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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Pedro, Pekoms & Peclo

Could there be a link to these THREE characters..?
I don't think Oda used the name Peclo without thinking of others..
This WCI is too pack with character with the letter 'P'..

Let dig more information about this..
We meet Pekoms at Fishman Island..
He paired with Tamago going there to collect SWEET fro Big Mom..
Luffy ate all SWEET in Fishman Island..
Then the argument between Big Mom & Luffy start..
Fishman Island give National Treasure to Pekoms & Tamago as the remedy for SWEET that been eaten by Luffy..

We meet Pedro at Zou Ku Ni..
He's the head of Minkmen in Zou after Nekomamushi (Night) & Inuarashi (Day)..
Then Pedro follow Luffy to WCI as he want to help them rub the Road Poneglyph..
He got history with Big Mom..
Big Mom kills his member named Zepo the Bear..
Pedro also the Captain of Nox Pirates..

Then  we see Peclo as the guest for Big Mom's Tea Party..
He's one of the Underworld's Emperors..
The Great Mortician Drug Peclo was somehow catch the eye of all theorist..
Maybe he will join Firetank-Strawhat Pirates Alliances..

His name sound as same as Pedro..
His hairstyle is more like Nekomamushi (Pekoms's father)..
He's the mortician somehow it makes me think of Ivankov..
He got Drug in his name too..
Maybe it tells us that he used drug..

Could he join in the alliances or become their enemy..?
He maybe can be the opponent of Ceaser/Gastino..
Or he maybe can be the opponent for Chopper..

What do you guys think of this..
Friend or enemy..?
Please share me your thought on this matters.. ^^


Anonymous said...

Wait...Nekomamushi is Pekom's dad? I'm surprised tbh.
Yes, I think too, there is something with Peclo.

adam zico said...

Nekomamushi is not Pekoms's dad..?
It think he is..
That's why he ask Pedro to go to WCI (since he knew that Pekoms will stay loyalty toward Big Mom..)
Plus Pedro also got history of WCI too..
As he also once try to rub that Road Poneglyph too.. ^^

adam zico said...

Maybe I think of it (Nekomamushi as Pekoms's dad)..
But there's a panel that Nekomamushi called Pekoms as Pekomamushi.. I think of that or I'm just making it.. Sorry.. ^^