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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Pokemon Aeon Episode 38

Ep 38: Intensive Camp Instructor: Malaya Eden

There are two paths going to Fahrenheight Island. One is straight from Kelana Village and the other one is the long route across Sleeping Forest and Mount Alto. Now they are deep in Sleeping Forest. Pasha looks at the map. They should be at Alto Lake by now. Yoshua grabs that map to make sure they don’t too far from that destination. They exactly follow each point showed in the map.
They once again lost. This time they were not in Irgiant Fjord but Sleeping Forest. Nadine told them about the Bug King and the chant of sleeping. Those oldfolk did mentioned about Sleeping Forest was cast by magic. Ash terrified. Yoshua opened out his journal. He read pages about Sleeping Forest. His late grandfather mentioned about one pokemon that easily goes in and out from that forest. That pokemon named Kateyes.

Yoshua tried to use Menava to fly sky above so that will help them but they still lost in that forest. Ash and Nadine sat on the ground. They were too tired to walk plus the day going to end soon. Pasha draws Ash’s Pikachu because he also doesn’t have clued how they will arrive at Alto Lake.  

Same happen with Team Rocket’s grunt. They also lost in that Sleeping Forest. Meowth try to communicate with all pokemon it sees in that forest but no one wants to tell the exit path. Lukera and Yelloud were just waiting for orders. They don’t ever think to go out from that Sleeping Forest. They want to be with their trainers.

Not far from Yoshua, there’s a sound. Someone is coming from his right’s direction. Malaya Eden jumped in front of Yoshua. Yoshua was scared. Malaya thought that person is Pasha. Pasha runs toward Malaya. He tells everybody that Malaya is his instructor.  He also tells Malaya about what happen to her chalet. Malaya was panicked. She afraid all pokeballs been take away from her chalet. Pasha told that Ash, Yoshua and Nadine saved the day and that Team Rocket been blast away from Kelana Village. Malaya thanked them. Not so far from Malaya, there’s a kitten with strange eyes that made from diamonds. One eye was sapphire and another one was topaz. Yoshua recorded it as 68Kateyes (Rock/Ground).

Malaya mentioned that Kateyes is the only pokemon that can travel in and out from this Sleeping Forest. Its eyes can see the true sight inside this forest. That why Malaya only brings Kateyes in this camping session. She noticed that there is short one person in her group. So she turn back to find for him. Ten young campers were placed in her group. She knows everybody. Malaya touches her pendant that look like a small pokeball.

They reach Alto Lake half hour later. Pasha was happy to see his camper buddies. Malaya thanked them for helping Pasha. She also invited them to try her Intensive PokeCamp later if they want too. Ash, Yoshua and Nadine were happy to hear that. Malaya noticed the aeon bracelets on Ash and Yoshua’s wrist. They are equipped with all four items. Did they also know how to unlock the 3rd stage of Potential Lock? She wants to test them but they need to take a good rest.

Note:               (68) Kateyes (Cat+Eyes) – Kitten Pokemon – Kateyes has unique eyes that made from diamonds. Its right eye was covered with sapphire while its left eye was covered with Topaz. 

Without Kateyes, Ash & his friend will never get out from that Sleeping Forest..
Meeting with Malaya gives Ash opportunity to learn something..
What will happen at Alto Lake..?

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