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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Dogtooth & Daifuku

I think of something..
Maybe Dogtooth (the second son of Big Mom) should be called as Daifuku..
And Daifuku (the third son of Big Mom) should have another name..
Dogtooth is one of Sweet Commander..
He's strong..
Maybe he's the sniper for Big Mom Pirates..
He's using jellybeans as his bullets..

Why should Oda rename Daifuku..?

Let me tell you about what I think on this topic..

Oda revealed another important character in WCI arc..
He named that guy as Charlotte Daifuku..
He's the minister of Beans..
And got the DF ability of Lamp Human which would call for a genie to help him..
This remind me of Aladdin (not the Vice Captain of Sun Pirates) but the story of Aladdin & Princess Jasmine..
This time Oda makes a blend of Aladdin's story into WCI arc..
There are few more fusion that Oda makes..
Example: Aladdin the Vice Captain of Sun Pirates & Rabian the Flying Carpet..
So if Daifuku is a Lamp Human because of his DF which is Hoya Hoya No Mi..
What is the linked for him to become Minister of Beans..?
Because of his name..?

Look for another example: Charlotte Perospero
Perospero is the first son of Big Mom..
He got Lick Lick No Mi which is linked to his title as Minister of Candy..
And look at his outfit..
Yeah.. He's indeed like Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka..
Maybe Oda blend those two characters into Perospero..
There are links between his name, his outfit, his DF ability and his title..

But what is the link for Daifuku..?
Only his name linked to his title as Minister of Beans..
If Oda want to make Daifuku as Minister of Beans..
He should the one that got the ability to shoot Jellybeans and not Dogtooth..

Another example: Charlotte Cracker
He is Minister of Biscuit..
And his name is Cracker..
One more thing is he got Biscuit Biscuit No Mi that linked to him..

But what is the link for Daifuku..?
His DF ability is become a lamp..
Maybe he can makes used of his genie to travel anywhere..
Or to have something like special weapons..
Or he can make genies come out from his belt..
Like Cracker can create five biscuit armors to fight Luffy..
But what does it linked to his title as Minister of Beans..?
Hope that Sanji could get some beans so that he can grew a beanstalks so that SH Pirates could arrived to another Sky Island or the moon..

For me..
The ones who should got the name Daifuku is Dogtooth..
Because of his DF ability is Mochi Mochi that sticky like Mochi (Sweet Rice-Cake)..
There is a brand of sweet rice-cake named Daifuku Mochi (Mochi that got sweet beans inside)..
That should be the linked to it..
Beside shoot Jellybeans to his opponent..
Dogtooth should be named Daifuku instead of Dogtooth because of this:
i) Used jellybeans as bullets
ii) His DF named Mochi Mochi that sticky like rice-cake.. Perhaps there's a brand named Daifuku Mochi..
iii) So sweet rice-cake as the Sweet Commander..

So what do you guys think of this..?
Please comment below.. ^^

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