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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Symbols of Giant in PunkHazard..?

Symbol in PunkHazard..
What it means of those three symbols in PunkHazard..?
i) Marine
ii) World Government (WG)
iii) Unknown symbol.. Could it be the symbol of Giant..? Or symbol to someone related to PunkHazard..

Are WG, Marine & that unknown symbol linked together..?
Let us predict more on this topic..
i) Giant had a special relation with Marine & WG..?
- Do giant somehow linked or got special relation with WG and Marine..? It makes me think that Vegapunk somehow was in Elbaf.. As WG want him to run experiment especially on Pacifista there in Elbaf.. Remember that Wizard of Oz is someone that not related to magic but sciences.. Could it be that Oda try to make Vegapunk as the film of Wizard of Oz starred by James Franco..

If WG got its hand on Elbaf as ally.. Maybe this mean that somehow WG also want to create giant there in PunkHazard and make used of them later in future arc..? Or the giant project is somehow belong to Ceaser as Big Mom funded him to run that experiment.. Maybe that experiment originally is one of Vegapunk's project.. Could we see Loki as ally for WG in Elbaf arc..?

And Hajrudin & the Great Warrior Pirates want to free Elbaf from that trickster Prince Loki..?

ii) Vegapunk somehow is giant..?
- There's a picture of Vegapunk.. Let me put it in here as reference for us..

Could it be that Vegapunk is one of the giant..?
Maybe dwarf giant like Big Mom..?
We knew that Kuma is somehow got huge body..
And in this picture we could see that Vegapunk is taller person..

If Oda want to make Vegapunk as Wizard of Oz..
Maybe someone can steal that title away later..
Someone that want to be the number 1 scientist in the world..
Gastino a.k.a Ceaser..

Could we see Gastino in Elbaf arc..?
What do you guys think of this topic..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^

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