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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sweet Commander's Bounty

Let discuss on the bounty of every Sweet Commanders (that revealed by Oda)
There are FOUR Sweet Commanders but in WCI arc we could only see THREE of them..
Because Snack was defeated by Urounge the Monk, one of Supernovas (worst generation)..
There is no clue on whether Snack is dead or still alive..

Let checked it quickly..
Then we decided who is the strongest of them all..
Big Mom's Sweet Commanders:

i) Charlotte Cracker (10th Son)
- His bounty is Belly 860,000,000
- He using sword + armor of biscuits (his Biscuit DF ability)
- His nickname is Thousand Arms Cracker
- He also Minister of Biscuit (Biscuit Island)

ii) Charlotte Smoothie (14th Daughter)
- Her bounty is Belly 932,000,000
- She using sword + her DF ability is something that squeeze out blood (life) from her opponent
- She also the Minister of Juice in one of the ToTLand..

iii) Charlotte Katakuri
- We still don't get data on his number on Big Mom's children yet
- He maybe using gun as his weapon due to the statement that he shot Jigra (see my spoiler's post)
- His bounty is Belly 1,057,000,000
- Katakuri means Potato Starch

iv) Charlotte Snack
- We don't get data on Snack.. But from Onepiece.Wikia.Com.. They stated her.. Could it be that Snack is a girl..?
- No information on bounty too..

From this, we knew that Katakuri is the strongest based on his bounty..
But if Big Mom become the Captain of Big Mom Pirates..
So who fit to be the Vice Captain for Big Mom Pirates..?

Please share your opinion on this topic.. ^^

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