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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Underworld Emperor is somehow Underworld Broker..?

I got this Picture from onepiece.wikia.com
You can find it by searching 'Underworld'

Oda provide us with the information on Underworld start at Shabaody Archipelago arc..
Auction House which provide slaves to Celestial Dragons..
The same house under Doflamingo's power..
He is known as Joker in the Underworld's community..

Could we see these characters (in the picture above) in WCI especially when latest chapter is out..?

Beside that..
We could clearly seen Pekoms & Tamago as the Underworld Broker..
Could it be true..?
If true, then Big Mom somehow was linked to Underworld too..
As she's one of the ruffians that leads Underworld..
Could her be that cruel or evil character..?
She invited at least all of Underworld's Emperors to her Tea Party..
Maybe some of you guys will not agree with me..
Those Underworld's Emperor or Brokers..
They need to be under certain power to work with..

For example, Doflamingo was one of the Shicibukai (Warlord)..
He also work for Underworld's community as Joker..
He sold weapons to those who need it for war..
As he become Warlord.. 
He gain more power to deal with certain group or individual..
Remember back in Dressrosa arc, Sabo & Koala steal the weapon that Doflamingo will sent to his buyers..
Doflamingo also got the link with Yonkou..
He the one who sell SMILEs for Kaido..
He might be the one who arrange Ceaser to do project on gigantification too..
That why Ceaser fear if something happen to Joker..
He might be hunt down by Yonkou such as Kaido & Big Mom..

This lead us back to Yonkou..
Big Mom would funded Ceaser on her gigantification's project..
And this proved us that Big Mom also well known in Underworld's community..
Maybe that is why she planned to get Germa 66's technology for herself..
Because she knew Vinsmoke from Underworld..
Germa 66 is known as The Underworld Mercenery Organization..

This WCI arc is created by Oda especially to talk more on this matter..
The Underworld..
Look at these characters..
They all comes from that Underworld..
i) Vinsmoke & Germa 66
ii) Capone 'Gang' Bege
iii) Sir Crocodile
iv) Wapol from Black Drum Kingdom
v) Doflamingo
vi) Yonkou especially Big Mom & Kaido
vii) The guests for Tea Party - Big Mom personally invited them..

If this is was Oda's plan..
Might be this would be happen in WCI arc..
i) Big Mom want to tell Underworld that this is the time where she will lead Germa 66 by killing all Vinsmokes.. She then will make 'Big News' to make his journal in World Economic (WE) on Vinsmoke that been defeated by Big Mom at Tea Party.. And the rest of Underworld's Emperors will become her witnesses as she claimed Germa 66 as her army.. The guests will welcome her as their witnessed with their eyes that Big Mom was such a powerful person that managed to kill all Vinsmokes..

ii) Capone try to head off Big Mom so that everybody in Underworld could not harm him (as we know that some of villains in Underworld's community want him to be dead).. If he succeed in his mission.. Maybe Underworld's community will not hunt him anymore because they might fear of how brutal was Capone in this WCI arc..

iii) Kaido might be there in WCI.. He also want Ceaser too because the deal that been interrupted by incident in Dressrosa.. He might want more SMILEs to build his army.. That maybe one of the reasons.. Kaido also want to have all Road Poneglyphs so that he will reach Raftel.. Then if he got spy in WCI (since WCI is a open territory for all races as what Big Mom's dream of).. Kaido might get the information on Pudding's ability as she was half-blood Third Eye Tribe (that can read the poneglyph).. We seen JKaido jumped from Sky Island.. So he not fear of anything.. This would become more interesting part if Oda makes Kaido appear in WCI (just for a while).. Maybe his mission would be kidnapping Pudding & force Ceaser to work with him( SMILEs)..

iv) There's a theory that Doflamingo will be in WCI.. Maybe he also get the invitation from Big Mom.. This would be fun to see.. But could he easily runaway from Marine especially Tsuru, Fujitora & Sengoku were the one who take care of him after Dressrosa..? (This is nonsense) Maybe he was sent to Impel Down..

v) Sir Crocodile will be in WCI arc..? Many theorist also think that he would be there in WCI.. So what will be his motives..? To see the new power in Underworld..?

From this, we know that why Capone approached to Pekoms to follow his plan..
They knew each other from Underworld's community..

Please add more information..
make it fun to predict & speculate about OnePiece.. ^^ 


Anonymous said...

What do you think about the King of Underworld? And the incidence with Jigra?

adam zico said...

So the King of Underworld is not Underworld Broker.. But it hype me up to know them.. As what you did mention in your latest youtube video on Mortician Pecla & what Stefans comment on the same video are tremendously mind blowing.. ^^

I find more interesting toward 7 of them include Jigra.. I would make a post of it later.. Their nicknames quite different from the spoiler too.. ^^

Thank you for your comment & I will write more post on this chapter 860.. ^^