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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Templar & Assassins' Creed in One Piece

Could it be that Oda also using this Templar & Assassin's Creed in One Piece..?
Why should I mentioned about that..?

Lately I watched Assassin's Creed..
It's about the fighting between those two entities..
Assassin's Creed protected the Apple of Eden..
And Templar want to get that in their hands..

Why could this related to One Piece..?
Assassin's Creed been hunted by Templar..
Templar want to get that Apple of Eden..
It is about the first disobedient seed (genetic) of human kind..

Let dig out more about that Apple of Eden..
We all know that Adam & Eve were created by God..
But both of them eats Apple of Eden (the forbidden fruit)..
God then cast them both to earth..

Assassin's Creed then becomes the entity that protected the Apple of Eden that contains the seed of first disobedient human kind from Templar..

Oda did mentioned in One Piece about the Golden Apple..
The myth about that Apple been brought in One Piece where the individual that ate that apple will become immortal..
Usopp & Chopper really fall for that Golden Apple..
Could it be that Oda using these Templar & Assassin's Creed as the theme in One Piece along with other themes..

I mean that Vegapunk & Vinsmoke Jajji working on genetic experiments..
Then the blue print of genetic enhancement been made out by Vegapunk..
Vegapunk been captured by WG..
Then Vinsmoke Jajji went back to Germa 66 and start that experiment on his genetic bloodline..
In the story of Assassin's Creed..
Every women that married to Assassin's Creed somehow ended their lives or been killed by their husband in order to protect the secret knowledge of the location of that Apple of Eden..
We also know that Sora, Jajji's wife also sick because of that experiments..
Her bloodline is somehow important so that Jajji want to have children with her..
That makes me believe that this genetic enhancement is somehow linked back to the seed of first disobedient human in the world..

Along with the knowledge on every SH Pirates hold the anti god theme inside of them..
i) Luffy maybe becoming as Son Goku (Sun Wu Kong)
ii) Zoro as Asura
iii) Sanji as Satan

So the seed if first disobedient human in the world maybe also hold the exact meaning of anti god..

What do you guys think on this topic..?
Please share your opinion with me.. ^^

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