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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Big Mom & the ruffians

According to the list of guests that already been mentioned in SPOILER..
Although it not been proved yet (because this week's chapter is not published yet)..
We could see that Big Mom working with the ruffians community or should we called it Underworld..?
Are those guys are from the Underworld..?
Or precisely are those guys Emperors in Underworld..?
Because of they legal activities (we should know it from their names.. right?)..

Let check back their names..

These are their names (can't wait to see their faces)..:
i) Loan Shark King 'The God of Fortune' Le Feld
- His real name is Le Feld.. Known as The God of Fortune.. He's The Loan Shark King.. Maybe he funded Big Mom for her experiments or projects such as gigantification maybe..

ii) Red Light District Queen Stussy
- Her real name is Stussy.. The Red Light District Queen.. I bet she was dressed in red.. She sound very fierce to me..

iii) The Great Mortician Drug Pietro
- His real name is Pietro.. The Great Mortician Drug.. This sound like he's working with the corpse or dead person.. Or someone that sell drug using dead corpse.. I imagined this guy as the tough guy with tattoos all over his body..

iv) The World Economic Journal President 'Big News' Morganz
- His real name is Morganz.. So called as Big News.. He's The World Economic Journal President.. Could it be that World Economic is somehow the same as WE Comic Strip coming from..? This could be great to knew him in this arc.. He could be the one that excited to meet the Vinsmoke.. He sell news..

v) The Veteran Warehouse 'The Concealer' Giberson
- His real name is Giberson.. The Veteran Warehouse or so called The Concealer.. I think he's the one who wrapped the body and demolished it or store items or treasure inside some weird warehouse.. The one who don't speak a lot but more into action..

vi) The King of Shipping 'Deep Current' Umit
- His real name is Umit.. The King of Shipping.. So called as Deep Current.. I remember something about shipping.. Could this Umit be the rival of Buggy because after become Warlord.. Buggy start shipping agency where Hajrudin once working under him before Dressrosa.. Or he right now also working under Buggy.. Maybe he lead that Shipping Agency (Double agent).. His nickname sound like he doing his thing (shipping thing) using the submarine not ship..
vii) Organ Trafficker Jigra
- His real name is Jigra.. The Organ Trafficker.. Indeed he the one who sold the organ maybe in the black market..

Big Mom asked them to come to her Tea Party..
This also lead to the point that Big Mom also working in Underworld too..
Or she's one of the Underworld's Emperor..?

What do you guys think of this..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^

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