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Friday, 5 May 2017

Dogtooth, Daifuku & Oven

Did you guys noticed one similar thing between those three names mentioned in my topic..?
Dogtooth, Daifuku & Oven..
All of them are siblings and their mother is Big Mom..

Although the eldest ones in the minister of Candy named Charlotte Perospero..
But these three characters are more powerful than him..
Maybe Oda just want us to think like that..
Or Peropsero is slightly under those three characters..

But what linked them all together in one similar thing that i brag up earlier..?
Let me tell you about it..

Dogtooth is one of Sweet Commanders under Big Mom..
He's the second son of Big Mom..
He's more like the right arm for Big Mom..
He's DF user & also practices Haki (Observation)..
He can immobilized enemy using his body..
He also can see near future using his Observation Haki..

Daifuku is the third son of Big Mom..
He's DF user with the nickname of Lamp Human..
He rubs his body as lamp so that a genie will comes out from his belt and help him in the battle..

Oven is the fourth son of Big Mom..
He's DF user too..
Thing that touch his body will heat up into crisp..
So his body temperature will raise when it touched by weapon or enemy..

The one similarity between them is..
They using their body to project their DF power..
So attacking them should start on their body..
Means that Dogtooth will turn into mochi-mochi to stick his opponent and immobilized them..
While Daifuku rubs his body so that his genie will be there to help him fighting his enemy..
And Oven will risen up his body temperature so that everything that touch his body will burn to crisp..
So the weakness of Dogtooth is water and Jinbei told Luffy to not directly fight Dogtooth because he will be stuck by Dogtooth..
The weakness of Daifuku is to hold him so that he don't rub his body..
The weakness of Oven is to not touch his body directly..

Who will be their opponent..?
For me..
Capone will fight Dogtooth.. Because I don't think Capone will fight with his fist..
Jinbei will fight Oven.. Because Jinbei will used his water technique in the fight..
Sanji will fight Daifuku.. Because Daifuku hurting Pudding.. Sanji hates men that bullied women..

What about Compote the eldest daughter of Big Mom..?
Is she also will got important role in the next chapter like Daifuku & Oven in this chapter..?

Noticed that..
When Oda revealed one character..
It seems like the other characters before this seem powerless..
And the new ones get the close up from Oda..
So which one in Big Mom's children is the strongest of them all..?

Remember about the form that I mentioned in my previous post on Sweet Commanders..?
If Cracker is solid form..
Smoothie is liquid form..
Dogtooth is in between solid and liquid (starch form)..
Is that Daifuku is in gas form..? (Yeah.. He is not one of the sweet commanders..)
But this makes Big Mom Pirates got a variety of forms and unique DF..
Just that Big Mom don't have a zoan DF's children..
Or do she got one in her Big Mom Pirates..?

What do you guys think of this..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^


The Anime Freakk said...

Yehh... Definitely it can be a possibility bro..

The Anime Freakk said...

Incredible blog bro.. lots of speculation's are quite good..

adam zico said...

yeah.. thank you for coming here and leave comments.. I'm also like you.. Creating a blog for One Piece.. Hope that we share information, prediction, speculation & theory in future.. ^^