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Friday, 24 March 2017

Emperors of Underworld..

SIX Emperors of Underworld were revealed by Oda..
Are there more Emperors attend this Tea Party..?
Let us discuss about this matter..
Includes Organ Dealer Jigra that maybe one of the Emperors too..

You guys can read the post that I created before continue reading this:

Are all of that Emperors is the one that Oda foreshadowed as silhouette in previous chapter..?

This is the silhouette of Emperors of Underworld..
Let count one by one..
There are 10 of them (or maybe more.. maybe 12 emperors.. Because Vito's dialoque box maybe hide one or two emperors)..
If not there are totally 10 Emperors of Underworld..
But we will discuss about SIX of them plus Jigra (if he was one of them.. It makes them all SEVEN..)..

Emperors of Underworld are:
i) The Black Market King - 'God of Fortune' Du Feld

- He's one tough guy.. Maybe as I said earlier in my review that his nickname will be the hint for his ability.. Maybe MONEY will be his theme.. I can't say GOLD because Tesoro got that ability (based on the new film).. He maybe the head of Underworld since money (in this case is Belli) so much needed as economic growth.. Money determine power.. His style of more like Sir Crocodile with cigar.. His physical is more to Jinbei (look at his body)..

ii) The Queen of Pleasure Quarter - Stussy

- She's one sweet lady.. I hope that she wear red dresses.. Maybe as I said back in my review that she maybe got skills in persuade thing with her sweet talk or maybe she's the one that control LUST.. Maybe her ability is something related to pleasure.. Is she the only queen in Underworld..?

iii) The Great Mortician - Drug Peclo

- He's some mysterious guy (like Rey Mysterio) that wear mask.. His got Drug in his name that absolutely a hint for his ability.. He carried his weapon is long sickle like hangman.. This man got attention from many theorist as they said he remind them about someone in Impel Down.. That person was Ivankov that work under The Revolutionary Army.. His eyes and lips are exactly like Ivankov.. Plus if his ability is something related to DRUG.. This could be the same ability like Ivankov.. But the different are Peclo maybe using drug (forced).. Other theorist mentioned that Peclo remind him of Rosinante (The younger brother of Doflamingo).. The star symbol at their eyes (Rosinante got only one star) and the lips.. Both theorist did compare Peclo's eye and lips to the character of Ivankov and Rosinante.. But what about his hairstyle..? It's more like Nekomamushi (Pekoms's father)..

iv) The President of World Economic Times - 'Big News' Morgans

- He's leads World Economic Times.. Maybe the same agency that published WE Comic Strip on Germa 66 & Sora that Vito mentioned earlier in WCI.. He's a bird & that remind me of News Coo (the only newspapers in One Piece).. Remember that News Coo used Seagull to distribute newspaper to all.. What if Morgans is their leader..? This makes me think of Angry Bird the Movie (Eagle become their leader).. Are Morgans is Zoan DF user.. Or he's the bird.. My opinion is MOrgans maybe the natural (he don't pick side) because he's the one that control the news.. But at certain time.. I thinks that Doflamingo asked Morgans to create a false statement in the news (where Doflamingo deceived Law by that false statement).. Could he be the double agent.. He work for WG and he's also one of the Underworld's Emperor..? (This is ridiculous because Underworld might not like to be beside him in any event..) Maybe in this arc.. He might have interest toward Germa 66 & Vinsmoke because that  is his aim to come to this Tea Party..

v) The Storage Industry Titan - 'The Concealer' Giberson

- His nose remind me to someone.. Could someone tell me about that.. Please.. He's lead the storage industry for Underworld.. Maybe he knew big names such as Wapol because Wapol makes new weapon using his DF ability.. What will be Giberson's ability..? I think of this.. He can store anything inside his body by consume it.. We can see he's drinking at the time.. Maybe that the hint Oda provide us for Giberson or his nickname would be his ability.. The concealer also the same as storing something inside his belly.. But this is the first time (maybe) Oda used the word Titan.. Titan got the huge meaning especially when Oda revealed Zeus & Prometheus.. And Kronos is the one that ate all three his sons (Zeus, Poseidon & Hades).. But his wife exchange Zeus with rock/stone.. So after that Zeus could save his two brother.. Why I mentioned about this.. We all knew the story of Titan & Olympus.. But maybe this character is somehow important in this arc.. Plus if he run storage industry.. Maybe he also deal with Buggy the Clown (because Buggy operates shipping agency..)

vi) The Shipping Magnate - 'Deep Ocean Current' Umit

- He's the one that maybe the rival for Buggy since they are in the same sector (nature of business).. Umit maybe the first one that operate the shipping company.. His personality/style makes me think of Captain Nemo (Prince Dakkar) in Extraordinary League of Gentlemen.. I bet if Oda imagined him like Captain Nemo.. Maybe Umit run shipping using submarine.. Remember of his nickname 'Deep Ocean Current'.. Maybe he's expert in deep ocean current.. Could it be in future they will need his skills (maybe Nami could learn to navigate deep under the sea current (before they could enter Raftel..)

vii) The Organ Dealer - Jigra

- He's been shot by Charlotte Dogtooth using a jellybean.. I don;t know whether he's dead or he's still alive.. If he's dead maybe he's not the Emperor of Underworld.. If he's one of the emperors.. Maybe Charlotte Dogtooth somehow more powerful than Jigra (based on his bounty of Belli 1,057,000,000).. Could it be that Jigra has motive to kill Big Mom in this Tea Party..? Or Dogtooth just want to warn Capone if he tried to head off his mother, he will not hesitate to kill Capone.. Jigra loves his family.. Maybe he want to kill Big Mom because Big Mom kill his father (due to what Jigra did in the last party.. He do not come to that party with the reason his mother died..) Could Oda want to tell us about Big Mom's personality.. She might forcing Underworld Emperor to come at her part.. If not.. They would be kill or their family would be harm by Big Mom Pirates..

What do you guys think of this..?
Please share your opinion on every Emperors stated in this post..

But could it be at least THREE of Underworld Emperors that Oda revealed in this chapter..?
Look at this picture (page 13)

- The Pig Head, The lady next to him, The long leg guy with the hair that look like Aladdin (Sun Pirates) & The character with feathered coat (like Doflamingo) : What is that thing behind that character..? A tail..? And look at the one that wears Japanese kind of hat.. These FIVE characters maybe the Underworld's Emperors too..

What do you guys think..?
Please comment down below.. ^^

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