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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Is Kaido that GREAT..?

Is Kaido super strong and can't be defeated..?
If Kaido lost to WhiteBeard few times..
And Shanks can hold Kaido from going to Marine Ford..
Could anyone fight Kaido after those two Yonko..?

How about Luffy..?
Can he fight Kaido and claim that title..?
Or he need his crew members or ally to win the fight against Kaido..?
Could we pictured Luffy, Law & Kidd all together defeating Kaido..?
Or need Marco to jump in to make that Yonko fall down on his feet..?

We did see that Kidd, Killer & Basil along with Apoo meets Kaido..
But we don't knew what happen to that fight..
We just got the information that Kidd been captured by Kaido..
What about Killer & Basil Hawkin..?
At least we knew that Apoo join under Kaido..
Or Apoo work under Kaido before he act like he want to join Kidd, Killer & Basil..?

Hundred Beast Kaido..
What a great title he got..
Plus he's a yonko..
What strategy could bring him down if Luffy want to fight him..?
What motive did Law got to ask Luffy to defeat Kaido..?

At least we know about Jack the mammoth & X-Drake working for Kaido..
But could it be that Luffy, Law, Marco & Kidd can defeat Kaido if they are combining together their strength..
If Oda plan for Kaido arc is same like the Japanese old fairy tale about a kid and his three companions : a dog, a peasant and a monkey fighting an ogre..
Who would be that kid..? Momonosuke..?
A monkey..? Could it be Luffy..?
A peasant..? Could it be Marco..?
And who going to be a dog..? Law or Kidd..?

This would be interesting arc..
The theme are swordmen, dragon, ogre & zoan (beast)..
Do X-Drake will help Luffy in Wano..?

What you guys think of this..?
Please COMMENT below.. ^^

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