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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Aeon Pokemon : Concept & Idea (Generation Starters)

Concept & Idea on Pokemon Starters
Aeon Archipelago is a habitat of almost 250 Pokemon..
There are also few Pokemon that was brought to this region..
Let me explain basically the idea & concept of Pokemon Starters:
i) Grass Starter
- I choose Baboon as grass starter even though we got Pansage that evolved to Simisage that got grass element on them too..
- Yeah we also got starter from monkey's family too which is Chimchar that evolved to Monferno and then evolved to Infernape..
- Why did I choose this Baboon as the grass starter..? What will be his role..?
- I named it Baboohm (Baboon + Ohm) which later it got the second element which is electric type..
- It havoc' nature that want its trainers to focus with full attention on their achievement..
- Later this Baboohm will evolve to Gornamo (Gorilla + Dinamo) and its final evolution will be Kongfuse (KingKong + Fuse)..
- In its final evolution.. Kongfuse will used electric rod and that allow it to learn fighting moves..

ii) Fire Starter
- I choose Japanese Serow as fire starter even though we got Skiddo that evolved into Gogoat that got grass element on them..
- I named it Sepyrow (Serow + Pyro) which later it got the second element which is ice type..
- It wisdom makes it trainers also calm in decision making..
- Later this Sepyrow will evolved to Dieselbex (Diesel + Ibex) and its final evolution will be Panrenhail (Pan+Fahrenheit)..
- In its final evolution.. Panrenhail will used Ice Pipe and that allow it to learn sound moves..

ii) Water Starter
- I choose Alligator Gar as water starter..
- I named it garrough (Gar + Rough) which later it got the second element which is rock type..
- It observer talent makes it attack at the right time to defeat it opponent..
- Later Garrough will evolved to Gatoraid (Gator + Raid) and its final evolution will be Gatoradon (Gator+ Dragon)..
- In its final evolution.. Gatoradon got high defense and high offense with the help of rock element that attached to it..

Other information:
i) The normal starter are grass, fire & water.. But I add electric, ice & rock to its so that it will balance all three of them..
ii) I imagined that Kongfuse will be Soothsayer Pokemon with its grass + electric types.. Maybe it can foreshadow the future move that it opponent will used.. Maybe this will make Kongfuse the Pokemon that will easily broke Potential Lock..
iii) I imagined that Panrenhail will be Chi Master with its fire + ice types.. It will allow Panrenhail to makes used of both element as YinYang in its attack..
iv) I imagined that Gatoradon will be the dragon that use its fully advantages of rock + water types.. It have good defense and offense at the same time..

What do you think of this topic..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^

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