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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

SPOILER for Chapter 868 : KX Launcher

The SPOILER for Chapter 868 is out with the title: KX Launcher (This could not be the exact title for this upcoming chapter..)

What informations that SPOILER provides us..
Let dig some clues..

i) Big Mom eat Mother Caramel and other kids 
There was two people witnessing Linlin eat the children and Caramel.
One was a giant from Elbaf who was worried and came to see the kids. He returned to Elbaf and conveyed the news about Linlin's panic. This made the entire giant race hate Linlin even more furiously.

The other person was pirate wannabe cook who originally lived on the island, Streusen.
He was the user of the Kuku Kuku no Mi, which allowed him to change anything into the world into cooking materials. He helped Linlin establish the Big Mom Pirates.

Caramel proposed to try to make this place their own country.
Caramel states that if this country exists, then the world will be able to become more peaceful.
After Caramel's disappearance, Linlin resolves to make this country that Caramel rejoiced about.
She came to notice that she could use the Soru Soru no Mi's power that Caramel had used.
Utilizing the Soru Soru no Mi's power, She and Streusen begin their invasion.

- From this, it 100% that Big Mom eat them all.. But there's something we need to focus on.. Mother Caramel the Mountain Witch got business with WG (CP agents), she want to sell one last children before she want to retire from being the child trafficker for WG.. She might be thinking that with Charlotte Linlin's huge strength, she will make her dream comes true.. What is she dream of? Making Utopia (new world) as what she want to where all races united under one roofs.. I bet that Mother Caramel got this philosophy from JoyBoy.. Could that be JoyBoy missing is due to this fact too.. Mother Caramel or WG stop Joyboy from helping Fishmen Island into lived among humans.. The linked between Underworld where Mother Caramel comes from and WG is also like Shabaody Archipelago got it own Auction House where Celestial Dragon search for their new toys or slaves.. So back to the last deal, if Mother Caramel was eaten alive, might be CP agents will try to contact Mother Caramel so that they got the deal..
- Then, Mother Caramel also said in the last chapter, she sold giant to work under WG.. This lead to TWO things that comes to my mind:
a) WG and Giants are totally enemy..
b) Who is that giant who been sold to WG..? Might be he work under Marines.. Could it that be Saul D Jaguar who were there in Ohara with Nico Robin..?
- Streusen is the one that makes Big Mom obese.. Could he be one of the husband also..?

ii) Yonko Assasination Plan begin..
Bege and the others face Big Mom and fire the launchers.
Because of the wind pressure and Haki from Big Mom's scream, the launcher bullets are destroyed before they can reach her.
Because of the failure of the plan, Ceasar infiltrates the venue to help everyone escape.
However, their escape mirror also breaks due to Big Mom's screams.
With no place to run, Bege uses his devil fruit powers to transform into a gigantic castle, and everyone rushes into his body for shelter.

- If that so, Capone will be the one who fight Big Mom..? Or they will somehow try to stop her from creaming out loud..? Maybe Pudding will be taken action to erase all sadness in Big Mom's mind after this by erase and change Big Mom's memories about Mother Caramel.. Or they will used the Tamatebako Box to explode and hit Big Mom after that KX Launchers could not hit the target..?

What do you guys think of this..?
Please share your thought here.. ^^

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