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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Characters with 'P' Letter

Are Oda want us to believe that the next nakama that will join in got 'P' letter as the first letter in their name..?
If that the way that Oda make thing by giving hint..
What if we try to predict/speculate on this matter too..

Let us star with the character with 'P' letter..

Could Oda hint that the character with 'P' letter will join in as the next Nakama..?
Could you guys add more the name that start with 'P' letter..?

There are theory on Pudding becoming the next female nakama..
There are also theory on Pedro join in the crew..
There are also some theory on Pekoms to join in too..
But could there will be a theory that Peclo will join in as the next nakama for Strawhat Pirates..?

Why Peclo would join in..?
Because he's from Underworld..
Maybe SH need someone that from Underworld Community too as their Nakama..
It would be fun if that happen..
But if he got the ability as Chopper or Gastino/Ceaser..
Would be rooms for them to work together in that same role..?

What do you guys think of this..?
Please share your thought with me here.. ^^

If Oda did mention that the next nakama will join in one after one..
For me, maybe there's a possibility that Jinbei join 1st and then Gastino/Ceaser..
Because Gastino will board Thousand Sunny when he try to escape from WCI.. ^^


Anonymous said...

Cool theory! But for trolling reasons, what if stands for "pineapple" Marco? xD

adam zico said...

Marco the Pheonix.. The pineapple's hair..? Yeah.. ^^

Other thing that we need to add in that list is Pluton & Poseidon.. This is also possible characters for becoming the next nakama.. ^^

Anonymous said...

You must add and Pandaman... he is hidden somewhere every time ;)

adam zico said...

Yeah.. Pandaman.. Forgot about that.. :)