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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The List of Alphabet for Nakama (Part 2)

The List of Alphabet for Nakama..
Part one was been presented in the near past..

Please click the link given :

Let continue predicting on this topic..
The remaining empty slot for the possiblity of new nakama in Strawhat Pirates are:
i) GH
ii) IJ
iii) OP
iv) WX

And as I mentioned in part one..
There's a first & last letters which I can conclude as:
First letter: 3 nakama
Last letter : 6 nakama
This included Luffy because he hold the KL's slot..

What is first & last letters..?
Ok let me show you as I already show this in part one..

First Last
  A     B   - Brook (Last)
  C     D   - Chopper (First)
  E      F   - Franky (Last)
  G     H   -  (i)
  I       J    - (ii)
  K     L    - Luffy (Last)
  M    N    - Nami (Last)
  O     P    - (iii)
  Q     R    - Robin (Last)
  S      T    - Sanji (First)
  U     V    - Usopp (First)
  W    X    - (iv)
  Y     Z    - Zoro (Last)

I think there will be 7 nakama with last letters (include Luffy) and 6 nakama with first letters..

Ok.. Let move on to our discussion..

We talk about IJ's slot first as I think that slot will be grabbed by someone in near future..
As WCI arc will end soon..
That character is Jinbe..
As Luffy ask him to join the crew in Fishman Island..
And then we seen Jinbe ask to leave Big Mom's crew in WCI arc..
He hold the last letter in IJ's slot..
I as the first letter & J as the last letter..
So now we got 7 nakama with last letters..
I predict that the remaining 3 slots will have the 1st letters..
So that give us the letter G, O & W..

Let move to GH's slot..
As I mentioned in part one..
That possible character is Gastino..
Since Oda gave him the new identity..
Maybe this new identity will be the second chances for him to do good thing..
And Luffy hates Ceaser..
But maybe he won't hates Gastino for what he did in WCI or Wano arc later..
I think that Gastino will take a role in Wano too..
As he want to punish Law for what he did in PunkHazard (steal Ceaser' heart)..

Then we move to WX's slot..
Yeah.. Now the crucial part is..
We already know the character for this W letter..
That character is Nefertari Vivi or known as Vivi..
She can't used Vivi's names anymore..
Because WG or Marine will hunt her..
So that she will used her old name back..
The name in Baroque Works..
Miss Wednesday..
Wednesday start with W..
We knew about the relation between Vivi and other SH..
They love her so much..
And Luffy did ask her to join the crew..

The riddle continue on OP's slot..
If the first letter is O..
The O letters referring to whom?
Maybe Oden Momonosuke..?
Maybe giants from Elbaf..?
Or there will be the last letter of P not O..
This part is still missing in action..
Maybe later I will discuss about it..
I got instinct that it's about Lord Oden..
He's somehow linked to Norse's God named Odin..
What is Momonosuke true name..?
Is his real name Oden Momonosuke..?
Or he's Oden (from the beginning in PunkHazard.. Kinemon is been cut into pieces and told everybody he seek for his son.. Then in Zou he tell that Momonosuke is Lord Oden's son.. This quite confusing.. If that Momonosuke is Lord Oden's son.. And they tell that Lord Oden been turn into Oden by Kaido & Shogun Warrior in Wano.. Where's Lord Oden..? He's missing or dead..?)
Maybe later we discuss on this OP's slot..

What do you guys think of this part two..?
Please comment below.. ^^

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