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Monday, 29 May 2017

Mother Caramel is aged 143 years old now..?

Mother Caramel meets Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin) in Elbaf when she aged 80 years old..
At that time Big Mom was 5 years old..
If we added the aged of Big Mom now in WCI..
So Mother Caramel is 143 years old in present if she was still alive..

Did Oda want to tell us something..?
Let me tell you what I think of it..

Friday, 26 May 2017

Chapter 866 : Whole Story on Big Mom & Mother Caramel

The chapter released yesterday..
Oda provides us with a lot of information..
But we need to calculate back on the time line..
And Elbaf was revealed maybe just for the view on one village only..
The village where all Great Warrior Pirates lived in Elbaf..

What more did we get from this new chapter..?

Monday, 22 May 2017

Is Elbaf based of Norse Mythology..?

This is the picture of Yggdrasil..
It based on Norse Mythology..
What catch my eyes are the mounts at the middle..
Is this resemble this panel from One Piece..?

Look at both picture..
Is it look like the same to each other..
Could it be that Elbaf is based on Norse Mythology..
I think it is YES for me..

Is that all reference that Oda saved in his sleeve..?
What about the nine worlds..?
Midgard is based on the human world..
There are giant world too in Norse Mythology..
Look clearly in the picture below..

There are FOUR Islands beside Midgard..
Muspelheim : the land of fire
Jotunheim : the land of giants
Svartalvheim : the land of dwarves and black elves
Nivlheim : the land of Ice and mist
I think the concept of summer, spring, autumn and winter islands in One Piece maybe based on this..

What do you think of Jotunheim..
Could Saul the giant that help Robin at Ohara comes from there..?
Are Elbaf is based on Asgard..?
- This is because Loki was from Asgard.. Right?
Or Elbaf are based on Jotunheim..?

Plus there is huge tree as the main link to Midgard and Vigrid..
Before reach Asgard.. There are two more islands which are:
Vanaheim : the land of the vanir
Alvheim : the land of elves

What comes to my mind right now is Vanaheim..
The land that got windmill..
Could it link to Nami..?
Because she makes tattoo of windmill..

I think that Oda used Norse Mythology from the start..
He planned to make use of information from Norse Mythology to create the seasons islands then create one more island which is sky island..

One more thing to consider..
Look at this picture of nine worlds in Norse Mythology..

This picture makes me think of the globe in Ohara..
The one that tell us about One Piece Worlds..

As Earth is in the middle..
It look like Midgard that are in the middle..

What do you guys think of this..?
Please comment below.. ^^

Click the link to read more about The Nine Worlds:

Is Big Mom pregnant..?

Is Big Mom pregnant..?
Many theorist speculated a lot on this topic based on what Oda revealed on previous chapters..
Oda stated in SBS that at age 25 years old until she turn to 67 years old.. Big Mom was constantly pregnant.. She giving birth about once a year for 42 years..
Now at the age of 68 years old.. Could she got pregnant once again constantly..?

Let dig out more on this topic..

Friday, 19 May 2017

Where is Mother Caramel?

What information  did Oda revealed for this Mother Caramel..?
i) Life-saver of Big Mom
ii) Dress like a 'nun'..
iii) Maybe a bad smoker..
iv) Got link to Elbaf..

For me, Mother Caramel got the Mafia/Gangster theme also on her..

Let us dig more information about her..

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Pokemon Aeon Episode 39

Ep 39: Alto Lake : Chalkagon

It’s a full moon. The moonlight that shines across Alto Lake makes that lake kinda like a giant mirror. Nadine spends the night with Malaya. Ash and Yoshua along with Pasha sat near to the lake. There’s something that coming threw from the ray that been reflected at Alto Lake. The unusual colour spectrum makes them want to know more. Yoshua puts his face under the water. He wants to dig out for answer. He told them that there’s something deep down. Ash dives in. Yoshua and Pasha follow him. Malaya and Nadine run near to that lake.

The water flows wild and tooks them to the underwater cave. Ash, Yoshua and Pasha surprised to see the wall of that underwater cave were full of written message. The messages were written from hundreds years ago. Pikachu sensed something and start to walk near that thing.  It is 69Chalkagon (Normal/Dragon). Chalkagon smelled something. It refreshed it mind. Chalkagon walks near Ash.  It’s magnificent to see that pinkish coloured chalks grew on its hard shell. Yoshua recorded it in his PokeVice. Chalkagon is very loyal pokemon. It only served one trainer for its life.

Chalkagon knew that Ash is not that person, the one who left it in this underwater cave for many years now. Ash wants to capture it but Chalkagon denied it.  It’s wierd that Chalkagon follow Ash but doesn’t want to be in his team. Ash and the rest swim back to the place where Nadine and Malaya were. Ash asked Malaya about this wierd situation. Malaya said that maybe Chalkagon want Ash to help it to find his long lost trainer. Ash sats near Chalkagon and rubs it hard shell. He told Chalkagon that he will find that trainer and asked him to take back Chalkagon. Chalkagon was happy to hear that. Rainbow chalks grew on it back to show that it was feeling happy.

James blew cannon to distract Ash and the rest while Jesse jumped and grab Chalkagon away. Ash and Yoshua want to save that Chalkagon but Jesse asked Yelloud to distract them with Perish Song. All of them burst in tears. Jesse got Chalkagon. She wants to make that Chalkagon her new pokemon. James confronts Malaya with Lukera. Malaya pushes her pendant that look like a small pokeball and asked her companion to help her. It is 70Rastegon (Grass/Rock). Malaya asked Rastegon to attack with Stealth Rock. Lukera was hit badly. Rastegon used Avalanche Stomp to blast them away from Alto Lake.

Malaya asks Nadine to follow her. They need to get Chalkagon back. Ash and Yoshua become angry because of what happen. Yoshua asked Menava to fly sky high to look for Chalkagon. Ash and Pikachu moved forward in order to stop Jesse. Malaya and Nadine find Jesse. She tried to capture Chalkagon with pokeballs. Jesse asked Yelloud to make Chalkagon’s confuse. Last resort, Jesse used HexNanoCollar to control Chalkagon because she don’t have enough time to capture it.

Jesse wants to fight Malaya and Nadine. She used Yelloud and Chalkagon while Malaya used Rastegon and Nadine used Humbolt. Humbolt fight against Yelloud while Rastegon fight against Chalkagon. Humbolt used Icicle Shock while Yelloud used Banshee Cry to distract Humbolt. Humbolt snapped out from confusion and used Icicle Shock again and again. The same thing happen, Humbolt snapped out from confusion. Then it derived Humbolt to evolve into 71Boltuin (Ice/Electric). 

Malaya asked Rastegon to used Stealth Rock. Chalkagon broke it with Chalk Missiles. Rastegon used avalanche Stomp. Chalkagon was hit but it used Dirt Smoke. Rastegon can’t hit Chalkagon. Then Chalkagon used Chalk Missiles to attack Rastegon. Rastegon was hit by it. Malaya asked her Rastegon to use Dig to make tunnels. It will launched attack through those tunnels. Chalkagon was hit but it fled from that area. Jesse wants to get that Chalkagon butYelloud was attacked with Ice Bullet and whited out.

Ash and Pikachu meets Chalkagon. Chalkagon attacked them. Ash wants to help Chalkagon by removing that HexNanoCollar. Chalkagon want to attack him. Ash doesn’t care about his safety and jumped and hug Chalkagon. Chalkagon smelled something and then it become calmer. Ash asked Pikachu to cut that HexNanoCollar with Iron Tail. Chalkagon thinks that Pikachu want to fight and used Chalk Missiles. Pikachu broke that attacks with Iron Tail. Ash asked Pikachu to continue using Iron Tail. It the only way to broke that HexNanoCollar. Chalkagon keep using Chalk Missiles on Pikachu. Pikachu’s quick act makes it got the chances to broke that HexNanoCollar. Chalkagon was free from Jesse’s control. Chalkagon get near Ash and rub its hard shell to that young trainer.

Pasha and Yoshua find them. Malaya and Nadine were also there. Ash promised that he will find Chalkagon‘s trainer. They back at Alto Lake. Malaya asked them to rest. She knew the location Ash and his friends want to go. Alto Mount is the place where they should be. The next badge is waiting for them.

Early in the morning, Pasha stands in front of Ash and Yoshua’s tent. He asked Malaya so that he can postpone his Intensive PokeCamp for the next time. He wants to follow them for a while. He knew that Ash, Yoshua and Nadine going to be someone special in the future. They agreed to let Pasha join them too but Pasha needs to get his pokemon back. Malaya mentioned that she would take good care of Pasha’s companion: Charrok. Ash and Yoshua promised to find one pokemon for Pasha. Nadine glads to give one of her pokeball in order to make that happen. 

Note:      (69) Chalkagon (Chalk+Dragon) – Chalk Pokemon – Chalkagon
                        (70) Rastegon (Grass+Stegosaurus) – Stegosaurus Pokemon – Rastegon
                        (71) Boltuin (Bolt+Penguin) – Penguin Pokemon – Boltuin evolved from Humbolt.

Pasha join in..
What will happen next..?

If you guys not yet read the previous episode, please click the link below:

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Big Mom the Yonkou

Oda planned well for the Yonkou..
Four Yonkou representing four segment of power..
Even though each one of them maybe not directly take order from Pirate King himself..
These Yonkou absolutely got each characteristic as individuals..

Who are the Yonkou..?
Let me talk briefly about the Yonkou before the time skip..
i) WhiteBeard - Edward Newgate
- He's known as Father to all his subordinates.. He the strongest Yonkou as the Paramecia DF User of Gura Gura No Mi also known as sound of Earthquake rumbling..

ii) Big Mom - Charlotte Linlin
- She's known as Mother to all of her children (she got 46 sons & 39 daughters).. Most of her children are working under Big Mom Pirates.. She also the Paramecia DF user of Soru Soru No Mi or known as Soul..

iii) Kaido the Hundred Beast
- We still don't know yet about him.. But theorist predict that he will be DF user too.. A Zoan DF user..  He been called as the strongest creature in the world.. But there a theory that he also take artificial DF so called as SMILE..

iv) Shanks - The red hair
- We still don't know yet about him.. Even though we knew that he gave that Straw Hat to Luffy.. He also the crew members of Pirate King : Gol D. Roger.. Theorist predict that he perfected his Haki (maybe he got all Haki : Armament, Observation & Conqueror)..

But after WhiteBeard died at Marine Ford..
His title was grabbed by Marshall D. Teach also known as BlackBeard that once served under him..
And BlackBeard also took Gura Gura No Mi too..

For me..
I do hope that each of Yonkou will got different abilities..
Mean that each one of them would be the Logia DF user, Paramecia DF user, Zoan DF user and got perfect Haki..
This would be interesting..
But since WhiteBeard was dead and his Paramecia DF been stolen by BlackBeard.. Maybe the combination of Paramecia & Logia DF that BlackBeard had will become more powerful as ever..

But there is a theory that Blackbeard will be the one that got three DF in his hands..
Since he love Pie so much..
And Zoro and Luffy did mentioned that BlackBeard not just a human but more inside his body..
Pie represents 3.142..
Could it be that Blackbeard is Pie too.. With 3 DF plus Haki.. Damn..
This is too OP.. ^^

But that is not what I want to tell you..
The title is Big Mom the Yonkou..
What about her..?

Elbaf Hype..

Theorist speculated about one thing at the end of Chapter 865..
It is about the big tree..
They say it could be Yggdrasil the tree of life, Adam's tree or the beanstalk tree..
Those tree related to giant..

Let me briefly explain why..

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Robot X Laserbeam Chapter 8 : One Piece

Beside One Piece..
I also reads Boruto, Dr. Stone, Jagaaaaaan, The Promised Neverland & RobotxLaserbeam..
But I was surprise to see this..
The author of RobotxLaserbeam maybe appreciate the work of Oda in OnePiece by creating a panel about it..

The main character: Robato want to join the Golf Club.. He's doesn't know about the attire to wear..
So he pick the outfit as seen above..
The Regular in his new Golf Club stated this..

This is so funny..
Maybe Oda will somehow give surprise to the author of RobotxLaserbeam later..
Who knew right..? ^^

Big Mom & Giants

Everybody got hype to see Elbaf..
The upcoming chapter will provide us about the conflict between Big Mom, Mother Caramel & Giants in Elbaf..
There is theory about Big Mom was originated from Elbaf..
Since the backstory goes 63 years ago..
And Big Mom was 68 years old now..
We might seen little Big Mom (5 years old) and her mother back in Elbaf..

So let us dig more information about this connection between Big Mom, Mother Caramel & Giants in Elbaf..

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Concept of Marriage in OnePiece

The concept of Marriage in OnePiece..
Totally this is not a major topic to discuss..
Do Oda give us hint about this matter..
Maybe in future it will be debated by some theorist..

Let me tell you about this..

Friday, 5 May 2017

Dogtooth, Daifuku & Oven

Did you guys noticed one similar thing between those three names mentioned in my topic..?
Dogtooth, Daifuku & Oven..
All of them are siblings and their mother is Big Mom..

Although the eldest ones in the minister of Candy named Charlotte Perospero..
But these three characters are more powerful than him..
Maybe Oda just want us to think like that..
Or Peropsero is slightly under those three characters..

But what linked them all together in one similar thing that i brag up earlier..?
Let me tell you about it..

Thursday, 4 May 2017

What did Katakuri see in near future that make him paled..?

In the end of Chapter 864..
We could see that Katakuri a.k.a Dogtooth in pale condition..
Capone says that maybe Katakuri see something in near future..
What did he see..?

I think you guys got the answer but I want to provide my prediction toward it too..
Come on..
Let me give you what kind of situation did Katakuri see in near future..

Pokemon Aeon Episode 38

Ep 38: Intensive Camp Instructor: Malaya Eden

There are two paths going to Fahrenheight Island. One is straight from Kelana Village and the other one is the long route across Sleeping Forest and Mount Alto. Now they are deep in Sleeping Forest. Pasha looks at the map. They should be at Alto Lake by now. Yoshua grabs that map to make sure they don’t too far from that destination. They exactly follow each point showed in the map.
They once again lost. This time they were not in Irgiant Fjord but Sleeping Forest. Nadine told them about the Bug King and the chant of sleeping. Those oldfolk did mentioned about Sleeping Forest was cast by magic. Ash terrified. Yoshua opened out his journal. He read pages about Sleeping Forest. His late grandfather mentioned about one pokemon that easily goes in and out from that forest. That pokemon named Kateyes.

Yoshua tried to use Menava to fly sky above so that will help them but they still lost in that forest. Ash and Nadine sat on the ground. They were too tired to walk plus the day going to end soon. Pasha draws Ash’s Pikachu because he also doesn’t have clued how they will arrive at Alto Lake.  

Same happen with Team Rocket’s grunt. They also lost in that Sleeping Forest. Meowth try to communicate with all pokemon it sees in that forest but no one wants to tell the exit path. Lukera and Yelloud were just waiting for orders. They don’t ever think to go out from that Sleeping Forest. They want to be with their trainers.

Not far from Yoshua, there’s a sound. Someone is coming from his right’s direction. Malaya Eden jumped in front of Yoshua. Yoshua was scared. Malaya thought that person is Pasha. Pasha runs toward Malaya. He tells everybody that Malaya is his instructor.  He also tells Malaya about what happen to her chalet. Malaya was panicked. She afraid all pokeballs been take away from her chalet. Pasha told that Ash, Yoshua and Nadine saved the day and that Team Rocket been blast away from Kelana Village. Malaya thanked them. Not so far from Malaya, there’s a kitten with strange eyes that made from diamonds. One eye was sapphire and another one was topaz. Yoshua recorded it as 68Kateyes (Rock/Ground).

Malaya mentioned that Kateyes is the only pokemon that can travel in and out from this Sleeping Forest. Its eyes can see the true sight inside this forest. That why Malaya only brings Kateyes in this camping session. She noticed that there is short one person in her group. So she turn back to find for him. Ten young campers were placed in her group. She knows everybody. Malaya touches her pendant that look like a small pokeball.

They reach Alto Lake half hour later. Pasha was happy to see his camper buddies. Malaya thanked them for helping Pasha. She also invited them to try her Intensive PokeCamp later if they want too. Ash, Yoshua and Nadine were happy to hear that. Malaya noticed the aeon bracelets on Ash and Yoshua’s wrist. They are equipped with all four items. Did they also know how to unlock the 3rd stage of Potential Lock? She wants to test them but they need to take a good rest.

Note:               (68) Kateyes (Cat+Eyes) – Kitten Pokemon – Kateyes has unique eyes that made from diamonds. Its right eye was covered with sapphire while its left eye was covered with Topaz. 

Without Kateyes, Ash & his friend will never get out from that Sleeping Forest..
Meeting with Malaya gives Ash opportunity to learn something..
What will happen at Alto Lake..?

If you guys not yet read the previous episode, please click the link below:

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 37

Ep 37: Kelana Village: Tale of Sleeping Forest

Ash and his friend continue on their journey in Aeon Archipelago. They want to go to Balle Balle Island. Sarai mentioned that Prof. Pala want to give them a vacation experiences there. They arrived at Kelana Village. The tale of Sleeping Forest remind back to Hiker Riyo. Hiker Riyo did mention about that Sleeping Forest.

Old folks always tell stories about that Sleeping Forest. There is a myth about the huge Bug King that ruled in Sleeping Forest. This giant bug helps all the pokemon that lived in that forest from harm and danger by making the special barrier so that everybody that want to cause danger in this forest will fall asleep. Ash and his friend excited to meet that Bug King.

Before leaving that village, Ash meets Pasha Ervan (10yrs old) who was crying alone. He was left behind from his camping group. He mentioned that he registered in Intensive PokeCamp. While they are in Kelana Village, Pasha saw one Pokemon running straight into the near bushes. He followed it. He wants to capture it so that he can draw that pokemon in his sketches book. His instructor asks them to atleast draw 10 pokemon that they saw within these three days. He showed his sketches book. He already draws 7 pokemon included the last one which is Mannac. Yoshua loves to see Pasha’s first draw. He asked him about it. Pasha mentioned that was his only companion: Charrok. Charrok was given from his late father. Yoshua asks him to see that pokemon. He says that during this intensive camp, nobody allowed to bring any pokemon.

There was incident at instructor’s chalet. Everybody been told that there was a group of two grunts trying to steal all the pokeballs. Pasha mentioned that instructor kept all the camper pokeballs in her chalet. Ash, Yoshua, Nadine and Pasha run to that place. They saw James and Jesse trying to put all pokeballs in their Hot Air Balloon. Ash asks Pikachu to hit them with Thundershock. Jesse threw her pokeball and asked Yelloud to use Banshee Cry on Pikachu. Yoshua’s Mandarock used Sonic Sound to distract that Banshee Cry away. Yelloud eats that Sonic Sound so that it can use Banshee Cry but this time it twice the volume from the first time. Yelloud used the same move again. Both Pikachu and Mandarock were hit by it. Both of them were in confusion.

James used his Lukera. Lukera attacked both of them with Vital Punch and Low Kick. Pikachu and Mandarock were fainted. Ash used Dieselbex while Yoshua used Garrough. Nadine focused on Meowth with her companion: Gornamo. Dieselbex used Meteor Impact on Yelloud while Garrough used Solo Punch on Lukera. Lukera want to face Garrough’s attack with Vital Punch. Both of them were hit badly. Yelloud fled from that battle once the impact hit it directly. Dieselbex used Meteor Impact on Jesse and James. They were blast off once again.

Pasha was happy to meet Ash and his friend. He wants to become like them. That’s why he wants to be in that Intensive PokeCamp at the first place. Ash smiled. Yoshua wants to help Pasha to find his group. Pasha agreed to follow them. His group is going to camp at Alto Lake.  Pasha got the map. They continue their journey along with Pasha. 

Intensive PokeCamp sound interesting..
Ash promise to find Pasha's group..
What will they face next..?

If you guys not yet read the previous episode, please click the link below:

Cover page of Chapter 864

Chapter 864 was released..
This is the cover page of that chapter..
It is about Beautiful Pirates..
Their Captain is Cavendish..

I think Brulee will hates Cavendish because of his beautifulness.. lol
I also think that Cavendish will be under Sanji's division later in the future arc..
So that maybe the link why Oda makes a cover page of Cavendish is because of Sanji..
Some says that WCI arc is Sanji's arc..
Everything related to Sanji (his family & maybe his love life..)

What can we get for this cover page..?

Review on Chapter 864 : The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot

Chapter 864 was released yesterday with the title : The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot..
Oda did not used any consummate after three whole chapters with that word..

I'm so hype that the chapter released early this week..
But what Oda planned for it..?

Let dig out information on it with me..

Dogtooth & Daifuku

I think of something..
Maybe Dogtooth (the second son of Big Mom) should be called as Daifuku..
And Daifuku (the third son of Big Mom) should have another name..
Dogtooth is one of Sweet Commander..
He's strong..
Maybe he's the sniper for Big Mom Pirates..
He's using jellybeans as his bullets..

Why should Oda rename Daifuku..?

Let me tell you about what I think on this topic..

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Spoiler : Chapter 864

Spoiler for Chapter 864 is out..
With the title of 'The Plan to Massacre the Whole Vinsmoke Family'..
- I dont think that the title will be this one.. But who plan to kill whole Vinsmoke Family..? Big Mom..? Or Mother Caramel..? I think that Mother Caramel plan this.. Maybe she's the one that control Underworld.. And if she got her hand on Germa 66.. WG should fear her..

The information given:
i) Brook rips off his mask and shows his true identity, surprising Big Mom..
- This is fun.. She will noticed that someone dare to kidnap Brook from her.. This will makes her mad..

ii) Pudding faces Sanji and no matter how many times she attempts to shoot him, he dodges every single shot..
- Pudding still don't know which side she need to be.. Maybe she still afraid of her mother.. That's why she want to shoot Sanji..

The dialog:
Pudding: "This is a big shock, isn't it!? Are you disappointed!? Rest easy, you are already a dead man! Just like the countless people I have deceived!"
Sanji: "Even me, Pudding-chan?"

iii) Pudding begins to waver, but Daifuku arrives to assist her.. 3rd son of the Charlotte Family (Minister of Beans) Charlotte Daifuku (Hoya Hoya no Mi - Lamp Human)..
- This is interesting.. Third son of Vinsmoke versus Third son of Big Mom.. I think that Oda makes a twist on this Daifuku & Dogtooth.. If Daifuku the minister of Beans.. Why Dogtooth is the ones that shot with jellybeans..? And Dogtooth have the DF called Mochi Mochi that resemble the sweet rice-cake while in reality there's Daifuku Mochi ( a sweet rice cake with anko and pasted with sweet red beans inside..
- But.. It's still interesting to see Sanji's Black Leg versus Daifuku Hoya Hoya No Mi.. If he's Lamp Human.. Maybe this is the foreshadow of Sanji fighting Kizaru in the future.. Kizaru is DF user of Light..

iv) When Daifuku rubs his own body, his belt buckle opens and a genie appears out of it.
Sanji confronts the genie.
- Damn.. I thought his DF ability is something with light as he is a 'Lamp Human' but he's a lamp that got a genie inside of him.. lol.. So Aladdin's lamp..?

v) Bege holds down Luffy.. Luffy struggles, but this is all part of the act. He whispers into Luffy's ear the current state of things.
- Capone 'Gang' Bege hold Luffy and they start to plan again.. What will they do.. Big Mom still don;t cry out loud because of that picture broken..?

vi) Pedro is currently facing off with Oven.. 4th son of the Charlotte Family (Minister of Browned food)* Charlotte Oven (Netsu Netsu no Mi - Intense Heat Human).. Pedro is in a hard fight with Oven releasing an intense heat from his body.
- Pedro facing Oven.. Maybe someone else will interrupted this fight.. Maybe Nami comes and help Pedro with Rain Tempo..?

vii) The Vinsmoke family have been completely restrained with candy and have guns aimed at them. Judge struggles and states that this was not what was promised. At the same time, the children other than Reiju accept death while acting nonchalant.
- Reiju will sacrifice for her dad..? Maybe she will be a shield for Vinsmoke Jajji..?

The dialog:
Judge: "My whole life and all the things I have! They've all been to enact my revenge against the countries of the North Blue! I've devoted it all to restoring the Germa Empire, Big Mom! Say something, Big Mom!"

He attempts to get her attention while tears run down his face, but Big Mom has become caught up in another "accident" and has completely stiffened up.
- Vinsmoke Jajji is crying.. Ohmy.. What happen to Vinsmoke Family.. They all so weak.. They need to motivate back..

viii) Brook offers to show Big Mom the broken picture again.. Katakuri approaches him with a pale face.. Convinced that Katakuri has seen a future with a serious incident, Bege executes Brook's plan and begins the operation. He gives the order for all the alliance members to put in their earplugs.
- Wow.. What will Brook make that make Katakuri in pale face..? Did the Yonkou Assassination Plan work..? I mean succeed..? Or Brook DF ability of Revive can fight Big Mom's DF ability of Soul..?

The dialog:
Katakuri: "Bege! Kill Straw Hat at once!"
Bege: "I refuse. You can only see into the near future. Other than that, everyone has an equal privilege to change the future!"


What do you guys think of this..?
There are a lot of information given by Oda..
This chapter 864 makes me hype..
I will make a post on every details that I think the best to discuss with all of you guys later.. ^^