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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Big Mom & Giants

Everybody got hype to see Elbaf..
The upcoming chapter will provide us about the conflict between Big Mom, Mother Caramel & Giants in Elbaf..
There is theory about Big Mom was originated from Elbaf..
Since the backstory goes 63 years ago..
And Big Mom was 68 years old now..
We might seen little Big Mom (5 years old) and her mother back in Elbaf..

So let us dig more information about this connection between Big Mom, Mother Caramel & Giants in Elbaf..

This make me flashback my memory on Little Garden..
Oda provide us with information since Luffy & SH Pirates travel there..
Are you guys still remember the book that Nami mentioned to Usopp back in Little Garden..?
It is called the Brag Men..
In my previous post, I mentioned about the letters B and M at Brag Men been used by Oda that point to Big Mom..

In Brag Men, Little Garden was named by Loius Arnote the Explorer which he called an island of Giants. Little Garden exactly a garden for Giants.. Maybe Loius Arnote meets Brogy & Dorry back there when he travel in the Grand Line..

QUESTION 1: Could Elbaf also got the theme of prehistoric same as Little Garden..? With dinosaurs..?

There are many hints left by Oda back in Little Garden..
Almost all of them are telling about Tea Party that related to Big Mom..
In my previous post I did mentioned about the tea cup, the whole cake made from wax, giants, Den den Mushi and also the theme that Oda used for Baroque Works Agent especially the girl agents (Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine, Miss Wednesday, Miss All-Sundays, etc)..
All of it referred to Tea Party..
And linked to Big Mom..
I always imagine there will be a plot for Luffy & Big Mom playing cricket at garden as same as Alice in Wonderland.. lol

But this time I want to focus on Brogy & Dorry..
They were the captains of Great Warrior Pirates from Elbaf..
They sailed across the sea and then they start fighting against one another..
The rest of the crew members were separated and maybe went back to Elbaf after those two Captains still want to fight..
We did see World Government captured two of the remaining giants that sailed back to Elbaf and make them work in Eneis Lobby..

QUESTION 2: Great Warrior Pirates been revived back by Hajrudin.. Maybe after Dressrosa.. Hajrudin travel to Little Garden to pick up those two captains.. This is interesting part.. What is the main objective/motive of Great Warrior Pirates to travel back to Elbaf..?

QUESTION 3: Hajrudin did mentioned about want to eat Mera Mera No Mi to become the king of Elbaf.. Could there will be a battle for giant to challenge into some kind of arena.. So that the new king will be chosen from the winner of that arena..? Why Hajrudin want Mera Mera No Mi..? A fire Logia DF..?

What is the motive of the fight between Brogy & Dorry that was almost 100 years long..?
It is because of one girl..
Oda did not mentioned her name yet,.
Oda just revealed her in Little Garden arc..
Could it be that girl is Big Mom's mother..?
For me, she is Mother Caramel..
Look at the picture below..
Could it be that little girl is Mother Caramel..?

Let us do the calculation..
100 years ago, Brogy & Dorry fighting against one another because of the giant lizards (i think it were dinosaur but they called it sea kings in the panel above) that they hunt..
Brogy mentioned his lizard was bigger than Dorry..
Dorry also mentioned that his lizard was bigger than Brogy..
This make the little girl who was lived in that island asked them who got the biggest lizard..
This make me think of Zoro & Sanji that also fighting on their hunt animals in Little Garden..
Zoro mentioned there are no word for tie in hunting contest.. Just win or lose..
This is also the same as Brogy & Dorry's case..
They want to admit they got the biggest lizard so there are no tie in term of strength and power..

Back to calculation..
Back then.. 100 years ago the little girl 'set up' the fight between those two captains..

QUESTION 4: why is necessary to have two captains in one ship? This need to better understanding..Maybe Oda need to tell us about it.. Or this is the hint that Oda left for us.. lol

But we must plus 2 years for the time skip (Luffy & SH Pirates got 2 years time skip)..
Now it's been 102 years..
102 years - 68 years = 34 years
Why I deducted 68 years old..?
Because that the age of Big Mom..
That girl in Little Garden probably not Big Mom..
So that little girl might been travel with the remaining giants for almost 34 years..
Maybe she lived with them..
So at least 30 years sailed and lived in Elbaf..
She might become adult..

QUESTION 5: If she stay with giants in Elbaf and she is a young girl/lady.. Maybe there will be someone want to know her or propose her.. Right..? lol

Oda also provide us with other hint about little girl that travel along with pirates..
Koala, that was now working with Revolutionary Army..
She once before sailing with Sun Pirates.. right?
This make me think that there's a possibility that the little girl in Little Garden travel back to Elbaf with the remaining giants..
She lived there with the giants..

Continue with our calculation..
So at the age of 29 years old (27 years old if we deduct 2 years time skip)..
She met Big Mom in Elbaf..
At that time Big Mom was 5 years old..
Or she having a child..
Maybe she married to one of the giants there..
And Big Mom was her own biological daughter..
And Big Mom just another hybrid of human-giant..
Byt after few chapters we learnt that Big Mom was not Mother Caramel's daughter..
We did see Big Mom's mother and father.,
And there's one clue left to be think by us..
Did Big Mom was also the Lab Rat for gigantification..? She loves to eat sweets..

About hybrid..
This makes me think of Pudding's case..
She also a hybrid of human-third eye tribe..
That's why Big Mom want to become a giant..
Maybe if she become giant..
Mother Caramel will come back to her..
Or she would go back to Elbaf as giant and meet her mother..
But Big Mom don't know that she eat Mother Caramel..
But obe thing for sure happen..
Big Mom eat Mother Caramel and automatically she get the soul soul no mi (DF that belong to Mother Caramel)..
Maybe this the case of BlackBeard got WhiteBeard's DF..?
Did Blackbeard eat WhiteBeard's heart or suck Whitebeard's blood out..??

This lead to the theory that we all knew..
One Piece Fans out there mentioned a theory that Big Mom was discriminate by other giants because of her size..
Maybe that's why Big Mom hates giants and the conflict between them started in Elbaf..
Maybe the reason Mother Caramel left Big Mom is also linked to those giants..
But what happened is Big Mom eat all sweet and kill one of two giants there..
She and other from Sheep House along with Mother Caramel were told to live outside Elbaf..

What if the picture of Mother Caramel is taken when Mother Caramel was 29 years old to 34 years old.. (27 years old to 32 years old if we deduct 2 years time skip..)
That the only picture that Big Mom got..
So where did Mother Caramel go..?
The answer is Elbaf..?
Maybe she went back to Elbaf to meet someone..
Maybe her husband (ex-husband)..
And that husband is someone with the big names in Elbaf..?
This make me think of Rhea & Cronus.. The titans..
Rhea is a small girl that married to Cronus that was huge giant..

QUESTION 6: What bring Mother Caramel to Elbaf..? Did something happen to her husband..? Or new era had taken the power of someone that she loved away..?

What do you guys think of this..?
Let me know your thought and opinion about it..
Comment below.. ^^

Another important things to add..
i) Nefertari Vivi
Could we seen Vivi in Elbaf arc in future since Vivi was there in Little Garden..?
At that time Vivi a.k.a Miss Wednesday was hunted by Baroque Work Agents..
Could it be that Vivi will joined in as the next female nakama..?

ii) The theme of Giants
Maybe some big names of Elbaf's giant could be named with colors..
We knew that Brogy & Dorry got their own colors which were Blue & Red..
Maybe Loki the giant's prince got the Green color as his theme..
Could there be another colors such as yellow..?

iii) Nami
It seem that Nami will have important role in Elbaf..
She's the one that hold the Brag Men..
Nami linked to giants as we can see in Little Garden, Punkhazard..

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