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Friday, 10 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 19

Ep 19: Vera Challenge

Vera, asked Doug to give her a chance to know their opponent. So, she forbids Doug to interfere in her battle. Vera was serious on her word and Doug feared it. Vera walks to Ash and his friends. She challenges all of them in a match of three against three. She used Negrac, 43Butem (Ground/Rock) and Disbat. Ash used Pikachu. Yoshua used Garrough. Nadine used Baboohm. Pikachu is against Negrac. Garrough is against Butem and Baboohm is against Disbat.

Negrac evolved from Mannac. Negrac attacks Pikachu with Spooky Wave. Pikachu can’t move and Negrac used Bite to defeat it opponent. Pikachu used Ionic Charge and Negrac is weakened. Negrac used Shadow Play and at the same time Negrac attack Pikachu with Bite. Pikachu was hurt by both attacks. It used Thunder Bolt to send Negrac out from the fight.

Butem is no match with Garrough. It is Water against Rock type concept. Garrough used Bubblebeam and Butem used Rock Throw. Butem can resist on water attack. Same goes to Garrough that hardly want to resist from poison attack such as Black Drop from Butem. But at the end Butem was hardly defeated by Garrough. Yoshua used antidote on Garrough.

Baboohm had a difficulty to hit Disbat. Disbat took that advantage to play hide and seek. Once Baboohm was not focused, Disbat attacked it opponent. Baboohm learns the lesson and wait for Disbat to attack. When Disbat attacks, Baboohm evades and grabs Disbat’s wing and smash it into the ground. Baboohm used Double Punch. Disbat is over but Baboohm also hurt by Disbat’s poisonous sweat.

Vera bow down and left the place. She got her lesson too. She will come prepare after this. No one knew that Vera work under Team Hex. They got excited to fight her and get the opportunity to strengthen their Pokémon’s skill and moves.

From Kelkius Island, Ash and his friends move to the next island. They overnight at PokeDome because one of the PokeScreen warned citizen of Kelkius Island about the strong wind approaching the area. They look at PokeMap at PokeDome. The route points to Charcoala Mine. That is the only way from Kelkius Island to Bergian City. Kelkius and Irgiant Main Island was connected by one of the underwater tunnel that was called as Charcoala Mine. Ash and his friends will go to the Charcoala Mine’s entrance early in the morning.

Note:          (43) Butem (Butamine+Them) – Butamine Pokémon – Butem

Vera Lang put her final test on four young trainers..
What will she do next..?
Charcoala Mine awaits them..
The next journey will continue soon..

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