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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Poseidon targeted by WG & who will find her..?

Being one of three ancient weapons..
Princess Shirahoshi's life could be in danger..
Could everybody alerted that she is indeed one of the ancient weapon called Poseidon..?

Along with her father, King Neptune and her brothers..
Ryugu's royal family been invited to Reverie..
Could that will lead to Princess Shirahoshi into danger..
Such as been targeted by WG or other entity that would like to become powerful to gain ancient weapon..
Is this the sign that Poseidon will be kidnapped by WG..?

I bet the rescue mission will be needed to get Poseidon back from WG or others..
As Camy the mermaid been kidnapped and sold at Auction House in Shabaody Archipelago..
Could it be that Princess Shirahoshi the mermaid's fate also will be like Camy..?
Maybe WG or Underworld want that ancient weapon so bad..
Getting one of the three ancient weapon could secure the reputation of WG or Underworld or some characters in future..?

But how could someone find Poseidon after she been kidnapped..?

There's a character that can solve this puzzle..
It's so easy for him to do so..
And that person is..

Vander Decken IX..
The captain of Flying Pirates..
The one who ate Mato Mato No Mi..
Where he can threw objects at target whom he designated for..
He touch Princess Shirahoshi before in Fishman Island and easily can track her by throwing objects and follow that objects..
That objects will not miss the target at all..

Could it be that Oda would like Vander Decken IX be in Reverie arc too..?

What do you guys think of it..?
Please share your thought with me on this topic.. ^^

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