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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Who's Mother Caramel..?

Who's Mother Caramel..?
It remind me of Mother Theresa..
Could Oda also want to make someone that resemble Mother Theresa..?

Mother Caramel is the life savior of Big Mom..
So that's mean she someone special to her..
Where's she now..?
Why did she left..?

This topic is just prediction/speculation on Mother Caramel..
Caramel means sugar or syrup heated until it turn brown and used as flavoring or coloring for food or drink..
So Mother Caramel is someone important for WCI..
Look at Big Mom's children names..
All of them are specifically point to food or drink..
So Mother Caramel is the important role for them..
Maybe she was such a sweet person for all of them..
The person that so important to all Big Mom;s children..
The one who cares for them..
Because Big Mom not showing her love to her children..
She just want to make used of them so that shoe will become so powerful..
Yeah.. She also planning to be Pirate King..

Maybe Mother Caramel is someone that Big Mom respect with all her heart..
The one who save her life..
Maybe in the past..
Before she become Yonkou..
Mother Caramel is the one who take Big Mom as her child and raise her to become someone special..
Maybe in the past, Big Mom was poor and starving for her life..
Then Mother Theresa comes and help her.. (Look at what my mind drives me back to Mother Theresa.. lol..)

What if..
Mother Caramel is the owner of WholeCake Island..
And the symptom that Big Mom got (craving for foods) is because Mother Caramel is not around..
Where's she..?
For me, Mother Caramel is locked in the 4th Floor's Infirmary due to her sickness..
Maybe the reason Big Mom collect lifespan is just for saving Mother Caramel's life (by given lifespan.. She will got longer prosperity life..)
maybe Big Mom don;t want her children to know where is Mother Caramel (because I said earlier that all her children love Mother Caramel more than Big Mom..) This would cause her to lost her autonomy on her children..

Other theorist did mentioned about someone that trade his souls to his painted picture..
Did Big Mom trade her souls to her painted picture that so call as Mother Caramel..?
So that Mother Caramel is anyway Big Mom herself..?

Or Mother Caramel is Big Mom's true identity..
Maybe she's been in coma..
And she asked one of her incarnation to become her (Big Mom) that we knew..
That's why at certain time, Big Mom (Mother Caramel) craving for some foods..
And Big Mom needs to eat it..
Mother Caramel is like the true soul that sleeping beauty..
And her life been added from time to time by Incarnation that collected lifespan..
That's how that Mother Caramel control everybody in WCI using Big Mom..

What do you think about this topic..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^


Anonymous said...

I think mother caramel is linked to Wano. You can say in Japanese the caramel as "karumera". The word "mera" is related to flame by Mera Mera no Mi, and the word "karu" could be the phrase "to cut". "To cut flames" is an ability of Wano samurai, so...

adam zico said...

yeah I search for that word too in Japanese : Kyarameru.. You brought this up maybe as the link for Wano arc later.. maybe Mother Caramel there in Wano and Big Mom will ask luffy to help her to find Mother Caramel.. maybe this will be the alliance between them.. Good point if Kaido comes to the tea party.. I also mention it in one of my post.. The similarity between TB arc and WCI arc is in TB arc.. There are 2 warlord (Moriah & Kuma).. Maybe in WCI we could see 2 yonkou (Big Mom & Kaido).. ^^