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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Review on Chapter 864 : The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot

Chapter 864 was released yesterday with the title : The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot..
Oda did not used any consummate after three whole chapters with that word..

I'm so hype that the chapter released early this week..
But what Oda planned for it..?

Let dig out information on it with me..

The information given by Oda:
a) Observation Haki
Big Mom using Zeus & Prometheus to fight her opponent which are Luffy & Jinbei..
But everybody noticed that picture of Mother Caramel was damaged by someone..
That someone is Brook..
This point out that Observation Haki of Dogtooth is focused on one single direction..
Example: If he focused on someone.. He only can get a hold of near future of that particular person only.. We can see this on several times as below:
i)When he focus on Jigra the Organ Trafficker.. He saw that Jigra want to kill Big Mom.. So he kill him first..
ii) When he focus on Pudding.. He saw Pudding down & cry..
iii) When he focus on the priest/father.. He saw Sanji dodged that priest's attack..
iv) When he focus on Luffy (clearly he only start focused on Luffy when Luffy replied to Big Mom about his real identity.. Then Luffy see that Mother Caramel's picture and want to destroy it..) Then Dogtooth can saw the near future about Luffy want to smash that picture..
- So this Observation Haki is limited to one person only.. Or maybe Dogtooth just want to focus on the main enemy only.. It is not like the normal Observation Haki which is the user can predict about merely a range of his surrounding..
Example: Sanji can easily dodge the attack from that priest and then he dodged the jellybeans that been shot by Dogtooth.. So this means that Sanji aware of his surrounding and not focused on certain individual..

b) Vinsmoke Family
Vinsmoke Jajji cry because of what Big Mom Pirates do to him and his family.. While his beloved sons (Ichiji, Niji & Yonji) seem don't care about that.. Only Reiju care about what happen but she kept silent about it.. Oda clearly stated that Reiju did not telling about the plan that Pudding told her.. Noticed that sons without emotion/feeling/heart are useless.. They just don't care about death and feeling.. Just accepted everything.. Clearly at this time, Vinsmoke Family is so weak without their weapon.. Did they..? Or they just want to wait for that moment..
- I think that Vinsmoke did know about what will happen in this Tea Party.. Maybe Capone is the link that they got.. Because Oda did not yet reveal some fact about Capone-Vinsmoke.. Hope that they got link and plan this together.. Because there is still ambiguous about:
i) Capone somewhere before or after time skip.. Have been abducted by some flying object.. There is a theory that Capone been abducted in one of Germa 66's ship.. Maybe from that moment they planned to head off Big Mom.. Remember after time skip especially after Dressrosa arc.. Sanji got the bounty with alive only.. Maybe Vinsmoke Jajji want to sacrifice Sanji for that plan.. Yeah.. Maybe you guys will argue about it.. Why Vinsmoke Family did not aware of this plot that Big Mom put on them..? Because they will need Capone to act on their term.. Remember that Capone want to head off Big Mom but he don't want to becomes a Yonkou after that.. Maybe the one that want to be Yonkou is Vinsmoke Jajji.. He got a reason for it.. There is one panel in one chapter where Oda revealing Sanji's identity.. Vinsmoke Jajji mentioned that his three sons & daughter will got their task.. They are not focusing on taking North Blue as their homeland/territory.. They want to take over the world.. This reflect back to those books that Sanji read when he was in Germa 66.. There is a book about All Blue.. Maybe Vinsmoke Jajji also want to conquer that.. North Blue is just a first step they need to do..
ii) Vito is so excited about Vinsmoke Family & Germa 66.. That makes me think that Vito is somehow has been there in Germa 66 and so fascinated about their high technology..
Now the Vinsmoke Family been targeted by Big Mom Pirates and Oda used that as the title of The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot.. Maybe Vito will somehow willingly to save them all.. Reiju also will sacrifice for her family..

c) Big Mom Pirates
Oda revealed two out of three big names in this chapter..
They are Daifuku & Oven..
Both of them are DF users:
i) Daifuku - Hoya Hoya No Mi that makes him Lamp Human.. He can call a genie to help him in a battle..
- That genie is awesome but there is one weakness that I think Oda want us to believe in it.. The genie and Daifuku was linked together by the smoke that comes out from Daifuku's belt.. Maybe when someone cut it.. Daifuku can control his genie anymore..
ii) Oven - Netsu Netsu No Mi that when someone touch him they will got to feel the heat that comes out from his body..
Clearly that Sanji will fight Daifuku..
Because Daifuku did something to Pudding (Clearly some theorist will mentioned this.. Pudding for nakama!!!..) lol
But who will be the exact opponent for Oven..?
- For sure one thing that comes to my mind right now is all Big Mom's other children seems to be powerless than before..
Example: Mont D'or & Lady Amante seem like some characters that not so important as Daifuku, Oven or Dogtooth.. This also apply to Smoothie too.. She seem powerless because Oda did not want to make her shine in this chapter.. Maybe in upcoming chapter.. They will shine back.. Hope so..
- One more thing is Sanji facing Daifuku, Pudding & Mont D'or.. So he got the support from Nami, Chopper & Carrot.. Did you guys think that Nami, Chopper & Carrot will get into fight in upcoming chapter..? And who will be their opponent..? I pretty sure that Nami will fight Mont D'or.. This is revenge plot for her..
- There is one more character that Oda not shown of her power yet.. That one is Compote, the eldest daughter of Big Mom..

d) Yonkou Assasination Plan
The plan still not work out as they planned for.. But they need to make Big Mom cry out loud.. Will Big Mom cry as what she did in the past..? Or something else would comes to Capone-Luffy alliances.. What did Dogtooth saw in the near future.. Who is the one that he focused on..? His mom? That is why he blank and pale like that..?

What do you think about  my review..?
Do I skip few thing..?
Let me know of it in the comment section below.. ^^

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