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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chapter 861 : Plots for Tea party

What will Oda plans for Chapter 861..?
The Yonkou Assassination Plan will begin..?
Or Oda just want to reveal all the guest first so that everybody will participate in this Tea Party..?
What kind of entrance will Luffy make in that plan..?

Let us think what is the possible plots that will be happen in Chapter 861..

The Tea Party will start as Big Mom showed up in the last chapter..
But we don't see yet the 'big table' where the event will take place yet..
Yeah.. This is important because the picture of Mother Caramel is one of the main plot for Capone's plan..

So what do you guys think..?

For me, I think that we will get to know the rest of Underworld's Emperors..
Maybe three of four characters more..
Oda is a genius guys..
If he revealed them all..
Maybe each of that characters have their own ways..
Maybe some of them pro to Big Mom and some of them maybe want to kill Big Mom..
Like Jigra, he want to kill Big Mom because that Yonkou want to kill his father since he don't come to the last party..

Will Capone's plan work as they planned..?
I don't think so..
Maybe there is one step that they not making it right in timing or precision making..
Yeah they are talking about precision time..
That time only happen when Big Mom was crying out loud and hurting herself to bleed..
Oda reveal Dogtooth (Katakuri) that have Observation Haki that can make him see near future..
This is also one of the reason that Capone's plan will not working correctly..

Will Luffy appears from inside the Wedding Cake..?
What will Dogtooth do if he got the future sight using his Observation Haki..?
Will Underworld's Emperors join in the fight..?

There's a theory that Sweet Commander Snack will be revealed in Chapter 861..
Will Pekoms warn Big Mom about Capone's plan..?
Will Brulee warn Big Mom about Capone's plan..?
Will Pudding shoots Sanji at his head..?

Can you guys help me by giving more possible plots for Tea Party..
I already making a lot of post according to this topic..

I do like if Oda plan of having Kaido appear in this WCI..
What about you guys..
Please share your thought on this matters.. ^^

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