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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Big Mom's Incarnations

What is Big Mom's Incarnation?
Early in WholeCake Island arc..
Oda did mention about Big Mom's Incarnations..
They collect lifespans from all citizen in Big Mom's territory..
But Oda still don't show us exactly what is Incarnation..
Its true face..
What about its true face,,?
The identity of Incarnations still in mystery ( I thought that Oda want to kept it as secret until the wedding day)..
Because I think that Big Mom's Incarnation look like herself..
This is based on Gekko Moriah's Doppelman.. (Its called Doppelman right?)
Gekko Moriah & his Doppelman can change positions..
When SH want to attack Gekko Moriah..
Gekko Moriah change his position with Doppelman..
So SH will attack his Doppelman..
Maybe this is what Incarnations too..

In TB arc..
Gekko Moriah had Doppelman and also Zombies..
In WCI arc..
Big Mom had Incarnations and also Homies..
We seen how Gekko Moriah used his Doppelman during the fight against SH Pirates..
Could it be that Big Mom used Incarnations during the fight against Capone-SH alliances..?
And the reason is Big Mom herself is not there in the fight..
Maybe her Incarnations fight for her..
And her Incarnations look like her so much..
Same as Doppelman that also look like Gekko Moriah..

Could it be that Mother Caramel is actually Big Mom..?
And Big Mom that we saw in this WCI actually her Incarnations..
Could it be that Mother Caramel somehow was lying on the bed in 4th floor Infirmary..?
And its Incarnations work for her all this time..?
Or there is one special Incarnation that lead other Incarnations in WCI..?

I think of TWO things about Big Mom right now..
i) based on X-Men: Rogue & Ms. Marvel case..
- The case where Rogue absorb Ms. Marvel's power so then she used that power as her own power.. Maybe in this Big Mom's case.. She steals Mother Caramel's ability and used it for her own good..
Like Rogue feel guilty for what her done to Ms. Marvel.. Maybe Big Mom feel guilty for Mother Caramel too..

ii) based on Chinese Movie titled Storm Rider: Where someone used his spirit to fight but his soul is somewhere else.. But once other touch his soul.. Then he died because his spirit is outside his soul..
- Maybe Big Mom control WCI from the 4th floor Infirmary where she controls all her Incarnations from there.. The soul is belong to Mother Caramel but she lying there and asked all her Incarnations to take care of WCI for her.. What happen when someone come to the 4th floor Infirmary and touch her soul..?

We seen SH Pirates fight Ogre in TB..
Could it be that Oda will somehow makes Kaido appear in WCI as unexpected guest there..?

What you guys think of this..?
Please share your thought here with me.. ^^

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