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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Theory on Mr.3, Buggy, Sir Crocodile & Giant..

There's more topic on Elbaf..
Maybe I will be the one that provide these kind of theory..
But it's interesting topic to us..

The theory on Mr.3, Buggy, Sir Crocodile & Giant..
What will this topic lead us to..?
Please continue to read my posts..
Mr.3 work under Sir Crocodile in Baroque Works..
He's the one that torturing Brogy in Little Garden along with Zoro, Nami & Vivi..
He's also the one that used his Wax DF to become a robot in order to fight Luffy in Little Garden..
But where's Mr.3 now..?
He work under Buggy the Clown..

Buggy the Clown will also took part in this theory..
Because he's so mad at Luffy for stealing Hajrudin the giant..
Hajrudin become one of Strawhat's grand fleets..
Hajrudin left Buggy's Pirate Dispatch Society..

Sir Crocodile in Alabasta Saga want to get his hand on Pluton..
Maybe by having Pluton in his hand..
He will get the power and will to fight his enemy..
Maybe his enemy is somewhere in Elbaf..
That's why he want Pluton so much..
He want to fight giant..
Maybe giant from Elbaf were so proud that they are too strong or maybe the strongest human on earth..
That's why Sir Crocodile want to fight them with Pluton..

What do you think think of this..?
Please comment here.. ^^

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