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Friday, 19 May 2017

Where is Mother Caramel?

What information  did Oda revealed for this Mother Caramel..?
i) Life-saver of Big Mom
ii) Dress like a 'nun'..
iii) Maybe a bad smoker..
iv) Got link to Elbaf..

For me, Mother Caramel got the Mafia/Gangster theme also on her..

Let us dig more information about her..

Oda revealed Mother Caramel as the only weakness that Big Mom got..
She would wound herself because of that person..
This include crying out loud and hurting herself..
Maybe at the those time..
Big Mom's Armament Haki is switched off..
Remember that Big Mom got Iron Balloon Body..?
Maybe Big Mom fused her body with Armament Haki..

What conflict between Big Mom, Mother Caramel & giants from Elbaf..?
What makes giants from Elbaf hate Big Mom that much..?
Why Big Mom so interested in giant project..?
Does her dream derived from situation that happen in Elbaf almost 63 years ago..?
Or this conflict between Big Mom & giants from Elbaf makes Mother Caramel left WCI..?

There is a theory that Big Mom was discriminate at Elbaf because of her size..
Maybe she look big in WCI..
But in Elbaf, maybe giants treat her as dwarf..
That makes Big Mom sad..
Maybe after that she dream to become a giant..
Her dream seem to work perfectly after she met Caeser Clown in PunkHazard..
Does Big Mom want to become giant just because she been discriminate in Elbaf..?
Or she want to become giant because of Mother Caramel?

But one thing for sure..
Oda revealed that Mother Caramel recently left WCI..
Chiffon did mention this to Luffy and SH Pirates at the meeting with Capone..
So everybody in WCI knew Mother Caramel..?
Or Big Mom's children knew about her as they once lived with her in WCI..?
If that the case..
The picture of Mother Caramel is just a symbolic to Big Mom..
That remind her of her objective..
That remind her of her life-saver..
That remind her of her love toward that person..

If that so..
Maybe Mother Caramel went back to Elbaf..
She can't wait for Big Mom's giant project to perfectly done..
She need to do something..
For me, she got a mission there..

Oda also revealed something in Dressrosa..
Hajrudin join the fighting arena just because he want that Mera Mera No Mi..
Remember one thing, Hajrudin revived back The Great Warrior Pirates that once belong to Dorry & Brogy (they both are captains.. They abandoned it after fighting for some small thing in Little Garden)..
What motivates Hajrudin to get his hand on Mera Mera No Mi..?
He also mentioned that if he ate that DF..
He would got the chance to become the king in Elbaf..?
What happen to the king of giant..?

For me, Mother Caramel got the link to this situation..
She return back to Elbaf just in case she might be helpful there..
Could that Mother Caramel is that little girl in Little Garden almost 100 years ago..?
If that the case..
She might be travel with the remaining giants from Great Warrior Pirates from Little Garden after Dorry & Brogy start to fight there..

Please read: http://whenzicotalks.blogspot.my/2017/05/big-mom-giants.html

If Mother Caramel is really a nun..
Maybe she is not the biological mother to Big Mom..
Maybe she found Big Mom in Elbaf and raised her..
That is why Mother Caramel is the life-saver for Big Mom not her real mother..
If that the case..
We could see Big Mom change her mind toward SH Pirates especially Luffy..
Luffy and Nami could tell her about Little Garden..
They meet a wonderful giants named Dorry & Brogy..
I think Big Mom loves to hear about giants..
Because maybe in the past..
She loves to hear Mother Caramel's adventure with Great Warrior Pirates (if Mother Caramel is that little girl in Little Garden..)
That maybe one reason why Big Mom want to become a pirate..

So why Big Mom want to become Pirate King..?
She would accomplish her dreams:
i) all races will be under her command as she creates Utopia..
ii) she will be noticed as the strongest person on earth (yeah.. everybody got his/her own motivation toward that title.. Some think of power.. some think of freedom.. lol) Becoming noticed by all.. Maybe she would also got respect from Elbaf too..

Why Big Mom want to become a giant?
As Oda stated few in One Piece:
i) Giant got longer lifespan..
Big Mom got that DF ability to snatch away others' lifespan and keep it for herself..
She got that
ii) Giants is the strongest human in One Piece..
Big Mom want to become giant because she want to be the strongest person.. This could derived from the discrimination that she got during her childhood in Elbaf..

Why Big Mom want to make all her children become giants..?
I could see two reasons:
i) She don't want discrimination between all her children.. She hates being the victim of discrimination of body size..
ii) If all her children becomes giants.. She will got a such powerful and strongest army then..
- She might got then chance to settle the conflict with giants in Elbaf because giants will want to marry her children like Loki want to marry Lola.. If her children like Anana becomes giant.. She will be proposed by giant in Elbaf.. lol

So, for me Mother Caramel left WCI to go back to Elbaf..
She got huge memory there..
One of that is Elbaf is her hometown..
Maybe she lived there among the giants..
And that the place she found Big Mom a.k.a Charlotte Linlin..

What do you guys think of this topic..?
Please comment below.. ^^

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