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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Chapter 860's Cover Page

What do you guys think of this cover page..?
Could it tell that Sir Crocodile was in WCI..?

Let discuss about this cover page with me..
This cover page have a lot of information..
Let me provide you guys with the things that come to my mind when the first time I saw this cover page..

The important things are:
i) Characters
a) Sir Crocodile
- He also got the Mafia/Gangster theme. Many theorists speculate that he also will be there in WCI arc. Maybe as one of Underworld's Emperors (I thinks that will not be the case). There are theorists that mentioned the message SH Pirates got when they are in Chocolatown comes from Sir Crocodile. He want SH Pirates to turn around. But when things between Pekoms & Capone revealed by Oda.. Maybe Pekoms wrote that to SH Pirates so they don't interfere with Capone's plan or Big Mom's plan.. But since Sanji somehow related to this arc.. SH Pirates won't leave this WCI without him. So could it be that Sir Crocodile really was in WCI..? What will be his motives..? Remember that Chapter 860 also got similar thing as Impel Down arc.. And Sir Crocodile also there when Luffy want to save Ace..

b) The dog
- The dog remind me back to Toto (Dorothy Gale's dog) when she travel to Emerald City. There is a character with the name Toto in One Piece. He's the one in Alabasta Kingdom. Father to Kouza that been transfer to desert kind town to dig for water. What if that Toto will be some important person just not in Alabasta but also in Elbaf arc. Why Elbaf..? Because Dorothy journey with her dog to Emerald City. Or this could be the hint of Akainu since he got the dog theme.

c) The relation between Sir Crocodile & The dog
- Sir Crocodile shows his sympathy toward that dog. He doesn't bother being wet by the rain. He want to use that umbrella on that dog. If that dog linked to Akainu, maybe Sir Crocodile will show his sympathy for him because both of them weak against water.

ii) Rain
a) Rain Powder
- Could that mean Sir Crocodile used Rain Powder once again to create rain..? Or it just a normal rain that pouring down to that location..?

b) Sir Crocodile's weakness
- Rain is one of the source of water. We knew that Sir Crocodile's weakness is water. Luffy used water to launch attack on Sir Crocodile. In this cover page, we can see clearly that Sir Crocodile was wet due to the rain. Could it mean that Sir Crocodile does not bother about that anymore. This could hint that he could sacrifice himself just to do a good deed to other that need his help..?

iii) The scenery
- I think that scenery is indeed Alabasta Kingdom. Could it be that Sir Crocodile go back to that place in search for Pluton (ancient weapon) one more time..?

iv) Umbrella
- That umbrella remind me of two person. One is Perona in TB arc and the other is Big Mom. Could this be the hint that Sir Crocodile was in WCI..? Or he was in Raijin Island just to get an umbrella from that old lady..?

What do you guys have in mind about this topic..?
Please share your opinion here.. ^^


Anonymous said...

I think he is already in WCI. Check the number of the chapter: 860. 60 min are 1 hour, so 8:00 and at 10 the party starts. Remain 17 minutes, and I believe in 8 min Croco will appear, because he arrived 8:00 at the island and he will come at the same number for minutes.

adam zico said...

Whoa.. 8.00 plus one more hour..? You means he arrived at 9am..? Hope that this will be happen since WCi also got similar thing with Impel Down arc.. And Sir Crocodile was there in Impel Down too..

Hope that he will tell us more on his backstory.. ^^