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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 30

Ep 30: Open Cable Ride : Hatching Day

It takes 20 minutes to reach down. Ash and others love the view especially it’s going to sunset. The scenery of Cobalt Sea turning into red makes them mesmerized. They must keep walking to near Pine Forest where the Backpacker Site was located. Yoshua tell them that they need to hurry up before it getting darker.

Backpacker Site was an idea where Irgiant Islands Community to attract tourist from other places. There were atleast 30 contena being designed to provide warm accommodation in this cold weather. The owner of this Backpacker Site was Grey White. He’s was a famous author who love to travel.

Ash and his friends arrived at Backpacker Site. They meet Grey White to book a place for tonight. Grey White smiled. He asked them to go to Contena #7. Ash, Yoshua and Nadine walked to find that Contena. They hope that they can rest for tonight. Ash was surprised when the egg that he carried start to crack. A new Pokemon been recorded in Yoshua’s PokeVice. Its 59Gizlow (Normal/Light). Ash was happy to see that cute pokemon.

They arrived at Contena #7. The door opened from inside. It was Sarai Poldee that waiting for them this time. He gives them the keys. Each of that keys lead them to their Contena. This was a gift from Prof. Pala. Ash told Sarai about that Gizlow. Sarai was happy to see that Pokemon. He asked Ash to tell Prof. Pala about it. Ash wants to use PokeConference but Sarai tell him that Prof. Pala invited them all to Bale Bale Island. Ash can show that Pokemon to him personally there.

Sarai Poldee wants them to rest after long distance walking. He will meet them again tomorrow morning. Sarai asks Yoshua about his Aeon Bracelet. Yoshua mentioned that he still don’t find Lumen or Raios Gems yet. Sarai ask him to give his bracelet. He will help Yoshua about it. He also asks Yoshua to stay with him at Contena #7. This is the only contena left with two beds.  

Sarai Poldee asks Yoshua about his team. Yoshua mentioned that he got 5 pokemon now: Vivideus, Mandarock, Garrough, Menava and Panthoz. Sarai was happy to know that. He asks Yoshua about what kind of trainer he wants to be. Yoshua said that he just don’t know yet what type of pokemon trainer he will be but he loves to travel first. He shows Sarai Poldee the journal of his late grandfather, Beto Farquhar. Sarai smiled.

Early in the morning, Sarai was practicing his skill with Grey White. They got two on two pokemon fight. Sarai used 60Rastoxin (Poison/Dragon) and Ragodin while Grey used Epdogia and Furfrou. Grey loves dogs that why he collect every dog pokemon as his team. Sarai mentioned that Grey was not in his best condition. Eventhough Grey was 67 years old, he still give pressure to Sarai. Sarai won the battle with only Rastoxin left with minor injury.

Yoshua woke up and surprise to see his Aeon Bracelet was equipped with those two gems. He would like to thank Sarai for helping him. Ash and Nadine watch the battle from far. Ash would like to challenge Grey White too. Sarai asked them to join him breakfast. Yoshua hug Sarai. He thanked him. Sarai smiled. At Smile Cafe, Yoshua show Ash his bracelet. He got complete bracelet too. Nadine was jealous of both her friends.

After had their heavy breakfast, Sarai asked them to continue their learning process on Potential Lock. The second stage would be the combo move. He wants them to master it so the next journey would be smoother. As usual, Yoshua learn it faster than the other two plus he tried to perfect it a day before when he facing Gerinimo. Ash also mastered it a few hours after. Nadine still learns it the hard way. Yoshua saw a large portrait of his late grandfather, Beto with Grey White. He asked Sarai about it. Sarai says that they need to ask the man himself.

Grey White tells them about the journey he got with Beto Farquhar. Beto help him to write a good book about Aeon Archipelago. He missed that man so much. Yoshua mentioned that Beto was his grandfather. Grey White looks at Sarai. Sarai nodded. He says that Yoshua got the journal from Beto. The same journal when Beto and Grey White want to create a full encyclopedia on Aeon Archipelago’s geographical and pokemon habitant. Grey White hugs Yoshua. He told that young boy to be brave as Beto.

A quick battle using the combo move been set up by Sarai Poldee. Ash is fighting against Yoshua using one pokemon. Ash used Dieselbex and Yoshua used Panthoz. Sarai and Grey White watch the battle. Ash starts the fight with Meteor Rush. Yoshua set the bracelet and asked Panthoz to used Headbutt. Panthoz was burn but it used Temperature Down and Dark Bite. Dieselbex used Iceberg Bullet and paired it with Meteor Rush.  Ash won the battle. Sarai can’t believe that Ash and Yoshua’s pokemon got good moves. Panthoz is not match with Dieselbex. If Panthoz evolved into Glacthera, there might be a twisted ending in that fight.

Grey asks Yoshua to help him to find one more pokemon line to complete his dog pokemon’s ultimate collection. He needs Scarfur. He will trade it with something great. Yoshua promised him. They continue their journey. Sarai help them a lot. Yoshua like Sarai more because he is such a good person.

Note:               (59) Gizlow (Gizelle+Glow) – Gizelle Pokemon – Gizlow

                        (60) Rastoxin (Skink+Toxin) – Skink Pokemon – Rastoxin

Grey White, a friend of Beto Farquhar collected Dog Pokemon..
What kind of trade that Grey would like to give Yoshua if Youshua can find him Scarfur..?
What will they face later in their adventure..?

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