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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

SPOILER for Chapter 868 : KX Launcher

The SPOILER for Chapter 868 is out with the title: KX Launcher (This could not be the exact title for this upcoming chapter..)

What informations that SPOILER provides us..
Let dig some clues..

What will happen in Chapter 868..?

Speculation on what will happen in the next chapter..
Many popular theorist out there has been speculate on many things that related to Big Mom..
But i'm so hype to see the continuous battle between Capone-Luffy and might be Germa 66 against Big Mom Pirates..

What will happen then..?

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Cover Page Chapter 867 : Happy Birthday

The new chapter 867 released with the title of Happy Birthday..
Thanks god the backstory was over..
I'm more hype to the current story..
And Oda provides us with information about the relationship between Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin) and Mother Caramel..
What is that information..?
a) Witch theme in WCI arc
-It means that WCI got the theme of witch too due to soru soru no mi that belong to Mother Caramel.. Mother Caramel can used her soul to create a small cute sun but Big Mom can create Prometheus.. And she even create Zeus too..

b) Mountain Witch
-Mother Caramel work as child trafficker for CP agent (that clearly work under World Government).. We knew that WG used to please Celestial Dragons by providing them a slave.. Look how an auction house can be valid operating in One Piece Community.. Boa Hancock and her sisters too are slave that work under Celestial Dragons.. Could that be Mother Caramel sold Boa Hancock and her sisters too..?
-Mother Caramel as one of the important person in Underworld makes us think of why Underworld Emperors linked to Big Mom in present time.. Clearly that somehow Underworld connected to Big Mom in the past after Mother Caramel or Mountain Witch is gone..

But that is not what I want to share with you guys..
Let look at this quote from cover page 867 with me.. ^^