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Friday, 26 May 2017

Chapter 866 : Whole Story on Big Mom & Mother Caramel

The chapter released yesterday..
Oda provides us with a lot of information..
But we need to calculate back on the time line..
And Elbaf was revealed maybe just for the view on one village only..
The village where all Great Warrior Pirates lived in Elbaf..

What more did we get from this new chapter..?

Information given to us:
i) Big Mom was natural born destroyer
- Big Mom was so big even though her real parent were a mere human.. Even though she was 5 years old.. She could bring harm to the area she stay.. At 5 years old, she met Mother Caramel at that time was 80 years old..?
- Her father seems look like someone we did seen in the past arc.. Did he was a pirate or he work with Revolutionary..?
- Big Mom got that craving for foods symptom since she was a child..? So Big Mom is not pregnant..?

ii) Mother Caramel as Holy Mother
- At age of 37, Mother Caramel saves the life of four giants of Great Warrior Pirates from World Government.. Then she create Lamb's House to keep and care for the unique children including Charlotte Linlin where the base of Lamb's House is in Elbaf..
- So is she that little girl from Little Garden..? Those two giants that we seen in Eneis Lobby were there in Elbaf.. They say that almost 40 years that Brogy & Dorry were fighting at Little Garden.. So the time line is a little bit pointing that is Mother Caramel is that little girl in Little Garden or not.. If she is that girl.. There is a probability that the remaining giants from Great Warrior Pirates bring her to Elbaf.. Then she was welcomed there.. Then she might think of uniting all races together as she and giants were in good relationship.. This philosophy then observed by Charlotte Linlin and she want to create that same utopia when she grew up.. We can see that Charlotte Linlin grew up in the situation or condition where all races lived under one roofs..
- Is Mother Caramel turn 80 years old when she meets Big Mom (5 years old)..? Then after 63 years old.. Could Mother Caramel still alive at the age of 143 years old..? Could she was died of old ages..? And the picture of Mother Caramel that she had on the table on every Tea Party is the picture of Mother Caramel at the age of 80.. Maybe Big Mom just there in Elbaf for one short period.. Only a year maybe.. Then Yorle the former captain of Great Warrior Pirates want her to never live in Elbaf as Mother Caramel begged for Linlin's live.. Could it be that right because she once saves the life of four giants.. That is why giants don't like Big Mom..

iii) Prince Loki
- He was born when Big Mom at age 5 years old.. So Prince Loki's age right now is 63 years old.. Prince Loki want to marry Lola.. This is the reason why Big Mom was so mad when Lola left WCI just to find her own freedom and her love ones.. This is still ambiguous because Oda still don't let us know what motive that Lola had in her mind at that time.. Did she decides that her own or she been pushed or fooled by someone else..?

iv) Hajrudin
- He been called as Violent Kid.. He been trained by both former captains of Great Warrior Pirates named Yarle & Yorle.. Remember this.. Hajrudin now is the captain of Great Warrior Pirates since Brogy & Dorry still fighting at Little Garden.. But what motive do he got to revive back that Great Warrior Pirates..? Do Great Warrior Pirates been harmed by other Elbaf's giants especially from the royal giants..?
- He want Mera Mera No Mi so bad.. He once said that DF will make him the king of Elbaf.. Could this be the motive..?

v) Yorle & Yarle
-They both are former captains for Great Warrior Pirates.. The question that I got in my mind is : Why there should be two captains on the same boat..? And why now only Hajrudin that lead that Great Warrior Pirates..? Look.. Brogy & Dorry both also the captains.. Maybe they think that there should be one captain so they don't fight like Brogy & Dorry just for a little reason.. Or Hajrudin is the one that only left after what Big Mom done to that village..?

vi) The sun
- Elbaf are worshiping the sun.. The sun is so important for them.. This might have something that Oda had in his mind.. Look.. If Hajrudin got that Mera Mera No Mi.. He got the Fire Logia DF.. It resemble the fire sun.. Maybe that make Hajrudin become the king of Elbaf.. Or he want that because other giants or perhap Loki got DF too.. Maybe Mera Mera No Mi can counter Loki's DF..
- Jinbe once said something about reaching the sun.. Is this the proof that he also will be there in Elbaf..?

vii) The remaining kid under Lamb's House
- I could see the possible that the other kid will make some appearance sooner or later.. There are at least five or six of them.. Could it be that Underworld's Emperors are representing the kid in Lamb House.. They called Mother Caramel 'Mother' too.. Right? One of them look like the loan shark.. And there was a little girl in panda headband too..

What do you guys think of this..?
Please comment below.. ^^

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