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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 37

Ep 37: Kelana Village: Tale of Sleeping Forest

Ash and his friend continue on their journey in Aeon Archipelago. They want to go to Balle Balle Island. Sarai mentioned that Prof. Pala want to give them a vacation experiences there. They arrived at Kelana Village. The tale of Sleeping Forest remind back to Hiker Riyo. Hiker Riyo did mention about that Sleeping Forest.

Old folks always tell stories about that Sleeping Forest. There is a myth about the huge Bug King that ruled in Sleeping Forest. This giant bug helps all the pokemon that lived in that forest from harm and danger by making the special barrier so that everybody that want to cause danger in this forest will fall asleep. Ash and his friend excited to meet that Bug King.

Before leaving that village, Ash meets Pasha Ervan (10yrs old) who was crying alone. He was left behind from his camping group. He mentioned that he registered in Intensive PokeCamp. While they are in Kelana Village, Pasha saw one Pokemon running straight into the near bushes. He followed it. He wants to capture it so that he can draw that pokemon in his sketches book. His instructor asks them to atleast draw 10 pokemon that they saw within these three days. He showed his sketches book. He already draws 7 pokemon included the last one which is Mannac. Yoshua loves to see Pasha’s first draw. He asked him about it. Pasha mentioned that was his only companion: Charrok. Charrok was given from his late father. Yoshua asks him to see that pokemon. He says that during this intensive camp, nobody allowed to bring any pokemon.

There was incident at instructor’s chalet. Everybody been told that there was a group of two grunts trying to steal all the pokeballs. Pasha mentioned that instructor kept all the camper pokeballs in her chalet. Ash, Yoshua, Nadine and Pasha run to that place. They saw James and Jesse trying to put all pokeballs in their Hot Air Balloon. Ash asks Pikachu to hit them with Thundershock. Jesse threw her pokeball and asked Yelloud to use Banshee Cry on Pikachu. Yoshua’s Mandarock used Sonic Sound to distract that Banshee Cry away. Yelloud eats that Sonic Sound so that it can use Banshee Cry but this time it twice the volume from the first time. Yelloud used the same move again. Both Pikachu and Mandarock were hit by it. Both of them were in confusion.

James used his Lukera. Lukera attacked both of them with Vital Punch and Low Kick. Pikachu and Mandarock were fainted. Ash used Dieselbex while Yoshua used Garrough. Nadine focused on Meowth with her companion: Gornamo. Dieselbex used Meteor Impact on Yelloud while Garrough used Solo Punch on Lukera. Lukera want to face Garrough’s attack with Vital Punch. Both of them were hit badly. Yelloud fled from that battle once the impact hit it directly. Dieselbex used Meteor Impact on Jesse and James. They were blast off once again.

Pasha was happy to meet Ash and his friend. He wants to become like them. That’s why he wants to be in that Intensive PokeCamp at the first place. Ash smiled. Yoshua wants to help Pasha to find his group. Pasha agreed to follow them. His group is going to camp at Alto Lake.  Pasha got the map. They continue their journey along with Pasha. 

Intensive PokeCamp sound interesting..
Ash promise to find Pasha's group..
What will they face next..?

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