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Friday, 28 April 2017

Where is Emerald City..?

Emerald City been mentioned by Bellamy in Jaya arc..
Since then theorist predicted and speculated that Emerald City would be located somewhere near the end of New World..
In the past..
Theorist predicted that Emerald City would be revealed in Raftel arc..
But lately..
Some of them speculated that Emerald City would be located in Elbaf arc..

Which one do you guys think the best location for Emerald City..?

Let me described what Emerald City would be in One Piece..
Please continue reading..

Chapter 864 : Will the Yonkou Assassination Plan succeed..?

Chapter 863 provides us with a lot of thing..
The title of 'Consummate Gentlemen' maybe refer to Jinbei..
He don't fear Big Mom at all..
Would he officially becomes the next SH Pirates..?
There a lot of theorist think that Jinbei would die in this arc..
For me, just let him be SH Pirates..
Maybe he got some bigger role in future especially in Wano..
Remember that if the pattern continues..
Maybe Luffy will get four more new nakama in New World..
Just let Jinbei be one of them..

Let put that aside..
Let focus on the topic given..

Thursday, 27 April 2017

One Piece & Holidays

Did you guys noticed about this topic..?
Oda is such a genius guy..
He planned everything perfectly..

What about this topic..?
One Piece & Holidays..?
It not means about One Piece breaks every Holidays/Celebration..
But about Oda using those Holidays as the name of his masterpiece..

Let me continues on talking about this topic..

Trebol & Dogtooth

There is just one thing about Trebol & Dogtooth..
That comes to my mind right now..

Maybe it is coincident..
Something not quite big topic to discuss..
But you might have a little interest about it..

We knew Trebol..
The one that served under Doflamingo..
We seen him always stick together with Sugar, Monet's sister..

And  I just want to tell about him & Dogtooth..
Maybe about their DF ability..

Monday, 24 April 2017

Chopper & Loki

I know when Loki the Giant's Prince of Elbaf been mentioned in WCI..
The one who attracted to Lola..
Everybody makes prediction & speculation about Usopp as the lead character in Elbaf..

That is true..
But there is other thing that come to my mind lately about Prince Loki..
Let me explain about my title : Chopper & Loki

Friday, 21 April 2017

Review on Chapter 863 : The Consummate Gentlemen

The latest chapter was released yesterday..
With the title of : The Consummate Gentlemen..
Oda used the word Consummate for three times already..
Chapter 861: The Consummate Actor
Chapter 862 : The Consummate Thinker
Chapter 863 : The Consummate Gentlemen
What is all about consummate..?
It makes me think about consume.. lol

Let me review on this chapter..

Since I done with the spoiler yesterday..

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Cracker, Smoothie & Katakuri : Forms of DF

Sweet Commander..
Oda mentioned there were FOUR of them..
But Urounge the Monk defeated one of Sweet Commander which was Snack..

Luffy enters Big Mom's territory without knowing his opponent well..
We are talking about Big Mom the Yonkou..
She just not ordinary pirates..
Her Sweet Commander also got higher bounty to be measured with Luffy..

Let talk about them..
Even tough I already make a post about them in the past..
This is the continuation of that post..
Because there is something need to be add since we get to know Dogtooth a.k.a Katakuri..

If I can write GREAT story like One Piece..

Lately I just thinking about this..
If I can write great story like One Piece..
I need someone to be draw them..

Am I the only one that too excited about creating stories like One Piece..?
Or there others too that share the same idea on this..

Let me brief you about what I'm been thinking lately..

SPOILER for Chapter 863

The spoiler for Chapter 863 is out..
With the title of Consummate Chivalry..
If Oda still using consummate word for this new chapter..
Maybe we need to see what Consummate is later..

Let us dig out information on this SPOILER..
Maybe some of them will turn out to be true later..

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

3 P Characters Potentially join SH Pirates

Finally top 3 P characters that will fight for the next Female Nakama for SH Pirates..

They are:
i) Pudding
ii) Poseidon
iii) Pluton

Let me provide you about this..

Merman Slaps on Luffy

Jinbei used Merman Slaps on Luffy..
Luffy still not awake even though Jinbei slaps him..

Is Oda foreshadowing something about this..?
Let me explain a little bit about that..
Keep reading..

Monday, 17 April 2017

Who is this character..?

When Big Mom said 'Now, Then.. It begins! The slaughter show!'
Look at the picture shown by Oda..
Who is this character..?

Is this important..?
We need to identify every characters so that we can predict more on Tea Party that going on..

Please tell me about Best Manga after One Piece

I just thinking that One Piece is/was the BEST masterpiece of all time..
For me,
It's combined reality with imagination..
Oda is/was totally genius..

Could there be another masterpiece after One Piece..?

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Prediction on Future Arc : Strawhat Pirates during timeskip (Part 2)

During Part 1..
The pattern being continue used by Oda..
a) Haki been introduced in one arc..
b) Transition arc in between
c) The new potential of certain character (SH Pirates) in other arc..
- I will using a, b & c in below theory..

Let say..
In Fishman Island : a)Luffy shown us his Conqueror Haki..
b) Punkhazard been the transition arc..
Later in Dressrosa : c) Luffy shown his gear 4th..
                                a) Zoro shown his Armament Haki fused with his Katana..
b) Zou been the transition arc
Later in Wholecake : c) Luffy shown new form of gear 4th..
                                   a) Sanji will shown his Observation Haki..
b) Reverie maybe been the transition arc..
After that Wano : c) Luffy might shown us something (maybe new form of gear 4th or his gear 5 or his awakening) Perhaps I think that DF awakening maybe his gear 5th..

Let us dig more about this..
And what it relation with timeskip..?

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Prediction on Future Arc : Strawhat Pirates During Timeskip (Part 1)

Future arc..
Beside the final war arc..
Strawhat Pirates will continues their adventure to find One Piece..
Before they reach Raftel Island (final island)..
They need to reach Wano in order to fight Kaido..
Oda revealed that 2017 will be the year for Reverie & Wano..
This means that 2017 will be Zoro's year..
Beside that..
Could there be another arc/s..?
Moon arc..?

Let me give you guys an information about this..

Friday, 14 April 2017

Luffy appears from the Wedding Cake

In the latest chapter of One Piece..
We all know that Luffy comes out from that Wedding Cake..
Before that..
He was inside Capone's body..
Then they served him meat in order to make Luffy awake..

What did Brulee do this time..?
Let talk about it..

Vinsmoke Family in WholeCake Island arc

According to the latest chapter..
It seems that Vinsmoke Jajji and his three sons don't know about Big Mom's plan..
Only Reiju & Sanji know about it..

Do you have a prediction or speculation that you have in your mind about what is the next move for Vinsmokes Family (exclude Sanji) in this WCI arc..?
Please share here with me.. ^^

Big Mom : Ally or Die?

Big Mom will die or become ally..?
This is big question..
So big that makes us wondered..
Capone plan for head off Big Mom..
The wedding day started..

Big Mom will die..?
Or Big Mom will become Luffy's new ally..?
Let us predict more on this topic..

Cover Page for Chapter 862

The cover page is referring to Roger Crew members..
There are Roger, Silver Rayleigh, Shanks, Buggy & Crocodile..

So let us predict on this cover page..

Review on Chapter 862 : The consummate Thinker

The chapter released after one week break..
With the title 'The Consummate Thinker'..
Twice chapter using the same consummate word..
First is actor..
Second is thinker..
Could we got another one in the next chapter..?
Maybe the consummate strength/power..?

Let me review points that I think we should look forward in this chapter..

Thursday, 13 April 2017

SPOILER for Chapter 862

The spoiler is out..
Sorry for the late post since the chapter is already out..
So let me talk about the spoiler first..

Then my upcoming post will be on the real chapter 862..
Are you guys ready..?

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Top 3 Strawhat Pirates Next Nakama-To-Be

Maybe in the past I already mentioned about these THREE Nakama-To-Be..
But for now..
I will provide more information to every characters that I chose..

Let us predict and even speculate more on this topic..

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Seven Lucky Gods in One Piece

Are Oda inspired to used Seven Lucky Gods in One Piece..?
Maybe the Seven Lucky Gods is already been used in One Piece..
Could you guys noticed about it..?

Let me provide you the information about it..

Monday, 10 April 2017

What will happen in upcoming Chapter 862?

The Wedding start..
What will be happen next..?
Strawhat Pirates still sleeping inside Capone 'Gang' Bege's body..

Let predict more on this topic..

Daruma Doll Devil Fruit User

The Daruma Doll is also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round.. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artis.. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement..

I could imagine that the user of this DF is a male character..
He got so many attitudes depend on the make up of his face..
Everybody can predict that he is happy or sad or even angry just by looking at his face..

Matryoshka Doll Devil Fruit User

Let creates Devil Fruit..
There is ONE Devil Fruit that I like to see coming in One Piece..
The only Matryoshka Doll DF..

Before we met Big Mom..
I do hope that she got this kind of DF ability..
Let me provide you guys about this Devil Fruit's information..
The way I want to see it..

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Nami linked to the Moon..

Our topic for today is Nami & Moon..
Let dig more on this topic..
Could it be that Nami got linked to the Moon..
Maybe Oda decide from earlier that Nami is somehow related to the Moon or got the Moon theme on her..

Let me provide you all with the points that I got..
You guys can add more to it..

Mother Caramel & JoyBoy

Could there be a link between these TWO characters..?
Mother Caramel & JoyBoy are TWO big names in One Piece..

Could Mother Caramel & JoyBoy knew each other in the past..?

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Nakama After Big Mom's Arc

Nakama for Strawhat Pirates..
Luffy's new friend..
Everybody talking about one Nakama for one arc..
Could Luffy get his new Nakama after WCI arc..?

Let us dig more on this topic..

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Who's Mother Caramel (Part 2)

At last in Chapter 861, Oda revealed the face of Mother Caramel..
Many theories comes out soon after this chapter released..

Let us dig more information about this character..

New Characters in Chapter 861

Chapter 861 release last week..
Oda revealed new characters in that chapter..

Let us dig more information on that characters..

Monday, 3 April 2017

Chapter 861 Cover Page

Chapter 861's cover page with the title : Consummate Actor..
The cover page shown Nekomamushi playing with kittens..

Let us dig more information out from this cover page..