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Friday, 17 March 2017

Other things that not include in Capone's assassination plan

Capone 'Gang' Bege planned to head off Big Mom within 5 second..
The assassination plans are:
i) Distract Big Mom by doing something to the picture of Mother Caramel so Big Mom will cry out loud..
ii) Launched poisonous rocket toward Big Mom's iron balloon's body..
iii) Capone head off Big Mom
This plan must be on exact time with no mistake at all..
Could this plan worked properly..?

I don't think so..
The plan will not exactly be like what they planned..
Because of other thing that may interrupted it..
What are they?
The thing that will interrupted Capone's plan are:
i) Pekoms
- Could he tell Big Mom about Capone's plan.. Or he want to keep silent since SH Pirates save Zou..?
ii) Brulee
- Could she somehow manage to tell Big Mom about the plan.. Or she not allow her DF ability been used by others especially during escape plan..?
iii) The timing on attacking Big Mom..
- Could all those three major plan be on perfect timing..? Could Big Mom somehow stop crying or become more aggressive like we seen her the 1st time during this WCI (craving for foods symptom)..
iv) The timing for starting that plan..
- Since Sanji mentions not before he kiss Pudding.. Maybe everybody will not synchronize to that signal..
v) The guests
- Could it be that Underworld's emperors want to capture Capone because what he did in West Blue..
- Could it be that there are unexpected guests coming to WCI..?

But that is not all that we can discuss..
There are something that we missed to recall back..
The things that is not included in Capone's Assassination Plan are:
i) The prisoners kept in the books..
- Maybe we could see BrownBeard the centaurs helping them fighting against Big Mom's Pirates..
ii) The National Treasure..
- Tamatebako Box that contains high explosives..
iii) Germa 66's ship..
- The ships that just not only sail but also can walk on the land..
iv) Pound..
- He been missing for long time since Seducing Forest..

What do you guys think of this topic..?
Please share your thought with me here.. ^^

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