That strange light says that it just the warning and it tries to help people to a better place.

Germa 66 versus World Government

Remember that Vito from Firetank Pirates the one who obsessed so much with Germa 66..
And he mentioned something about WE Comic Strip..

Let us think on this topic..
Even though we get a little information about this topic from WE Comic Strip..
Could it possible that the fight between Germa 66 & WG happen not quite too far in the past..
What do you guys think..?

What will happen in Chapter 860..?

What will we see in Chapter 860..?
Could we see the guests coming to Tea Party..?
Could Oda show us some faces from Underworld..?

The Yonkou Assassination Plan is been set between Firetank & Strawhat Pirates..
The timing is what I concern the most..
Because if the timing is not perfectly done..
Maybe the percentage of Capone head off Big Mom would become fail..

Let talk more about this..

Monday, 20 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 33

Ep 33: Bug Fight At Tua Old Lighthouse

Tua Old Lighthouse is an old monument that preserved by Town Zero. That huge tall building provides a historical moment for Irgiant Islands. This lighthouse built almost 200 years ago so that every trainer will get a direct signal to come to Town Zero and also Meringue City from Irgiant Fjord. Lately, the light from that old building faded and that lighthouse don’t provide any light anymore. Ash was surprised. He tells them that those light bring him to Town Zero. He saw that light. Town Zero’s citizen shocked. They say that there was one pokemon lived in that lighthouse and it most powerful pokemon named Lumeglou. 

Early in the morning, the journey begins when the three of them meet a group of Bug Trainers near the old light house. They had a battle and challenge everybody to participate in the battle. Only for those trainers who had a bug can enters the battle. Nadine got Bug type pokemon so she joins the Bug Competition.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Vegapunk in Elbaf arc..? (Part 2)

Did Vegapunk was in Elbaf..?
Maybe this part 2 will linked this two topic together..
Vegapunk & Elbaf arc..

I did mention in part one..
That Vegapunk is somehow could be in Elbaf..
Or be there in Elbaf arc..

Some information about Vegapunk..
Somehow after getting the result on Genetic Blue Print..
Vegapunk been captured by WG..
And Vinsmoke Jajji come back with Germa 66..
And he got that Genetic Blue Print..

Big Mom's Incarnations

What is Big Mom's Incarnation?
Early in WholeCake Island arc..
Oda did mention about Big Mom's Incarnations..
They collect lifespans from all citizen in Big Mom's territory..
But Oda still don't show us exactly what is Incarnation..
Its true face..

Friday, 17 March 2017

Other things that not include in Capone's assassination plan

Capone 'Gang' Bege planned to head off Big Mom within 5 second..
The assassination plans are:
i) Distract Big Mom by doing something to the picture of Mother Caramel so Big Mom will cry out loud..
ii) Launched poisonous rocket toward Big Mom's iron balloon's body..
iii) Capone head off Big Mom
This plan must be on exact time with no mistake at all..
Could this plan worked properly..?

I don't think so..
The plan will not exactly be like what they planned..
Because of other thing that may interrupted it..
What are they?

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 32

Ep 32: PokeRanger McKay

Ash, Yoshua and Nadine lost their way one more time. The huge blizzard makes thing more complicated. The three of them now are facing even more danger because they are on their own. The three split due to the bad weather. The blizzard makes them separated. Nadine sits on the snow and cried for help. Ash continues his journey with his Dieselbex when he sees the light nearby. He arrived at Town Zero. Ash wants to find help from the local people. They say that only PokeRanger allowed patrolling outside in this bad weather. Poorly, that the last PokeRanger was going somewhere else in a mission. Old folks ask Ash to stay here at Town Zero. Tomorrow they will gather all citizens in search of those two children.

Status of Monet

1st appearance was in PunkHazard..
Could it be that Monet is still alive..?
Or Monet was dead because Ceaser stabs her heart..

Who are the Yonkou before the current Yonkou..?

I'm just thinking of this topic..
Who are the Yonkou before the current Yonkou..
We knew about FOUR Yonkou..
i) WhiteBeard
ii) Kaido
iii) Big Mom
iv) Shanks

But could it be that before them..
There are Yonkou that Oda never mention to us yet..
Example: Shanks become Yonkou.. So who would be the Yonkou that he defeated..?

Mother Caramel, Big Mom & Sugar

Is there a linked in those three characters..?
Mother Caramel, Big Mom & Sugar..
If there a secret linked in those three characters..
Maybe we could predict one thing about Big Mom..

What is that..?
Let dig deeper within this topic..

Big Mom..

Big Mom oh Big Mom..
What is she..?
What she got in her sleeve..?
What Oda trying to tell us about Big Mom the Yonkou..?

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 31

Ep 31: Irgiant Fjord : White Phenomena

The journey after Backpacker Site was totally white as snow. Irgiant Fjord was totally covered with thick snow. Ash and hid friends walks thousand steps across that thick white snow without any direction. Yoshua used his Panthoz to make way ahead in front of them. Dieselbex enjoy playing with snow. Nadine also used Humbolt in order to make a path for them.

They were ambushed by Trio Boyz in that thick cold snow. They were called by number in Spanish language: Uno, Doz and Trez. Uno faced Yoshua while Doz faced Nadine. They were using 61Elef (Ice/Grass) as their pokemon.  Trez smiled and stare at Ash. They said ‘We love to battle and we love money too’.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Did Oda foreshadowing the next 4 nakama in Capone's meeting..?

Look at this picture..
The picture of Luffy and Capone become an ally..
Did Oda foreshadowing of Luffy next nakama in this picture..?

Aeon Pokemon : Concept & Idea (Professor & Assistants)

Concept & Idea for Professor & his Assistants..
Aeon Region is

Who's Mother Caramel..?

Who's Mother Caramel..?
It remind me of Mother Theresa..
Could Oda also want to make someone that resemble Mother Theresa..?

Mother Caramel is the life savior of Big Mom..
So that's mean she someone special to her..
Where's she now..?
Why did she left..?

Aeon Pokemon : Concept & Idea (Generation Starters)

Concept & Idea on Pokemon Starters
Aeon Archipelago is a habitat of almost 250 Pokemon..
There are also few Pokemon that was brought to this region..

Poseidon targeted by WG & who will find her..?

Being one of three ancient weapons..
Princess Shirahoshi's life could be in danger..
Could everybody alerted that she is indeed one of the ancient weapon called Poseidon..?

Along with her father, King Neptune and her brothers..
Ryugu's royal family been invited to Reverie..
Could that will lead to Princess Shirahoshi into danger..
Such as been targeted by WG or other entity that would like to become powerful to gain ancient weapon..
Is this the sign that Poseidon will be kidnapped by WG..?

I bet the rescue mission will be needed to get Poseidon back from WG or others..
As Camy the mermaid been kidnapped and sold at Auction House in Shabaody Archipelago..
Could it be that Princess Shirahoshi the mermaid's fate also will be like Camy..?
Maybe WG or Underworld want that ancient weapon so bad..
Getting one of the three ancient weapon could secure the reputation of WG or Underworld or some characters in future..?

But how could someone find Poseidon after she been kidnapped..?

Capone's other weakness shown by Oda..

I already post my opinion on Capone's weakness..
Which is his fortress (inside his body)..
That's why he need his subordinates to always care for hygiene..

But what is his other weakness..?
Did Oda already shown that in the latest chapter..?

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 30

Ep 30: Open Cable Ride : Hatching Day

It takes 20 minutes to reach down. Ash and others love the view especially it’s going to sunset. The scenery of Cobalt Sea turning into red makes them mesmerized. They must keep walking to near Pine Forest where the Backpacker Site was located. Yoshua tell them that they need to hurry up before it getting darker.

Backpacker Site was an idea where Irgiant Islands Community to attract tourist from other places. There were atleast 30 contena being designed to provide warm accommodation in this cold weather. The owner of this Backpacker Site was Grey White. He’s was a famous author who love to travel.

Rufled Conglomerate & Morgannes.. Who are they..?

Two hours before the big event start..
Tea party is around the corner..
Oda already tell us about the Yonkou Assassination Plan via Capone..
But would the plan work as their planned..?

What about other small things that Oda left (maybe for awhile) just to distracting us..
Let me explain briefly about that:
i) Pekoms
- Will or not he tell Big Mom about Capone..?
- Will or not he think about Strawhat Pirates that save his hometown (Zou)..?
- What is Pekoms's role in Big Mom's crew? I think that he's also the rook as Capone..

ii) Mystery Pudding
-  Pudding still hold the key to everything..
- Will or not she follow Big Mom's plan..? She's been obeyed to Big Mom to everything and Big Mom don't give her freedom to choose or to be what she want to be..
- What about her memory with Lola..? Is she want to be freedom like Lola..?

iii) Brulee
- Will or not she tell Big Mom about Capone-Luffy's alliances..?
- Would she help them (she been forced) at the time when Gastino hold the mirror after Capone head off Big Mom..? I think this would be the twisted plot.. Maybe they using other escape route because Brulee won't help them..

iv) Others
- We forgot about the characters in Mirror World.. Could they awake after what Chopper & Carrot done to them..? I talking about Mr.Crocodile, Randolph & Mr. Crane.. Yeah.. Without Brulee, they can't go out from Mirror World.. But they can tell others especially Big Mom about Brulee & Diesel been kidnapped by SH.. Right?
- Pound is nowhere to be found.. Where is he? What is his role in WCI..?
- Bobbins the fixer.. Did he fixed himself so that he will tell Big Mom about Capone..?

And then to the main topic..
Who's Rufled Conglomerate..?
And Who's Morgannes..?

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chapter 859 Review : The Yonko Assassination Plot

My review on the latest chapter 859..
Titled The Yonkou Assassination Plot..

The cover page of Brook & Usopp playing Snake Toss..
Count the snakes..
There are 12 of them..
A hint of Nakama going to be 12..?

Let us discuss on this topic..

Possible Plots for Elbaf Arc

Elbaf arc..
Maybe before Raftel..
SH will reach their destination at Elbaf..
Elbaf was foreshadowed long time a go in Little Garden..
Then Oda gave hints on giant in Enies Lobby arc..
PunkHazard arc also got the theme of giant..
And Oda makes Hajrudin the giant joins Luffy in Dressrosa..
Finally the crisis that happen between Big Mom & Giant in WholeCake arc..

Strawhat's next possible Nakama going to be GIANT in Elbaf..?

Giant for Nakama..?
Did SH need a giant to board on Thousand Sunny..?

What reason could it be to asked giant to join the crew..?

The List of Alphabet for Nakama (Part 2)

The List of Alphabet for Nakama..
Part one was been presented in the near past..

Please click the link given :

Let continue predicting on this topic..

Symbols of Giant in PunkHazard..?

Symbol in PunkHazard..
What it means of those three symbols in PunkHazard..?
i) Marine
ii) World Government (WG)
iii) Unknown symbol.. Could it be the symbol of Giant..? Or symbol to someone related to PunkHazard..

Are WG, Marine & that unknown symbol linked together..?
Let us predict more on this topic..

Hajrudin & his intention

Now we back to Hajrudin one more time..
Hajrudin the giant..
His intention is to revive Great Warrior Pirates which is currently disbanded..
The Great Warrior Pirates were once headed (co-captain) by Dorry the Blue Ogre & Brogy the Red Ogre..
Both Dorry & Brogy were the same giant we seen in Little Garden..

Hajrudin want to revive back The Great Warrior Pirates that was disbanded over 100 years ago..
Right now he got 4 giants in his current ship which is Naglfar..
The original crew used the ship called Great Eirik..

What is exactly his motive to revive back the Great Warrior Pirates..?

Theory on Mr.3, Buggy, Sir Crocodile & Giant..

There's more topic on Elbaf..
Maybe I will be the one that provide these kind of theory..
But it's interesting topic to us..

The theory on Mr.3, Buggy, Sir Crocodile & Giant..
What will this topic lead us to..?
Please continue to read my posts..

Emerald City in Elbaf Island..?

Everybody talking about Elbaf and Giant..
How bout Emerald City..?
Could it located somewhere in Elbaf..?
The capital city of Elbaf perhaps..?

Emerald City was based from Wizard of Oz..
The journey of a girl named Dorothy Gale & her THREE friends:
i) Scarecrow
ii) Tin Woodman
iii) Cowardly Lion

And what does these thing related to Elbaf..?

Elbaf linked back to Vivi..?

Elbaf linked back to Vivi..?
Lately I think that somehow we need to reread back Alabasta Saga..
The part of the journey SH got with Nefertari Vivi..

It contains lot of hints by Oda..
Maybe more referring to WholeCake & Tea Party..
But there's more to it..
It also point back to giant..

Let me tell you what I have in my mind right now..
Please follow me..