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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 34

Ep 34: Strange Light

Ash and Yoshua accompany by Pikachu, Gizlow and Panthoz walked into that old building. The creepy and spooky feeling make them a little bit frightening. They are using the stair to go up into the upper level where the huge spotlight was restored. Yoshua remembered well the town people mentioned that the spotlight was damaged. There would be no light coming through this lighthouse. He wants to make sure that spotlight was broken or damage.

They feel the breezing air comes from no where. Pikachu moves faster in front of them while Gizlow sparks light from its body. Panthoz stay near Yoshua all the time. Suddenly the strange light appears in front of them. That light moved randomly and suddenly attacks Pikachu. Pikachu was hit.  Ash and Yoshua knew that that strange light is not merely a light. It must be that legendary pokemon. They heard town people chatting about it. Ash asks Pikachu to used Thundershock. Pikachu can’t hit that strange light. Gizlow used Aurora Wave as it tries its best to hit that strange light. That strange light possessed Gizlow and spoke to Ash and Yoshua. It tells that this old building is its territory. It will harm them if they don’t want to leave. Yoshua asks that strange light about the light that his friend see on that stormy night. That strange light says that it just the warning and it tries to help people to a better place.

Ash asks whether that strange light is a ghost or another pokemon. That strange light exits from Gizlow body and appear in front of them. It is 63Lumeglou the light guardian. Lumeglou asks them to remain silent about it location. It doesn’t want people to come here. It wants to live in peaceful place. They promised that they will keep their promise. Lumeglou wants them to fix that spotlight. That spotlight helps people to journey across Irgiant Islands at night. Yoshua and Ash try to fix that but they don’t have the tools or knowledge about that spotlight. They will ask someone to fix it later. Lumeglou tells that Gizlow is a rare species. It teachs Gizlow with one new move awhile ago. Lumeglou say that the calamity is near for Aeon Region. It sensed the upcoming danger. It asks them to awake the sound guardian so that both of them will try to help Aeon Archipelago soon.  

In the finale, Nadine fights against Bug Catcher Mael. He used Flantis. Wiguray is fighting against that huge steel mantis. Wiguray used Light Cutter but Flantis break it with Iron Cutter. Flantis used Insect Bite. Nadine stares at Bug Catcher Mael. He used Potential Lock. Nadine set something on her wrist.  Wiguray used Cross Light. Flantis was hit and then Wiguray used Heat Bite. Flantis was injured. Flantis used Iron Saw. Wiguray was down. Wiguray’s heat up by its inner passion to fight It learn the fourth move called Heatlight Punch and attack Flantis with it. Flantis used Steel Dome as its defence. Wiguray sticked it body to back of that Flantis and keep using Heatlight Punch with its other hand. The fight is over. Wiguray win that Bug Contest. Nadine received an egg from Bug Catcher Ortis as the winning token. Nadine and Wiguray were happy to win this contest.

Bug Catcher Ortis want to train that Wiguray so that its will become more experience fighter in future. Nadine asks Wiguray about that. Wiguray want to become strong pokemon too. Nadine left Wiguray to Bug Catcher Ortis. She will come back to get Wiguray back. Nadine sat near that old monument with tears in her eyes. She will miss Wiguray so much.

Ash and Yoshua walked out from that building. They reach the location where Nadine was. Nadine tells that she got to leave Wiguray here. Ash mentioned that he left Primeape to someone to make it to become the ultimate champion too. Nadine smiled. She also wants Wiguray to become the champion in future. Nadine show the winning token that she received from this bug contest.

Note:               (63)Lumeglou (Lume+Glow)) – Light Guardian Pokemon – Lumeglou is one of the legendary guardians in Aeon Archipelago.

They meet Lumeglou the guardian of light..
Lumeglou is one of the legendary in Aeon Archipelago..
What kind of journey they will face next..?

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