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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 36

Ep 36: Fahrenheight Island: Melody Fall

After the cold weather in Irgiant Islands, they now reach at the border between Irgiant District and Jawelle District. The spring island of Jawelle welcomes them with green nature and beautiful flower. They walked deep in that green wild habitant until they see the magnificent huge waterfall with great scenery. This is what Hiker Riyo mentioned earlier. The great Melody Fall. The sound of the water falling down gives excitement toward them all. Melody Fall located at Fahrenheight Island. The only city located in this island was known as Hertz City: The Sound of Paradise.

Ash and his friend have their little picnic here. All pokemon that they caught along the journey were playing happily near the waterfall. Mandarock was the happiest pokemon where the sound of that waterfall amazed it all the time. It learned to mimic sounds too. Taggoo play with the water and then dive into it. Other pokemon were panicked that Taggoo was never seen after that. Ash worried. He remembered his promise at PokeBargain. He dives into that water to search Taggoo. Taggoo was never seen after that. Ash felt down on his knee. He was such a bad trainer. He should take good care of all his pokemon.

Jesse and James arrived at Jawelle Island. They were on the secret mission along with Meowth. Their boss: Giovanni asked them to search for some important thing. Ash saw James and Meowth. He walked straight toward them. He asked Dieselbex and Pikachu to fight them. Ash thinks that James captured Taggoo. Yoshua and Nadine follow Ash. Ash told them that this Team Rocket’s grunt always messing with him. This is the first time Nadine heard of that Team Rocket.

James used 65Lukera (Fighting/Sound). He received it personally from his boss. Lukera and Meowth were now facing their opponents. Pikachu and Dieselbex stay focused. Lukera used Vital Punch toward Dieselbex. Dieselbex jumped to avoid it. Meowth want to scratch Pikachu but suddenly Pikachu shocked it with Ionic Charge. Jesse comes toward them all. She grinned and wants to show off her new pokemon. She used 66Yelloud (Ghost/Sound). Pikachu and Dieselbex got new opponent in that battle. Yelloud used Banshee Cry on Dieselbex. Dieselbex was confused. Pikachu used Ionic Charge on Yelloud but Lukera attacked it with Low Kick. Pikachu was hit. Yoshua want to use Mandarock but suddenly there was one pokemon participate in that battle. It 67Talgea (Fighting/Grass). It pounds Lukera away with Weed Glove. Nadine recorded the data of Talgea. It the final stage of Taggoo.

Ash was shocked. He wants to capture it but his pokeball was pushed away by Talgea. Jesse asked Yelloud to used Banshee Cry on Talgea. That thriller sound was not reach Talgea that was equipped with huge bubble. This is Talgea’s nature ability: Bubble Aura. Talgea used Weed Glove on Yelloud. Meowth want to scratch that bubble but been hit with Thundershock. Pikachu is now on the move. It used Ionic Charge on Yelloud. Lukera want to punch Pikachu with Vital Punch but Talgea used Sleeping Powder on Lukera. That Lukera fell on the floor and sleep. Jesse and James grabbed their Pokemon and want to flee but Talgea used Weed Punch to make them blast to the sky high.

Ash didn’t see Taggoo around Team Rocket. He keeps on diving back into that water to find his Taggoo. Talgea comes near Ash. It was his Taggoo. Talgea gets into one of Ash’s pokeball. Ash was surprised to notice that Talgea was evolved from Taggoo.  The different of Talgea’s colour makes Ash don’t think that Talgea was his Taggoo. Talgea got the red algae theme while Taggoo is green. The reason for this evolution is the time limits based on maturity that every Taggoo had on its journey from Temaseki Island to Jawelle Island and also the cold water of Melody Fall makes the seaweed tails grow longer and thicker. The colour changes are based on the depth of the water level.

Note:               (65) Lukera (Lutong+Kera) – Kera Pokemon – Lukera

                         (66) Yelloud (Yell+Loud) – Banshee Pokemon – Yelloud

                        (67) Talgea (Tag+Algae) – Algae Pokemon – Talgea evolved from Taggoo in certain area by dipping its all body into the deep cold water. The depth of water level makes Talgea got three different colours: Green, Yellow, Red.

They arrive somewhere near Melody Fall.. 
Ash & others mesmerized by the sweet melody of falling waters in near Melody Fall..
Ash meets Team Rocket (Jesse, James & Meowth) at Jawelle Island..
What will be their mission in Aeon Region..?
What will they face next..?

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