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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Germa 66 versus World Government

Remember that Vito from Firetank Pirates the one who obsessed so much with Germa 66..
And he mentioned something about WE Comic Strip..

Let us think on this topic..
Even though we get a little information about this topic from WE Comic Strip..
Could it possible that the fight between Germa 66 & WG happen not quite too far in the past..
What do you guys think..?

And I don't think that the fight between Germa 66 & WG happen in the past time..
What I mean by this..
Look closely at those characters with number 1 & 2..
Could them be Ichiji & Niji..? Or they are Jajji & his siblings (been labelled as 1 & 2) along with their father..

Look at the picture..
There are FOUR important thing about it:
i) Germa 66
- What do you guys think on this.. Could it be Ichiji & Niji along with Jajji or it could be Jajji & his sibling along with his father.. I could think of this.. If that is Jajji & his sibling.. Maybe he lost his sibling due to the failure of Germa 66 at that time.. Then he joined with Vegapunk (in their research & experiments on enhance genetic).. Then when Vegapunk is captured by WG, the genetic blue print is somehow in Jajji's hand (maybe he betrayed Vegapunk or maybe WG don't want them to do such experiment because WG afraid that this will makes others (individual or groups) become stronger than WG in future..) So maybe the lost brother of Jajji is someone linked to Killer.. I doubt that Killer is somehow linked to Vinsmoke or Germa 66..

ii) Sora
- Many theory on Sora especially Sora is a girl that fight for Marine.. She maybe admiral level.. And maybe that is the same Sora that Oda revealed as Sanji's mother.. I could think of Jajji want to have babies with Sora because Sora's genetic was super strong.. Maybe based on the fact that Sora fight them in the past.. So that's why Jajji want to have babies and then using Genetic Blue Print to create super human to them..

iii) Robot beside Sora
- This is great.. Maybe this huge robot beside Sora is some invention from Vegapunk or this robot is somehow linked to Laputa's (the mythical robots that guard Laputa) If this is Vegapunk's creation.. Maybe Jajji somehow learn to co-operate with Vegapunk as partner before Vegapunk been arrested by WG..

iv) Seagull
- Other character that have Seagull on his head is Sengoku.. There is theory that Sora somehow related to Sengoku.. Maybe Sengoku's daughter.. Or could it be that Sengoku got that Seagull from Sora before she/he died..?

For me..
There are many thing can be predicted/speculated by this picture..
Somehow it's weird that WG fighting with Germa 66..
And then asked Vinsmoke to attend Reverie because they once ruled over some lands in North Blue..

If that Sora was the same Sora (Sanji's mother)..
This is so insane..
After fighting with them..
She fall for one of them (Jajji)..

What you guys think on this topic..?
Please share with me your thought.. ^^

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