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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Concept of Marriage in OnePiece

The concept of Marriage in OnePiece..
Totally this is not a major topic to discuss..
Do Oda give us hint about this matter..
Maybe in future it will be debated by some theorist..

Let me tell you about this..

Oda might left us one hint about the concept of marriage in OnePiece in WCI arc..
This is different from the concept of nakama..
Remember that if someone tied together as partner in marriage..
That one could not become the nakama..
That partner will just board the ship just to be along with his/her partner..

Maybe that will be happen here..
If Sanji somehow can make Pudding fall for him at the end of this arc..
And Sanji will marrying Pudding..
Could it be that Pudding will not becoming a nakama but a partner for Sanji..

There's a slight different between those two (nakama and partner)..
We seen that Chiffon married to Capone..
It not make her one of Capone's subordinates..
But a title of wife consider as partner for Capone..
This also applied to Praline..
She married to Aladdin and she's not one of Sun Pirates's crew members..
She just a wife to Aladdin even though they travel together in the same ship..

So what do you guys think of this..?
Pudding will become a female nakama or just a partner for Sanji that traveled with him on the same ship..?
Let me know..
Write down a comment below.. ^^

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