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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Elbaf Hype..

Theorist speculated about one thing at the end of Chapter 865..
It is about the big tree..
They say it could be Yggdrasil the tree of life, Adam's tree or the beanstalk tree..
Those tree related to giant..

Let me briefly explain why..

i) Yggdrasil
If Elbaf based on Norse Mythology.. Maybe that huge tree could be the Yggdrasil that connected 9 worlds.. In this One Piece case.. Yggdrasil connected 9 worlds that represents paradise.. So paradise in One Piece World is sort of like Sky Islands..

Why Norse Mythology..? It is because Loki was revealed by Oda as the Prince of Elbaf.. And we all knew who is Loki.. He's the second son of Odin..

QUESTION 1: Are there 9 Sky Islands in One Piece World..?

ii) Adam's Tree
We all knew about Adam's tree.. Oro Jackson and Thousand Sunny were made by woods from Adam's tree.. They say that Adam's tree is a strong tree.. And theorist speculated that strong tree maybe existed in the strong island and if giant are the strongest living creature in One Piece World.. So it is possible that Adam's tree might be the huge tree that existed in Elbaf..

iii) The Beanstalk Tree
We first seen beanstalk tree in Skypiea arc.. But that tree does not belong to Shandian or Skypiean.. Theorist believed that Beanstalk tree got connection with giant as in Jack & The Beanstalk.. Jack climb that tree and meet giant at top of it.. Some theorist predicted that Beanstalk Tree is the other way to reach Sky Islands beside Knock Up Stream that happen near Jaya Island.. If that the case.. Maybe that Beanstalk Tree connected with all Sky Islands or perhaps just one Sky Island only.. If it connected all Sky Islands.. Maybe Oda merged that Beanstalk with Yggdrasil as one tree in One Piece World..

QUESTION 2: Could that be the case where Beanstalk Tree connected all Sky Islands..? Or just the case that someone in Jaya Island (Shandian) got the bean seeds from someone far away.. And they plant it in Jaya Island.. So.. Then that Beanstalk tree becomes big as the piece of land been shot up into Skypiea.. We did see the huge forest in Skypiea.. Maybe that is the reason why that beanstalk become big.. Or that Beanstalk tree is from somewhere near the giants island and been broken when Sky Island through that area and be brought together..

What do you guys think of it..?
Which huge tree could it be..?

Other information about Elbaf arc..
- It is possible for Elbaf arc to be the arc after Wano arc.. Because SH Pirates will confront Kaido in Wano Ku Ni.. So they will ready to meets and maybe fight giants in Elbaf..

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