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Friday, 17 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 31

Ep 31: Irgiant Fjord : White Phenomena

The journey after Backpacker Site was totally white as snow. Irgiant Fjord was totally covered with thick snow. Ash and hid friends walks thousand steps across that thick white snow without any direction. Yoshua used his Panthoz to make way ahead in front of them. Dieselbex enjoy playing with snow. Nadine also used Humbolt in order to make a path for them.

They were ambushed by Trio Boyz in that thick cold snow. They were called by number in Spanish language: Uno, Doz and Trez. Uno faced Yoshua while Doz faced Nadine. They were using 61Elef (Ice/Grass) as their pokemon.  Trez smiled and stare at Ash. They said ‘We love to battle and we love money too’.

Yoshua ask Panthoz to use Dark Bite on Elef. Elef used Slippery Step to avoid that attack. Then it counterattack back with Snowball. Panthoz was hit but it tries to Headbutt Elef. Elef used Slippery Step to avoid that. Yoshua digests the information he got and tries to solve it by using Combo Move.

Nadine asks Humbolt to used Icicle Shock on other Elef. That Elef want to face to face with Humbolt using Ice Punch. Nadine stays focus on the fight. She knew that this opponent is not the same as Yoshua’s opponent. She tries to use Potential Lock in this fight. She locks her bracelet. Humbolt used Icy Peck on Elef. That Elef used Wood Slap. Humbolt was hit. Elef’s body also received the hit from Icy Peck.  Humbolt used Body Slam on Elef using Potential 1st stage: Beginner. Elef was down. Elef’s determination derived it to continue fighting with Ice Punch. Humbolt used Icicle Shock on Elef. Both were down and unable to fight. Doz hate when it draws. He wants to use another pokemon but Trez give his hand’s signal to stop.

Yoshua used 2nd stage: Medium on Panthoz. Panthoz attacked Elef with Dark Bite and Ice Slashes. Elef’s Slippery Step can avoid it so Elef immediately used Ice Punch. Elef’ Ice Punch broke Panthoz’s Dark Bite but Elef was widely open for Ice Slashes. Elef was down. Yoshua win the fight.  Uno was defeated.

Trez want to fight with Ash. He knew that the three young trainers in front of him were not an amateur. He called his buddy pokemon. Yoshua’s PokeVice recorded it as 62Snowlad (Ice/Fighting). Snowlad step into the fighting field and cause Snowy Terrain. Ash used Dieselbex. Dieselbex got advantage in this fight. Dieselbex attacks with Meteor Rush. Snowlad used Snow Brick. Snowlad grabs Dieselbex and use Momentum Throw. Dieselbex was hit badly. The temperature of its body rises up and Dieselbex used Meteor Rush once again. Ash uses 2nd stagePotential Lock on Dieselbex. Snowlad used Wood Hammer on Dieselbex’s attack.  Dieselbex used High Pitch. Snowlad was hit and feeling dizzy. It randomly used Wood Hammer on Dieselbex. It was direct hit. Dieselbex was down but the snowy terrain was over with the heat that coming from Dieselbex. It still growing badly and the quarter of its snowy furs that covered it back melting and Dieselbex learn new move called Meteor Impact.  The icy horn grew longer and sharper. Dieselbex’s eyes turn red. It launched toward Snowlad using Meteor Impact. Snowlad was white out from the battle.

Trez was shocked to see that Dieselbex. Snowlad’s Snowy Terrain was cancelled out. Trez still got one thing hidden. He wants to test it but Dieselbex’s last attack made him wonder what will happen to Snowlad if he could tries it.

Dieselbex is out of control. Ash can’t manage to make it calm. Trez comes toward Ash. He wants to help. He says that Dieselbex’s burning passion can be cool down by Snowlad. First, he must get Snowlad to nearest PokeDome. Nadine says that she will help that Snowlad if it the last resort that they have. Nadine used Revival Roots on Snowlad and then she spray Cool Herb to maximize back it energy.

Trez didn’t know that there are traditional root and herb that can be bought to heal Pokemon. He thanks Nadine for it. Trez used Mega Stone to mega evolve Snowlad into Mega Snowlad. He asks Mega Snowlad to used Snowy Terrain one more time. The chill effects on the snow make the heat decresed slowly. Dieselbex become calm in few minutes. Trez apologizes for everything. He and his buddies need money. They want to help their community due to this bad weather. Nadine asks why they need money. Doz mentioned that they want to buy thick clothes and medicine for the old senior citizen. Nadine gives them a small medic case. She wants them to continue the good attitude. Ash and his friends collect $1500 and donate it to Trio Boyz. The Trio Boyz happy to receive the donation. Ash, Yoshua and Nadine ask for the route to the next city. Uno mentioned that if they walk straight ahead, they will come to the Tua Old Lighthouse. The journey continues. Ash and his friends learn a few things from Trio Boyz.

Note:               (61) Elef (Elf+Left) – Elf Pokemon – Elef

                        (62) Snowlad (Snow+Lad) – Snowman Pokemon – Snowlad evolve from Elef due to heavy blizzard at certain level. Snowlad body was covered with thick snow. Its nature ability is Snowy Terrain where it rises up the Ice type Pokemon Special Attack and Defence and also temperature drop to zero where Fire type Pokemon can’t used Special Attack and Defence. In addition, we knew that some Aeon Pokemon can used Mega Evolution.    

Mega Snowlad..?
It's possible to use Mega Evolution's technique in Aeon Region too..?
The journey continue in that thick snowy fjord..

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