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Friday, 17 March 2017

Mother Caramel, Big Mom & Sugar

Is there a linked in those three characters..?
Mother Caramel, Big Mom & Sugar..
If there a secret linked in those three characters..
Maybe we could predict one thing about Big Mom..

What is that..?
Let dig deeper within this topic..
Mother Caramel is like mother to Big Mom..?
She treat her so well as care & love from one child to her mother..
Maybe that's the link to both of them..
One more thing is..
Maybe Big Mom got a miracle from Mother Caramel..
Not just she can't be aged..
Big Mom also received something special (I predict that she absorb Mother Caramel's power.. In this context is her ability.. or her lifespan..)
I think of the plot in X-Men where Rogue absorb power from Ms. Marvel..
Maybe that is what Big Mom's soul DF is..
Absorb lifespan or ability of other DF user so that she can benefited herself or transfer it to object & animal so they would become Homies..
What if that Mother Caramel been attacked by Big Mom (if they had arguments about certain thing)..
Could that make Big Mom so angry and then unexpectedly absorb Mother Caramel's DF ability..
Maybe that Mother Caramel is still alive but she maybe in coma (this related to the 4th floor Infirmary that no one can even be there without Big Mom's order.. Maybe the one that can be there are Incarnations..)

What kind of power that big mom had by absorbing Mother Caramel's ability..?
Could it be her Zeus or Prometheus's ability..
Could it be her tough skin as iron balloon's ability (somehow I think of Wolverine's body that can heals by himself)..
Remember if that the case (like I mentioned earlier as Rogue & Ms. Marvel..)
Could it be that Big Mom steal Mother Caramel's abilities along with her lifespan..
Maybe that is why she cried so badly (she feels guilty for what she done to Mother Caramel)..
Maybe one of Mother Caramel's abilities is to make someone not aged..
Look at Big Mom.. Even she got her grandson, Capone Pez..
She still look like mother not grandmother..
Maybe this also related to someone else's case..

Why did all Big Mom's children said that Mother Caramel is gone..
Is it the truth or just Big Mom said it to them..?
I think Big Mom kept secret to them all..

So What is the link between Mother Caramel & Sugar..
For the real fact about Caramel is it came from Sugar that been boiled (burn) into brownish color..
For me..
Maybe the reason that Sugar (Doflamingo's crew member) also not aged because of Mother Caramel..
Maybe Mother Caramel got linked with them..
Them..? (Sugar & Monet)
Remember that Sugar got DF that can turn human into toys..
Monet got Logia DF that is snow..
Big Mom got DF which is related to Soul & Lifespan..
Big Mom also got Zeus & Prometheus which is thunder & sun (fire)..
Maybe Mother Caramel's true ability is Prometheus the sun..
Big Mom's absorb that DF ability from Mother Caramel..
Why Mother Caramel got that DF ability..?

For me..
The simple thought on this matter..
Sun (fire) can burn Sugar into Caramel..
Maybe Sugar did not burn into Caramel because of the snow..
That is why Sugar & Monet were siblings..
Then with Soul DF.. Big Mom absorb Mother Caramel's sun ability..
Big Mom then put that soul into object so that become Prometheus..
Then she went to Raijin Island to challenge the Raijin (God of Thunder) there..
So she absorb Raijin's power and transferred it into object to become Zeus..

Could it be Mother Caramel somehow related to Sugar & Monet..?
What do you guys think of this topic..?
Please share your thought here with me.. ^^

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