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Monday, 6 March 2017

Are JoyBoy related to Third Eye Tribe..?

Are Joyboy somehow related to Third Eye Tribe..?
Joyboy promised Fishman Island that he would take them all to the surface..
He knew about Poseidon..
He knew that one of the mermaid is destined to be the ancient weapon..
He did promise to bring them all using Noah Ark..
But he doesn't show up..
Where did he go..?

Why did I bring up this topic..?
Because the 1st time we knew about Joyboy is when Nico Robin read Poneglyph in Fishman Island..
He knew about the guy named Joyboy whom promised the Fishman Island and never show up..

Why must Joyboy linked with Third Eye Tribe..?
Lately, we been presented by Oda about Third Eye Tribe that can read Poneglyphs..
One of the example is Charlotte Pudding which been mentioned by Big Mom as half-blood of that Third Eye Tribe..
Then, Big Mom also mentioned something about Gol D Roger that rubs her Road Poneglyph with the help of Hearing Voice of All Things..

For me, it's weird situation when both hearing and reading skill are focusing on eyes and ears..
And both of them related to poneglyphs..
We also knew that some of the poneglyphs holds the information about ancient weapons..
Right now we only believe that three ancient weapon existed in OP..
And one of them is the mermaid itself (living creature) which named as Poseidon..
Poseidon is one of the god, a brother to Zeus and Hades..
Poseidon is related to the sea (water)..

Why is it all linked to Joyboy..?
The key point is poneglyph..
And the one who can truely read the ponegplyh was the Third Eye Tribe..
What if Joyboy is someone who can read poneglyphs..?
Maybe he's learn it from Ohara Island..?
Maybe he's the full-blood of Third Eye Tribe..?

Big Mom got the same philosophy of Joyboy..
She want to create a world (Utopia) where all races lived peacefully in one roofs..
In this case, Big Mom's territory..
She also collected all kind of animal and creatures..
Big Mom loves to read..
She got a lot of reading materials (Living Encyclopedia) in her library..
Maybe she knew and meets Joyboy somehow in the past..
Remember that Fishman Island is somewhere near Big Mom's territory..
And after WhiteBeard is dead..
Fishman Island that once belong to WhiteBeard then passes to Big Mom..

My question is..
Could it be Joyboy been captured by Big Mom..?
Could it be Joyboy is the father for Charlotte Pudding..?
Could it be Joyboy doesn't show up in Fishman Island is because he been trapped in Big Mom's territory..
We did knew that once we step foot in Big Mom's territory..
Only Big Mom can decide whether she want to let them go or die..
Maybe Joyboy enters Big Mom's territory without noticing the consequences that he would not leave that place forever..

If Joyboy was in one of the books kept in Big Mom's library..
Could it be that his philosophy touch Big Mom's heart and then Big Mom's fall for him..
And then Big Mom saw the third eye and then knew about the Third Eye Tribe that can read the poneglyph..
Maybe she want to obtain that master key (which lead her to Raftel) to herself..
Maybe Joyboy not willing to help her (Because of that Joyboy still kept in prison)..
And Big Mom need to believe that Pudding is somehow can unlock that ability in future..

What do you guys think..
Do COMMENT below.. ^^

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