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Friday, 17 March 2017

Big Mom..

Big Mom oh Big Mom..
What is she..?
What she got in her sleeve..?
What Oda trying to tell us about Big Mom the Yonkou..?
What information did Oda already gave us about Big Mom..?
i) Got 43 husbands.. We only knew 1 husband named Pound, father to Lola & Chiffon..
ii) Got 84 children which are 39 daughters & 45 sons..
iii) Got Soul DF..
iv) Create Incarnations (the one who collecting lifespan) & Homies (object & animal)..
v) Lived in WholeCake Island & TOTland..
vi) Loves sweet & cakes.. Got craving symptom for foods that will make her lost in her anger..
vii) Put her souls in Napoleon, Zeus & Prometheus..
viii) Got the chess theme for her soldier plus Knight, Bishop & Rook too..
ix) Her dream is to become giant (not just herself.. Her children too)..
x) Takes lifespan from others..
xi) Love to collect treasure such as Poneglyphs & National Treasure..
xii) Collecting mythical creatures in the books..

Lately Oda gives more information about her..
i) Mother Caramel..
a) Trade her own soul with the picture so called Mother Caramel..
- Could Big Mom's real name is Mother Caramel..?
- She trade her soul with the painted picture of herself..?
- So by trade her soul, Big Mom could get tough skin..?
- Some theorist mentioned that she stay young at her age while the picture become older and absorb all pain of Big Mom..
- Could it be like that..?

b) Mother Caramel is another character..
- Could it be that Mother Caramel somehow help Big Mom in the past..
- The one that provide foods to Big Mom..
- The one that resemble Mother Theresa..
- Could it be Miss Bakkin is Mother Theresa..?
- Or another character..?
- Is really Mother Theresa left from WCI..?
- Or she still in WCI but only Big Mom knew about that..? Mother Caramel is in 4th floor Infirmary..? Big Mom want to help Mother Caramel by putting lifespan into her just to make Mother Caramel's life longer..
- Or maybe she still in WCI but only Pudding knew about it..? Pudding erase all memory so that only she knew about Mother Caramel in 4th floor Infirmary..

Big Mom acted weird just for that picture been touched and drop..
This is still in mystery..

One more thing about Big Mom..
She loves to sing too..

What do you guys think about this..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^

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