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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Emerald City in Elbaf Island..?

Everybody talking about Elbaf and Giant..
How bout Emerald City..?
Could it located somewhere in Elbaf..?
The capital city of Elbaf perhaps..?

Emerald City was based from Wizard of Oz..
The journey of a girl named Dorothy Gale & her THREE friends:
i) Scarecrow
ii) Tin Woodman
iii) Cowardly Lion

And what does these thing related to Elbaf..?
My theory is..
If there would be a yellow path in Elbaf..?
What's the yellow path..?
The one that Dorothy follow until she reach Emerald City..
What is the relation between that with One Piece..?
Remember one thing you guys..
Yellow path is symbolic for Usopp..
Maybe Usopp will show the way..
Yellow is Usopp's color..
Maybe Usopp will lead this arc..
Because he want to be the warrior of the sea..
As he mentioned it in Little Garden arc to Brogy and other giant..

So how about Dorothy & her 3 friends..?
Nami will take the part of Dorothy..
Maybe she got the relation to Elbaf..
Somewhere in her backstory..
Nami's nationality is Sweden..
And Norse Mythology is related to Swedish, Danish & Norwegian..
Could it be that we can get information on Nami's background there in Elbaf..?

So how about Dorothy's friends..?
i) Scarecrow need a brain
- For me there are TWO characters that will take the role as Scarecrow:
a) Brook because he need a brain (He's skeleton).. But what will be his role in Elbaf..?
b) Gastino (Ceaser) because he need a brain (He's scientist) Maybe this related to Vegapunk (That might be shown in Elbaf arc OR Vegapunk was from Elbaf because he's giant too..) What will be his role in Elbaf..? I think that Gastino will shine in Elbaf because he will try to reach his dream there by becoming the number 1 scientist (take that title from Vegapunk) Do remember that Wizard of Oz is somehow linked between magic and sciences.. This will makes Gastino's shine there..
Who do you think fit well as Scarecrow..? Brook or Gastino..?

ii) Tin Woodman need a heart
- There's a character that fit well as Tin Woodman:
a) Franky the cyborg.. Does he need a heart in Elbaf? Or symbolic of it is Franky will put his heart on his work.. Maybe Elbaf is the place he can makes Thousand Sunny fly to the moon in the next arc.. If he put his heart on his work.. Maybe Franky will shine too in Elbaf.. Remember back in TB arc.. Franky make a stairs using wood.. Maybe this is the hint that he will be that Tin Woodman in future (Elbaf arc)..

iii) Cowardly Lion need a courage
- There's a character that will take the role as Cowardly Lion:
a) Chopper because he's been the weakest SH with lowest bounty.. Maybe in Elbaf.. He will find his courage to overcome it.. Maybe the courage he need to fight giant.. (Could we see Chopper will transform into Monster Point in Elbaf?)

What do you guys think of this topic..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^


Anonymous said...

Interesting theory... What about the other Straw Hats? I think Elbaf will have two places....the Emerald city, that you correctly mentioned, and the skull land. So, it's a little problem about Brook now xD

adam zico said...

Other Strawhats? I think they will be two different location in Elbaf.. And they will be divided into three group (as I hope at that time SH will almost complete its crew members (maybe Luffy will got 11 or 12 nakama before they reach Elbaf..) Why 3 groups?
i) One group will be with Usopp.. Maybe Luffy, Zoro & Jinbe would be there with Usopp..
ii) Other group will be with Nami.. Maybe Chopper, Gastino & Franky..
iii) Last group will be with Robin.. Maybe searching the last Road Poneglyph along with Sanji, Brook & Vivi
(I just named Gastino & Vivi because i predicted them will be the next nakama) lol.. Please read my nakama theory : The List of Alphabet Part 2.. ^^