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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Vegapunk in Elbaf arc..? (Part 2)

Did Vegapunk was in Elbaf..?
Maybe this part 2 will linked this two topic together..
Vegapunk & Elbaf arc..

I did mention in part one..
That Vegapunk is somehow could be in Elbaf..
Or be there in Elbaf arc..

Some information about Vegapunk..
Somehow after getting the result on Genetic Blue Print..
Vegapunk been captured by WG..
And Vinsmoke Jajji come back with Germa 66..
And he got that Genetic Blue Print..
Then in PunkHazard..
Ceaser mentioned that Vegapunk was there..
Prisoned & guarded by WG so that he can help WG with some sort of things..
Maybe he help WG by creating Pasifistas..
Then the fight between two admirals happen in PunkHazard..
And Vegapunk maybe taken away from that island..
So where did WG will bring Vegapunk to..?
Maybe the answer is Elbaf Island..

For me, giant is quite strong and have long life too..
But what if that giants got the advantage by eating DF..
That will be totally insane..
The army of giants that eat DF..
Remember that Hajrudin did mentioned something in Dressrosa..
If he got that Mera Mera No Mi..
He would become the king in Elbaf..
Did Oda want us to think that in future we could see giant that eat DF..?

DF also linked somehow to Vegapunk..
He's the one that 1st make weapon eats DF..
He's the one that working to make artificial DF..
Maybe he knew some secret of DF..
Maybe this information somehow leaked to BlackBeard's intention..

There's a theory that BlackBeard somehow is a lab rat..
Vegapunk used him to run his experiments maybe on the will of D..
Or the linked to DF user..
What if BlackBeard got his 1st DF from this experiments..?
And he get the knowledge on DF from Vegapunk..
And he also get to know every details of DF that exist from Vinsmoke's book on DF..

Back to this topic..
Could we can see Vegapunk in Elbaf..?
Finally Oda want to reveal who's Vegapunk to us in Elbaf arc..?

There's one city that Bellamy mentioned in Jaya arc that still not revealed yet until now..
That city is Emerald City..
The city where Wizard of Oz existed..
We know Wizard of Oz..
He's not to magic but his sciences knowledge is the great..
What if Vegapunk was becoming Wizard of Oz in Elbaf arc..?

Emerald & Elbaf sound similar right..?
Emerald is green..
Loki is also linked to green..

I think Elbaf arc linked to WG also..
Maybe Prince Loki got some special relation with WG..
Maybe that's the reason why Great Warrior Pirates will fight Prince Loki there in Elbaf..
For me, Hajrudin will lead giants to fight Prince Loki..
Maybe that's what the mission that he got in his mind start in Dressrosa..
Remember he did mentioned that he want to become the king in Elbaf..

So, if WG somehow linked to Elbaf..
Maybe WG fear of giants' strength..
So they makes deal with giants..
Then after PunkHazard been a battle zone for two admirals..
Maybe Vegapunk been transferred to Elbaf..

If Vegapunk is indeed the Wizard of Oz..
Then he will meets Dorothy & her three friends..
If Nami is Dorothy..
Then her 3 friends are:
i) Chopper will become Cowardly Lion..
ii) Franky will become Tin Woodman..
iii) Gastino will become Scarecrow..
I did mentioned about this in one of my post..
Please check it there..

Wizard of Oz will granted all wishes..
i) Maybe Nami will get to know her true identity..
ii) Maybe Chopper will get his brave/courage..
iii) Maybe Franky will get his heart..
iv) Maybe Gastino will get his brain..
If this happen..
Maybe before Raftel..
SH Pirates will become great warrior then..

What do you guys think of this topic..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^

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