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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What will happen in Chapter 860..?

What will we see in Chapter 860..?
Could we see the guests coming to Tea Party..?
Could Oda show us some faces from Underworld..?

The Yonkou Assassination Plan is been set between Firetank & Strawhat Pirates..
The timing is what I concern the most..
Because if the timing is not perfectly done..
Maybe the percentage of Capone head off Big Mom would become fail..

Let talk more about this..
Early in the morning..
The Tea Party is coming..
The wedding is around the corner..

What will Oda present us in this very important event..?
Big Mom need to be ready for:
i) The guests list (checked)
- Could we see the Rufled Conglomerate..?
- Could we see Morgannes..?
- Who will be the special guests among them..?

ii) The wedding cake (checked)
- Some theorist mentioned that Big Mom will be poisoned when eating this cake..
- Some theorist mentioned that Luffy will jumped out from the cake.. But what actually about this cake..?

iii) The bride & groom (checked)
- Can wait to see Sanji in his wedding suit.. This maybe the parallel to Nami in TB arc.. We seen Nami wearing wedding dress.. Now is Sanji turn..

iv) The gifts (checked)
- Are the guests bring gifts to Big Mom's Tea Party especially a wedding gifts for Pudding..?
- Or Big Mom & Vinsmoke will exchange their gifts at Tea party..
- Remember about the Tamatebako Box from Fishman Island (One of the National Treasure)..

The things that come to my mind..
i) Could Kaido comes to Tea Party..?
- This is somehow similar to TB arc.. (Two Warlords in TB arc & maybe Two Yonkou in WCI arc)
- Another similarity is Luffy fighting against Ogre (the one who has his shadow).. Could it be that Luffy will fight some big huge thing again in this WCI arc..? Remember Luffy eats Shadows (from Zombies) in TB arc.. Could it be Luffy would eat Souls (from homies) in WCI arc..? Kaido's physical is maybe like Ogre in TB arc..

ii) The faces we seen before would be there for Tea Party..
- BrownBeard - Big Mom confirm about Centaur she got in PunkHazard..
- Monet - Maybe Big Mom's Pirates got her in PunkHazard and saved her.. Or she is dead..?
- Sir Crocodile - Because he got Mafia theme on him..
- Doflamingo - He's linked with Underworld

iii) Could giants come to this Tea party..?
- This is nonsense at all but what if giants arrived at WCI when the Tea Party started..?
- Could this bring flashback to Big Mom to what exactly happen in the past..

What other crazy ideas you guys had in your mind..
Please share it with me.. ^^

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