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Sunday, 12 March 2017

One Piece: List of Alphabet for Nakama..

List of Alphabet for Nakama..?
It's couple every alphabet so that 26 letters will be in 13 paired..
Is that Oda used the same method in deciding the nakama for Luffy..?

Let us take a look at the List of Alphabet and put the names of Nakama that we like to according to the letters of their names..
1st of all..
If the list confirmed as Oda planned for them..
This means that Luffy will got 12 nakama..
As I said earlier..
The paired alphabets are 13..
So Luffy plus 12 nakama will be 13 also..

The list of Alphabet for Nakama :

AB - Brook
CD - Chopper
EF - Franky
GH - (i)
IJ - (ii)
KL - Luffy
MN - Nami
OP - (iii)
QR - Robin
ST - Sanji
UV - Usopp
WX - (iv)
YZ - Zoro

Can we break the code for (i) to (iv) now..?
I think (ii) perfectly fit for Jinbe..
And the rest (i), (iii) and (iv) are for whom..?

Before that..
We should see other specification from that list of alphabet above:
Let us separate the paired letters like this using 'First' and 'Last':

First Last
  A     B   - Brook (Last)
  C     D   - Chopper (First)
  E      F   - Franky (Last)
  G     H   -  (i)
  I       J    - (ii) Jinbe (Last)
  K     L    - Luffy (Last)
  M    N    - Nami (Last)
  O     P    - (iii)
  Q     R    - Robin (Last)
  S      T    - Sanji (First)
  U     V    - Usopp (First)
  W    X    - (iv)
  Y     Z    - Zoro (Last)

Let us count based on 'First' & 'Last'..
First - 3 Characters (Chopper, Sanji, Usopp)
Last - 7 Characters including Luffy (Brook, Franky, Jinbe, Nami, Robin, Zoro)
Remaining paired is 3 Characters..
What if the paired could be from the 'First' : G, O & W

Who got the letter of G, O & W..?
And who got the letter of H, P & X..?
Let us try to pick the characters using the 1st letter of their names..

A) Paired (i) GH

G - Totally not Gaimon (even though Luffy ask him to join in..), so who will we put at this spot..? I got the answers.. In latest chapter 858 someone changed his name from Ceaser to Gastino.. If he using Gastino start from this WCI arc.. Maybe he got the chance to be the next Nakama.. If he used Ceaser.. Then he won't get the chance at all because Chopper already fill in that paired CD..

H - For me, Hancock suit well for SH.. She helped Luffy for many times.. (but I see alliances with Amazon Lily more..)

B) Paired (iii) OP

O - Are we knew someone that start with this letter..? Lord Oden..? Oden Momonosuke..? (I doubt the mystery behind Momonosuke.. There's still one more lie from Kozuki Clan on Momonosuke identity..)

P - There are few names derived from this letter.. Pekoms (he maybe too loyal to Big Mom), Pedro (he knew his lifespan was taken and he near his death..) & Pudding (split identity but there's a chance for her to be beside Sanji).. What do you guy thinks..? Who fit well in the crew..? Or Princess Shirahoshi the mermaid as she is indeed Poseidon (she is huge.. But remember San Juan in BB Pirates also huge)..? Or Pluton (maybe Thousand Sunny is Pluton because Franky is the shipwright.. He knew about Pluton's blueprint.. But if Thousand Sunny is representing OP then Goibg Merry is representing GH.. That might possible.. Right? If that the case.. Luffy just need 2 more nakama which are the paired IJ (Jinbei) and WX)..?

C) Paired WX

W - There are few names derived with this letter.. Wapol (he's too evil.. We can see in Reverie that he won't agree with Drum Kingdom's word on Luffy) & Wadatsumi (if Jinbei join as nakama..  I can see Wadatsumi as ally).. What you guys think of this..?

X - X-Drake (for me.. I could see him as another ally as Law)..? Or it is about the X mark that luffy and SH made..? (X refer to Princess Nefertari Vivi & her companion: Carue)

What did you guys think of this topic..?
There are names that you guy picked according to this List of Alphabet..?
Share with me.. ^^

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