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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Top 3 Strawhat Pirates Next Nakama-To-Be

Maybe in the past I already mentioned about these THREE Nakama-To-Be..
But for now..
I will provide more information to every characters that I chose..

Let us predict and even speculate more on this topic..

I will provide my point of view for those THREE characters by given at least THREE reason or fact or hint that I predicted on each of them..

My Top Three Strawhat Pirates Next Nakama-To-Be are:
i) Jinbei
ii) Nefertari Vivi
iii) Gangster Gastino a.k.a Caeser Clown

For me..
i) Jinbei
- Luffy asked him to join the crew & he replied that he need to clear his status under Big Mom Pirates first.. Maybe this WCI arc is just like the best timing for Jinbei to join in.. Plus he already stated in his speech toward Sun Pirates that he already justified Luffy as his Captain..
- Jinbei will be representing the IJ's paired letter in 13 paired letter from A to Z.

The reasons:
a) Jinbei from Fishman Island - WhiteBeard's territory - Big Mom's territory
- Clearly before Big Mom got the power over Fishman Island.. Fishman Island was under WhiteBeard.. Fishman Island is exactly under Marie Joie.. WG fear that WhiteBeard will done something in Fishman Island so that will effect Marie Joie.. So once they got Ace in their hand.. They will want to finish WhiteBeard.. This plan work well in MarineFord arc.. Credit goes to BlackBeard who betrayed WhiteBeard.. Maybe this is also the fact that Jinbei knew Ace.. Because Fishman Island under WhiteBeard's hand.. Maybe Ace visited Fishman Island also in the past..

b) Ace Saves Jinbei - Jinbei saves Luffy - Wano arc
- Jinbei somehow related to Ace in the past.. Maybe they are best buddies.. Maybe somewhere in the past, Ace save his life.. That is why when Ace been caged in Impel Down.. Jinbei want to be beside him there.. He also made his mind to not becoming Warlord just because of that.. Then he knew about Luffy from Ace.. He met Luffy also in Impel Down and help Luffy in MarineFord arc.. He saves Luffy by donating his blood.. For me, Jinbei will be assist Luffy in Wano arc in future.. Why..? Because Jinbei had already be there in Wano.. Jinbei clothes look similar to Japanese Male's attire.. His hairstyle also look the same as Kinemon.. He is the Captain of Sun Pirates after Tiger Shark and he got the Sun symbol on his chest.. Wano is referring to Japan.. Sun is the symbol of Japan and Wano Ku Ni also linked to that symbol.. Maybe Ace saves Jinbei's life in Wano at that time.. Other proof is Ace also makes straw hat for Ogre Jr in MarineFord so that he would not get the direct heat from the sun.. That is why I predicted that Jinbei will once again be there in Wano or lead the remaining SH crew members along with Luffy to Wano.. He knew the route.. That is why I don't think that Jinbei will die in this WCI arc..

c) Jinbei is ex-warlord - He know the Marine Higher Officer - He also know the World Government
- Jinbei is one of the warlords in the past.. He drop his title just because Ace was sentenced to death by World Government.. Maybe the fact that Jinbei was warlord made him knew few thing about Marine & WG.. This is good for SH in the future arc.. He also knew about other warlords maybe their strength and ability.. This is needed to guide Luffy in the next arc..

ii) Nefertari Vivi
- Luffy also asked her to join the crew & she replied that she need to stay at Alabasta for some reason.. She also mentioned that when she back to the sea.. She want Luffy and others to accept her as a friend.. Friend means nakama.. Vivi is now on the way to Reverie which was located at Marie Joie..
- Therefor, Vivi will be Miss Wednesday once again so that the name of Nefertari will not got to be bad and her reputation as the heir for Alabasta Kingdom will be protected.. So Miss Wednesday hold the WX's paired letter in 13 paired letter start from A to Z..

The reasons:
a) Miss Wednesday – Baroque Works – Sir Crocodile in Alabasta
- We first seen Vivi as Miss Wednesday.. She paired with Mr.9.. They are agents for Baroque Works under Sir Crocodile.. Sir Crocodile used Mr.0.. Here the point that I want you guys to think about.. If Luffy is Mr.0, Zoro will be Mr.1 and so on until Brook will hold Mr.8.. There are two possibility in this theory.. First, If Vivi join in the crew right now in WCI arc (we know that she not in WCI at the moment).. She would become Miss 9 as like her partner in Baroque Works.. Second, Vivi got the X mark on her hand same as every SH in Alabasta saga.. X refers to 10.. Maybe she will be Miss 10 rather than Miss 9.. If this happen.. Jinbei will become Mr.9 since the one in Baroque Works is a male character..

b) Princess Nefertari Vivi – Pluton will be spoken in Reverie – World Government
- The reason Sir Crocodile in Alabasta saga was Pluton, one of the ancient weapons. Nefertari bloodline’s hold the key to these Pluton.. They maybe hide it in Alabasta Kingdom.. Because the Poneglyph tolds the event about Pluton. If the key is in Nefertari’s bloodline, could it be related as Poseidon, the other ancient weapons which carried in genetic (bloodline)..Maybe Vivi is the key to access that ancient weapon.. If that real.. Mentioning about that in Reverie would harm Nefertari’s bloodline.. Cobra was ill and be killed for that reason.. Vivi will absolutely not trusting in WG and start to take revenge and want to change the system in WG in future.. Plus if she can get hold of that Pluton.. She would become the target of WG too..

c) Igaram’s dream – Princess Vivi becomes Pirate Queen – Death of Cobra
- Cobra was so sick.. He might be kill or dead in Reverie arc.. So Vivi will automatically become the queen for Alabasta Kingdom.. But if she so excited to live on the sea.. Would she abandon her post as the queen..? But after what is happen in Reverie arc.. She would totally stick with SH and fight WG.. Would Igaram’s dream comes true..? Vivi as Pirate Queen..?

iii) Gangster Gastino a.k.a Caeser Clown
- Luffy hates Caeser because of what happen in PunkHazard arc.. But do Luffy hates Gangster Gastino..? Maybe the new identity will set the bad image away as the second chances for Caeser to become the good guy..
- For me, Caeser will use his new identity as Gangster Gastino in SH Pirates.. He hold the GH's paired letter in 13 paired letter of alphabet..

The reasons:
a) Vice Scientist in PunkHazard – Create SMILEs & poisonous gas – Kaido
- Caeser always seen as the second best scientist after Vegapunk.. He hates that.. His dream to become the great scientist makes him be the bad guy.. He created SMILEs (artificial devil fruit) using SAD and poisonous gas and trade it to Kaido.. Kaido want to makes his Zoan army.. Doflamingo is the middle man since he’s the Joker for the Underworld.. So Caeser is the one who knew exactly what is SMILEs and the weakness of that artificial devil fruit.. Maybe this is the reason why he should join under SH to fight Kaido in Wano.. He also seen the fact of his poisonous gas makes Minkmen fall to Jack the Mammoth (one of Kaido’s right hand man).. He need to overcome it so that he can create new clean image for him as the scientist..

b) Vice Scientist in Punk Hazard – Create Rare Sweets & Giant Project – Big Mom 
- Caeser also makes deal with Big Mom in her project to make giant.. Giant is a race that never existed in WCI.. So Big Mom want to create Giant.. Maybe because of Big Mom got crisis with Giant in Elbaf or she want to become giant as giant seen as the strongest human in the world.. Creating the army of giant in WCI..? Or making Big Mom Pirates becomes giant.. That is why Big Mom captured him from Zou and asked him directly to run that giant project.. If he succeed in that experiment.. Maybe he will with the help of Chopper (Rumble ball) in future.. So that is why he will be in Elbaf arc too..

c) Law took Caeser’s heart – Sanji hold the heart till Zou – Capone force him to become Firetank Pirates
- Trafalgar Law took Caeser’s heart.. Then Sanji hold that heart till Zou.. Capone got that heart from Sanji and force Caeser to work as his subordinate in Firetank Pirates.. Caeser never trust Capone.. Maybe during escape he will accidentally be in Thousand Sunny along with the remaining SH.. He want to deal back to Law who makes him suffer because of that heart been taken away from him.. If he want to revenge back.. He needs to follow SH to Wano.. Law was there in Wano.. Right?

This is just a theory..
Everything is on Oda’s decision..
Please comment below for your preference of next nakama-to-be.. ^^

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