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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Big Mom the Yonkou

Oda planned well for the Yonkou..
Four Yonkou representing four segment of power..
Even though each one of them maybe not directly take order from Pirate King himself..
These Yonkou absolutely got each characteristic as individuals..

Who are the Yonkou..?
Let me talk briefly about the Yonkou before the time skip..
i) WhiteBeard - Edward Newgate
- He's known as Father to all his subordinates.. He the strongest Yonkou as the Paramecia DF User of Gura Gura No Mi also known as sound of Earthquake rumbling..

ii) Big Mom - Charlotte Linlin
- She's known as Mother to all of her children (she got 46 sons & 39 daughters).. Most of her children are working under Big Mom Pirates.. She also the Paramecia DF user of Soru Soru No Mi or known as Soul..

iii) Kaido the Hundred Beast
- We still don't know yet about him.. But theorist predict that he will be DF user too.. A Zoan DF user..  He been called as the strongest creature in the world.. But there a theory that he also take artificial DF so called as SMILE..

iv) Shanks - The red hair
- We still don't know yet about him.. Even though we knew that he gave that Straw Hat to Luffy.. He also the crew members of Pirate King : Gol D. Roger.. Theorist predict that he perfected his Haki (maybe he got all Haki : Armament, Observation & Conqueror)..

But after WhiteBeard died at Marine Ford..
His title was grabbed by Marshall D. Teach also known as BlackBeard that once served under him..
And BlackBeard also took Gura Gura No Mi too..

For me..
I do hope that each of Yonkou will got different abilities..
Mean that each one of them would be the Logia DF user, Paramecia DF user, Zoan DF user and got perfect Haki..
This would be interesting..
But since WhiteBeard was dead and his Paramecia DF been stolen by BlackBeard.. Maybe the combination of Paramecia & Logia DF that BlackBeard had will become more powerful as ever..

But there is a theory that Blackbeard will be the one that got three DF in his hands..
Since he love Pie so much..
And Zoro and Luffy did mentioned that BlackBeard not just a human but more inside his body..
Pie represents 3.142..
Could it be that Blackbeard is Pie too.. With 3 DF plus Haki.. Damn..
This is too OP.. ^^

But that is not what I want to tell you..
The title is Big Mom the Yonkou..
What about her..?

Charlotte Linlin was a great character in One Piece..
Because she the only capable person that can give birth in every years for more than 40 times..
She got 43 husbands..
This make me think that Big Mom is such a powerful person..
Maybe Oda want us to think that Big Mom is not a mere human..
She is at the same level of goddess in any mythology..
She could represent Gaia the Titan or Rhea the wife of Kronos..
She could be Aphrodite the Olympus Goddess or Venus the Roman Goddess or Nut the mother of Osiris & Seth..
Maybe that is her specialty..
Plus eating soul makes her become more powerful..

All of names that I mentioned above mostly all of them are giants in size..
This include Big Mom..
Maybe she got the giant blood in her vein..
This make me think of this..
What if Mother Caramel married one of the giants in Elbaf and give birth to Big Mom..?
That is why Big Mom was there in Elbaf when she was 5 years old..
If that true..
Mother Caramel could be Rhea & one of giants in Elbaf could be Kronos because of the size of each of them..
Plus Big Mom equipped herself with Zeus & Prometheus..
Those two are the god of Olympus & titan..

There is theory that Big Mom was pregnant at the time of this arc..
But we don't know about the father of that baby if this is so true..
That can't be the baby of Brook..
He just sleep with Big Mom without intimate action.. lol..
Many theorist predict that Big Mom got that symptom of pregnancy lady..
The craving symptom earlier in this WCI arc..
Then top with the confusion that makes her silent for a while because she want to taste that damn wedding cake and also she surprise to see her Mother Caramel's picture been smashed into pieces..
Could it be that Big Mom keep Pound in her territory so that she can make used of him as the alpha male because of the size of Pound that look as same as her..? Maybe that is why she still want Pound to stay in her territory.. Look at Chiffon or Lola.. They also get the same size of Big Mom.. They are like huge girls that maybe seen as giant to normal person.. lol..
Could that be the reason why Oda makes Luffy meet Pound in Seducing Forest..?
Maybe Pound will be the key for the next upcoming chapters..

Some of the cases of pregnancy..
Can also be adapted by father not just mother..
Especially the morning sickness..
The craving into eating something..
Could that be that Pound also got that symptom..?
He want Luffy to get him some juice..
It is not like he can't get it by himself.. right?

Please also take note on:
i) Tamatebako Box - The National Treasure
ii) Pound - Still missing in action
iii) Incarnations - Big Mom's Incarnations that collect souls
- All these maybe got important role in near future.. ^^

I think this WCI arcs will still got a few more chapters for Yonkou Assassination Plan not because the backstory of Big Mom & Mother Caramel in Elbaf.. But also there is someone else so important will comes to this Tea Party.. Who is that character..? I don't know why but if Kaido appears to that Tea Party.. This mean that Luffy still got chances to get help from Big Mom as his new alliances (although temporary alliances)..

What do you think on this topic..?
Please comment below.. ^^

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