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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Did Oda foreshadowing the next 4 nakama in Capone's meeting..?

Look at this picture..
The picture of Luffy and Capone become an ally..
Did Oda foreshadowing of Luffy next nakama in this picture..?
Look at this picture..
Clearly that there are FOUR individuals that seat near Strawhat Pirates..
They are:
i) Pedro
ii) Gastino
iii) Carrot
iv) Jinbe

Look at how Oda arranged them..
If Jinbe be the 9th Nakama..
Then Carrot would be the 10th Nakama..
And then Gastino would the the 11th Nakama..
And lastly Pedro as the 12th Nakama..

Look at the List of Alphabet for Nakama..
The empty slot are GH, IJ, OP & WX..
Could these FOUR be the right Nakama for Luffy if we using this list..?
GH - Gastino/Ceaser
IJ - Jinbe
OP - Pedro
WX - Carrot..???

Does it fixed..? Or Oda just foreshadowing how the Nakama would be in future..
9th is Male Nakama..
10th is Female Nakama..
11th is Male Nakama..
12th is Male Nakama..

For me, out of that FOUR names:
Only Jinbe & Gastino would fit for the next Nakama..
The other two are someone else..
Do you guys want to know them..?
I think Miss Wednesday & Momonosuke will join..
Momonosuke will join if his name is Oden Momonosuke..
If not, Poseidon will fit in the crew..

Do all of this guys (shown in the meeting's picture) will become the next nakama for Strawhat Pirates..?

What do you guy think of this..?
Plase share your thought with me.. ^^

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